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An active approach as part of the creation of urban and landscape space
Šana, Václav
Throughout history, the concept of the urbanist points to the figure of an almighty, authoritative planner who creates spaces. The ambition of a perfect design is met by random external factors, which fundamentally affect the final results. Thus, another component of the active approach of individuals or movements enters the creation. The application of ecological, mobility, cultural and social topics creates a contrast to the technocratic planning of cities and landscapes. This article broadly presents cases of an active approach to urbanism and reflects the holistic profession of an urbanist in a contemporary context.
Material history of planetary urbanization
Šana, Václav ; Bartůšek, Ondřej (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the final urbanization of the planet term from a materialistic point of view. The distribution of freshwater, energy consumption and especially agricultural food production are the basic factors which, together with logistics and demography, form fundamental drivers of material history. The "Malthusian" fear of a situation where the world's population is running out of resources accompanies contemporary rhetoric. The aim of the work is to try to find and explore solutions to the material necessities of humanity and to design organizational principles, systems, urban and architectural solutions.
Šana, Václav ; Hora, Jan (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
The proposal deals with the architecture archive concept on a wider social scale. The goal is to treat the information as a certain relative value, when the individual spaces are conceived with emotional surprise. There is a controlled collision between old and new approaches where attractive spaces serve purely rational mechanical systems. A person going through the archive should perceive emotional experiences and, after leaving the archive, perceive information in a more complex way.

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2 Šána, Vojtěch
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