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Kranich, Dan ; BEČKA, Marek (advisor) ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (referee)
In my Master thesis I deal with the issue of creating a production for adolescents. I am discussing this topic in connection with two theatrical performances: Goon: Krvavá pomsta and Jsou místa oblíbená tmou, kde nikdy a nic na ostrovech se skrývá odlehlých. I describe in detail the implementation of these projects. I compare my creative work in the school environment with staging in a professional theater. The thesis also deals with the relationship of contemporary adolescents to the theater as well as the relationship of theaters with adolescents. My theses and ideas are based on the practical experience gained by presenting these two projects.
Jandáčková, Kateřina ; ADÁMEK, Jiří (advisor) ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (referee)
Kateřina Jandáčková in her diploma thesis THE LIFE OF IMPULSES, The Hidden Role of Coincidence and Intuition in a Creative Process examinates the phenomenon of intuition through her own experience. She percieves intuition as something that helps her to capture and to preserve all the external and internal random impulses that originate during collecting of material and searching for a theme for prepared production, or during rehearsals. Each chapter has a title of one of her own seven productions. In those chapters the author of this thesis reflects her previous knowledge and conclusions. Also she reflects certain problems conected with this theme that she dealt with during rehearsals. In the end she finds common thematic link that connects all her productions up to date and which also responds with her social opinion.
Huláková, Lenka ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (advisor) ; LJUBKOVÁ, Marta (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to present the Bachelor's degree program KALD DAMU Theater Creation in Non-traditional Spaces at KALD DAMU (2012–2015), especially the content of the field of performance. The historical context of the field both in the Czech Republic and in the world is described in the introductory part, following that, I continue with my own personal theater history. The specific experience of my study of Performance and focus on working with space and place are elaborated on. That is followed by descriptions of projects created in the course of my master's program in dramaturgy at KLAD DAMU that were influenced by my studies at DTNP. In the final chapter, I evaluate the significance of the now defunct study program.
Design and creation of fitness tutorial for children in the "In-line skating"
KLÍMA, Miloslav
The objective of this Bachelor thesis is to suggest and create fitness teaching programme for children and youth in the in-line skating. Information used in the beginning is taken from professional literature and utilized for creating the fitness teaching programme afterwards. Theoretical part is devoted to fitness training, each parts of fitness preparation and rules of training children and youth. The teaching programme is adjusted according to the needs of children and youth. The programme was used on a group of older youngsters players of ice-hockey as fitness training by using in-line skates. The main aim of the programme is improvement of physical activity and general endurance.
Klimešová, Anna ; NOVÁK, Vladimír (advisor) ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the shared memory as inspiration for the devised theater. Thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part of the work titled Shared memory as a dramaturgical starting point explores the relationship between memory and devised theater. In the second part of my thesis I analyze and reflect the rehearsing process of bachelor performance Barunka is leaving.
From Idea to Dramatic Situation:
Jacques, Nina ; NOVÁK, Vladimír (advisor) ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (referee)
This thesis explores scenic writing and the way such writing morphs into a specific performance and scenic language. Meaning how a primary impulse of inspiration transforms into a dramatic situation or theatrical imagery.
Handicap as a Gift
Beran, Radek ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (advisor) ; KUBÍČEK, Jiří (referee)
In my thesis the potential of technical struggles and various mechanical limitations of puppets themselves is explored. Related to that also other limitation of puppetry and even drama as a genre itself are uncovered. Surprising analogy with the world of people with disabilities can be found here. So a disabilitity becomes a substantial point of view and a kind of subjects of demonstration which have been used in my work up to now. In the first part resources and terms related to disabilities are considered as well as the reasons triggering my interest in this phenomenon. A particular project subconsciously drew my attention to my higher sensitivity to various forms of disabilities in life and art as well
Actor and object as equal partners (director's perspective)
Maksymov, Jakub ; MAKONJ, Karel (advisor) ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (referee)
Author in this bachelor thesis reflects his two school projects (Crystal growth, Thousand dozens) and two out-of-school projects (Rays of sun, I am Krabat). On the basis of these projects he thinks about possibilities of puppet and object theatre in general. He focuses on partnership between actor and object/puppet. Further he analyzes and compares creative processes of these projects from director's perspective. He searches the specific conditions, which stimulate creative process. Finally he compares inspirational artists, who work with puppets/objects.
From Radioart to Musical Theatre
Jiřička, Lukáš ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (advisor) ; NOVOTNÝ, Pavel (referee)
This dissertation From Radioart to Musical Theatre aims at showing connections between seemingly different fields ? mainly sound-drama radioart, which in German is called Hörspiel, and musical theatre. In my dissertation, I try to define the characteristics as well as structural principles of text, space, sound, voice, acting, music and body in these transdisciplinary forms and genres, which have never retained any kind of purity in the traditional sense.In the analytical and introductory historical part of my dissertation, various seemingly different areas were introduced and discussed. These areas were musical or sound theatre in its general as well as specific form and its interrelation with sound installations, performance, radioart in form of Hörspiel, musical composition and sound art. In the following chapters, I used examples of several pivotal personalities from the German speaking area skilled in musical composition as well as directing and dramatics to present for instance the influence of musical structure on composition and other performing activities or the relationship of dramatic or literary model to its scenographic adaptation. The whole issue of relationships of disparate art forms is being showed on the examples of several artists ? directing composers who create these links thanks to their activity in various fields, as they intertwine musical and performing worlds on the level of structure, motifs and dramatics. The creators of such heterogeneous artworks using the strategy of the so-called negative dramatics are inherently split personalities - Heiner Goebbels, Helmut Oehring, Olga Neuwirth and Andreas Ammer. Goebbels as well as Oehring, Neuwirth and Ammer are able to make use of their experience with musical composition and/or work for the radio in the creation of musical performances in the way that they let particular composition techniques and staging be freely influenced by the knowledge of other media. Besides the above mentioned group of artists, I mention also other significant authors from the 20th and 21st century, who dealt with radioart, musical composition, collage and montage, performance and musical theatre - Bertolt Brecht, Dziga Vertov, Emil František Burian, Walter Ruttmann, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Dieter Schnebel, Georg Katzer, Friedrich Schenker, FM Einheit či Laurie Anderson and Georges Aperghis. Without the influence of the last fifty year-history of radioart, musical theatre would certainly not be such an important form of alternative theatre and performing art as such. Especially nowadays, when thanks to the emancipation and stressing of sound at the expense of acting a new stage language is being created within musical theatre, and the form itself transforms into yet little analysed field of the so-called postspectacular or mechanical theatre without actors.
Coordination and Management of Theatre Elements
Lázňovský, Michal ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (advisor) ; MATHÉ, Ivo (referee)
Dissertation titled Coordination and Management of Dramatic Elements or Strategic and Project Management for Theater explores possibilities of the application and use of the theory of strategic planning and project management in theatrical practice. The thesis has a hierarchical structure and progresses from top to bottom, i.e. from strategic considerations at the level of top management towards their implementation through specific projects.

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