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An Actor's Self-reflection
Böhm, Jiří ; KOČVAROVÁ, Markéta (advisor) ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to critically observe own evolution as an actor and define moments that caused this evolution or aided it in some way. The thesis also describes the process of how individual plays were created, especially how they helped an actor grow. As a result, the thesis sets a future direction of things and foreshadows possible development.
Price-Level Targeting – A Real Alternative to Inflation Targeting?
Böhm, Jiří ; Filáček, Jan ; Kubicová, Ivana ; Zamazalová, Romana
This paper reviews price-level targeting in the light of current theoretical knowledge and past practical experience. We discuss progress in the economic debate on this issue, starting with the traditional arguments discussed in the early 1990s, moving to Svensson’s seminal paper in the late 1990s and ending with the most recent literature from the beginning of the new millennium. We devote special attention to the issues of the zero interest rate bound, time consistency and communication. Practical experience from Sweden in the 1930s and Czechoslovakia in the first few years after WWI is used to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of price-level targeting. Finally, the similarities of price-level and inflation developments with hypothetical outcomes under price-level targeting are investigated in selected inflation-targeting countries.
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Analysis of Crisis Communication in the Babies Switched at Birth in the Hospital of Třebíč Case
Böhm, Jiří ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Rydlová, Jana (referee)
The theoretical part of this thesis focuses mainly on crisis communication and its goal is to pinpoint its instruments, principles and regularities. The theoretical part also defines the concept of crisis and offers an adequate guide on what action should management take in individual periods of crisis. Apart from crisis communication and crisis management, it also explains the regularities of media analysis, which is used as an information portfolio for the second, practical part. The result is an evaluation of crisis communication during the events of "babies switched at birth in the hospital of Třebíč" from the hospital's perspective, mostly based on aforementioned media analysis. Adequate recommendations are proposed, based on the results.
Perception is always right: the CNB's monetary policy in the media
Böhm, Jiří ; Král, Petr ; Saxa, Bronislav
In this paper writers analyze the favorableness and extent of the media coverage of the CNB’s monetary policy decisions in the period of 2002–2007. We identify the factors explaining the variance in these two dimensions using an extensive set of articles published in the four most relevant Czech daily broadsheets immediately after monetary policy meetings. They take account of parameters of the CNB’s actual monetary policy decisions and related communication as well as variables characterizing the general economic environment that prevailed at the times of the individual meetings.
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The communication analysis of „Dejvické divadlo“
Böhm, Jiří ; Černá, Jitka (advisor) ; Pešek, Ondřej (referee)
The target of theoretical part this thesis is to characterize individual operations, techniques and tools of public relations and define their specifics in theatrical segment. The result of the practical part is evaluating communication activities of "Dejvické divadlo" and determine suitable recommendations.

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