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Czech functionalism and its greenery. The domestic garden of the 1920s and 1930s.
Kahlová, Jacqueline ; Švácha, Rostislav (advisor) ; Biegel, Richard (referee)
The subject of the thesis is the so far neglected topic of garden creation in connection with functionalist residential architecture. In terms of time, the author defined the period of the 1920s and 1930s of the last century, spatially the territory of Bohemia and Moravia. The term residential garden comes from the contemporary discourse, which understood the garden as an extended living space, with a special emphasis on its recreational use. In terms of type, the work will focus on the villa garden and will follow how the development of the functionalist house was incorporated into the theory and practice of the landscape production of the interwar years. The description and interpretation of selected examples of the residential garden is preceded by a thorough analysis of the theoretical work of Otokar Fierlinger and Ladislav Žák - two prominent promoters of the new landscape style, which was to become the equivalent of architectural functionalism. The diploma thesis looks not only for the existence of such a garden, but also for the wider significance of nature for architecture itself.
Reflection of Louis I. Kahn in Czech architecture.
Minka, Rudolf ; Švácha, Rostislav (advisor) ; Biegel, Richard (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to map the image and architectural motifs of the American architect Louis Kahn in Czechoslovak and Czech architecture from 1958 to the present. It traces the complex reception of his image in the contemporary Czechoslovak press and justifies the late reactions. Thesis explores the reception of his motifs and thoughts by selected architects whose works shows an admiration for his work.
Beacon for Change: Art at the Festival of Britain 1951.
Scheinostová, Bohdana ; Klimešová, Marie (advisor) ; Švácha, Rostislav (referee)
This Bachelor Thesis is going to analyze the represantation of fine arts at a festival called Festival of Britain in 1951, which took place in different cities and towns all over The United Kingdom. After World War II The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland suffered extensive damages. Terror and devastation of war have projected themselves in the second half of the 40s into everyday life of British society, which thought it is never going to recover from this traumatic reality. Exactly for that reason an event was to be organized, which would have given the citizens of The United Kingdom back their confidence and which would boost the British spirit together with the idea, that the British society can get over the postwar era of decline and insecurity. Therefore the Festival of Britain should have represented everything, that the British people were able to do even after such a deep wound - from science inventions, new technological achievements, orchestral concerts, to contemporary painting, sculpture, architecture and applied arts. Festival of Britain became the so called Beacon for Change - a symbol signaling the beginning of a new era. This festival belongs to key events of postwar British history and at the same time it is one of the factors that contributed to the renewal of...
About the purpose of congresses of art historians
Švácha, Rostislav
Humanities conventions are important for debates on professional issues. However, the paper is also thinking about the indispensable social and ethical role of conventions.
Interwar architecture of Jan Gillar's tenement houses
Volejníčková, Lucie ; Biegel, Richard (advisor) ; Švácha, Rostislav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the architecture of tenement houses of one of the most significant representatives and authors of Czech science - based functionalism - Jan Gillar. The tenement houses were built in the 1930s in Prague, in a time and space in which a great building boom of this type of housing in the intentions of functionalist architecture can be recorded. Gillar's tenement houses are presented in detail, with particular emphasis on the internal creation of space, architectural rendering, technical aspects, and the circumstances of origin. This thesis intends to trace a value of Gillar's tenement houses in the context of the significant building industry production in Prague and at the same time to place them in the context of Gillar's architectural work. Key words Architecture, 20th century architecture, functionalism, Jan Gillar, tenement houses, Prague
The Architecture of Bohumil Böhm in Český Krumlov
Štěpánová, Tereza ; Biegel, Richard (advisor) ; Švácha, Rostislav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the architecture of Bohumil Böhm in his hometown Český Krumlov. His three realizations in Český Krumlov - the "Družba" cinema (1968-1976), the "Plešivec II" housing estate (1970-1980) and the former local headquarters of the Communist Party (1976- 1979) are presented in the context of the Czechoslovak post-war architecture and the author's work. However, above all they are set in the urban and architectural context of the town, of which the situation is very specific due to its rich historical heritage. The key topic of the work is Böhm's architectural contribution to the town, but it also touches on several other themes - the specifics of the work of the regional architect in centralized engineering structure, interest in the relation between architecture and artworks or preservation of the architecture built during the normalization period. Keywords 20th century architecture, 1970s architecture, ČeskýKrumlov, Bohumil Böhm, Stavoprojekt České Budějovice
Sacral Space in the Work of Jan Sokol.
