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Usability of Extraction Techniques for Practical Applications.
Rousková, Milena ; Šabata, Stanislav ; Maléterová, Ywetta ; Hanika, Jiří ; Šolcová, Olga ; Stránská, M. ; Kaštánek, P. ; Bárnet, M. ; Svátek, A.
The aim of the study was the development of extraction procedures for the isolation of carotenoids, especially lutein, from medicinal plants (Calendula officinalis, Tagetes sp.), the obtaining of fragrances from Magnolia × pruhoniciana blooms, or the separation of waxes from Miscanthus sp. stalks.\n
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Acidic Hydrolysis of Waste Feather Biomass - Processes Scale-Up.
Hanika, Jiří ; Rousková, Milena ; Šolcová, Olga ; Šabata, Stanislav ; Jírů, M. ; Hůrková, K.
The paper present novel data on acidic hydrolysis of waste chicken feathersin presence of water solution containing carboxylic acid catalyst with the pKa value lower than 4, instirred batch reactors, in the temperature range from 114°Cto 150°C and at the pertinent vapour pressure of reaction mixture.The process was scaled-up from laboratory bench scale to pilot plant dimensions using batch high pressure autoclaves. Process conditions were applied according to patent application1. Knowledge of kinetic aspects of the featherhydrolysis and process parameters operation window are inevitable for asuccessful process scale up2,3.
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Simultaneous Hydrolysis of Proteins and Fats fro Waste Chicken Feathers.
Rousková, Milena ; Šolcová, Olga ; Šabata, Stanislav ; Jírů, M. ; Hůrková, K. ; Hanika, Jiří
The kinetics of the simultaneous hydrolysis of macromolecular proteins (keratin) and lipids (fat) from waste chicken feathers was investigated in this study. The perspective option pressure hydrolysis at elevated temperature was designed as one of the primary tasks within the research program in frame of the Competence Centre BIORAF, supported by the Technology Agency of the CR. The process development of simultaneous hydrolysis of proteins and lipids contained in the waste is focused on this potential alternative raw material for the preparation of valuable amino acids1 and proteins of low molecular weight. In this study, the acidic hydrolysis kinetics of the waste biomass was performed using a batch stirred bench scale autoclave at elevated temperature and pressure of inert atmosphere from 0.9 to 2.3 MPa. Produced hydrolysate was filtrated and subsequently analyzed using HPLC/MS method at the UCT Prague.
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Volatile Substances Determination in Magnolia x Pruhoniciana Extracts.
Rousková, Milena ; Šabata, Stanislav ; Maléterová, Ywetta ; Hradecký, J. ; Hanika, Jiří ; Kaštánek, František ; Šolcová, Olga
Magnolia pruhoniciana is a unique hybrid originated by the crossing of Japanese M. obovata and American M. tripetala. It has been cultivated and grown since the 1950s in the Průhonice park, part of the Institute of Botany of the CAS. However, biologically active substances contained in intensely fragrant blossoms have not been\nsufficiently described, yet. From that reason the research was focused on extraction of the volatile substances from fresh blossoms using various solvents. Samples of magnolia blossom extracts revealed variously rich profiles of volatile substances, depending on the extraction agent used. To obtain information on volatile substances the analytical method GC/HRMS was employed. Magnolia extracts contained a large number of valuable substances such as alkaloids, coumarins, flavonoids, lignans and neolignans, phenyl-propanoids and terpenes have been identified. Obtained extracts possessed a typical magnolia fragrance, which confirmed that the obtained products could be potentially used for cosmetic applications.
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Kinetics of Keratin Acidic Hydrolysis in Batch Autoclave.
Hanika, Jiří ; Kaštánek, P. ; Rousková, Milena ; Šabata, Stanislav ; Šolcová, Olga
The contribution brings novel data on the non-traditional process presented during previous ICCT 2015 conference1. According to the patent application2 the hydrolysis of waste chicken feathers was performed in a reaction mixture containing water and a soluble acid catalyst with the pKa value lower than 4, in a stirred batch reactor for 0.5 to 10 hours, in the temperature range from 90 to 130°C and at the pertinent vapour pressure of reaction mixture. Kinetics of preparing a mixture of proteins and amino acids by hydrolysis of a waste material containing chicken feathers was investigated in this study.\n
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