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Security testing of selected network protocols and related vulnerabilities
Böhmová, Monika ; Šeda, Pavel (referee) ; Jeřábek, Jan (advisor)
This thesis focuses on problematics of IPv6, ICMPv6 and DNS protocols, vulnerabilities and testing of aforementioned protocols. Methods of testing including black-box, whitebox and grey-box are explained. Testing instances and scenarios are listed for black-box and white-box testing methods. Furthermore manual and automated testing with use of tools is differentiated. Thesis also includes creation of testing environment and tool for automated testing. Environment is created using a software tool for virtualization of network infrastructure and its elements using GNS3 tool. Tool for automated testing is created with the use of Python 3 programming language. This tool includes scripts which test devices present, settings of connected networks and verify device vulnerability to Man in the Middle attack. Testing of the tool on its own is performed using the created testing environment with various types of end devices which influence the progress and results of the tests which are the output of the automated testing tool either in human readable or machine readable formats.
Tool for secure start and update of embedded device firmware
Böhmová, Monika ; Malina, Lukáš (referee) ; Hajný, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis covers creation of a tool designed for secure boot and update of firmware of embedded microcontrollers. Cryptography algorithms and methods, which were used for security are thoroughly described. In the following sections, independent subparts of which the whole tool comprises are explained. The tool was succesfully created, tested and will be deployed in the following year.
Mumps among adolescents and young adults.
Objectives of the work The aim of the work was to determine the course of mumps in adolescents and young adults and to map the specifics of nursing care in adolescents and young adults from the point of view of nurses of general practitioners. The following research questions have been chosen: What was the course of mumps in adolescents and young adults? What are the specifics of nursing care in adolescents and young adults from the point of view of nurses of general practitioners? Methods used To supply the necessary information was elected qualitative research using in-depth interviews with patients who have had mumps and nurses working with general practitioners for adults or children and adolescents. Interviews were captured by a recorder, recorded on the phone or written, and processed by direct transcription. Results The rewritten interviews were subjected to detailed analysis by open coding, using the paper and pencil method. From the data analysis, a total of six categories were formed, divided into two groups: Nurse interviews and Interviews with patients with mumps. Categories from interviews with nurses are: Vaccination, Measures in mumps, Mumps course according to nurses. The categories of interviews with mumps patients are: Collaboration with medical staff, Patient information and vaccine used, and Mumps course in patients with mumps. The individual categories are assigned subcategories, which are encoded to important information and all are included and illustrated in the various schemes. Conclusion From interviews with respondents, we found out how mumps had progressed by adolescents and young adults. It was found that half the respondents had more serious complications, but without lasting consequences, just in one case, the hearing remained impaired, the other serious complications after the cure disappeared. For nurses the result showed what are the specifics of nursing care in adolescents and young adults from the point of view of nurses practitioners. In the main issue, all nurses were oriented correctly. We have found that nurses have a minimum of experience with this disease because they have encountered it sporadically in their practice, and they know it only theoretically, although the incidence of mumps has increased in recent years and nurses should gain more experience. This finding may result in insufficient awareness of compliance with all treatment measures. The results obtained suggest that it would be advisable for doctors and their nurses who did not experience this disease to attend an education seminar focused on mumps, their symptoms, treatment, possible complications and anti-epidemic measures, with which the nursing care of mumps is related.

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