Vaculíková, Adéla ; Biegel, Richard (advisor) ; Švácha, Rostislav (referee)
The bachelor thesis is dedicated to Jan Sokol's designs of Catholic churches created from the 1920s to 1960s for architectural competitions or specific commissions. Although they were never realized, mostly for political reasons, they are important examples of the use of modern technologies and the attempt to define a new monumental style. Jan Sokol's designs, along with his theoretical texts, are placed in the context of the work and focus of other Czechoslovak architects who were active in the interwar and post-war periods. Keywords 20th century architecture, Jan Sokol, sacral architecture, Catholic church, designs
The current conception of liturgical space in the buildings of the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren and its art architectural roots
Boučková, Anna ; Biegel, Richard (advisor) ; Švácha, Rostislav (referee)
The text of the thesis focuses on the specifics of the contemporary liturgical space with emphasis on its conception in the buildings of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. The central point of the whole work is the latest realizations and unrealized competition projects for the modification of worship interiors, which reflect the various initial conditions, architectural approaches, and especially the specific needs of the church. The aim of the thesis is to introduce the church in the role of investor and client, to trace its attitudes to architectural theory and practice and to describe the historical aspects that laid the foundations for contemporary thinking about sacred architecture. Another important topic is the general tendencies shaping the evangelical liturgical space from 1989 to the present. Keywords sacral architecture, 20th century architecture, 21st century architecture, liturgical space, Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
Small towns in Bohemia as laboratories of heritage preservation in 19th and 20th century
Veverka, Lukáš ; Biegel, Richard (advisor) ; Švácha, Rostislav (referee)
The thesis focuses on monumental activities in small towns in Bohemia with a focus on architecture and urbanism. This period of time (turn of the 19th and 20th century) is crucial for the development of current and post-war era protection (declaration of urban monument preservation forms 1958 onward). Formulation of the main theoretical principles and practical approaches went along with fights for particular buildings and essence of the cities themselves. The smaller scale created ideal "laboratory environments", which had generated heritage precedents for further decision-making at the national level and formed the opinions of the leaders of heritage preservation. To understand these basics, it is important to reflect on the period discussions and conflicts, which were later covered by a more straightforward and simplified history interpretations. This thesis attempts to verify whether to revise or replace those discussions and precedents. At the same time it tries to look for "sequel stories" leading to the desired area protection of the cities in 1950s. This is not an attempt to cover the topic of the problematic in its globality and complexity - in a catalogue way. It will be necessary to wisely select case studies of specific cities affecting the main heritage problems of the time and to...
Czechoslovak CIAM Chapter after the Second World War
Hanáčková, Marcela ; Švácha, Rostislav (advisor) ; Klusáková, Luďa (referee)
Swiftly describing Czechoslovak participation in the thirties the stress of this dissertation on the history of the Czechoslovak CIAM chapter after the second war. It describes the success of the Czechoslovak presentation on the congress in Bridgwater (national and regional plannig), the cooperation on the development of the CIAM Grid with Le Corbusier, the missed opportunity to hold the congress in Prague, the impact of centralization on the Czechoslovak CIAM group, the influence of socialist realism on East European countries, the unabled activities on the following three congresses and finaly the renewed participation at the last congress in Dubrovnik. While doing so it concentrates itself on four themes: regional planning, synthesis of the arts, historical centres and habitat which were all discussed at post-war CIAM.

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