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History of school in the town Bechyně in the years 1900 1950
The thesis deals with a description and progress of education in the township of Bechyně with regard to historical events in the years 1900 to 1950. Firstly, the text briefly maps out the progress of education in the city. The next five chapters of the thesis present individual time periods. First, they briefly describe the given time period and then focus on life at the school and how the school used to work. By this, the thesis gives us a comprehensive view of the given time period.
Zavedení štíhlé výroby do strojírenského podniku
Černý, Adam
The thesis deals with an implementation of lean management, which is goal is stablize and increase work production in corporation. Intention this thesis is identify waste of production and assembly. Next step is proposal measure for more efective on this process. The first part contains about developlment Lean manufactoring, methods and principles. And the end this part is focused on next tools which are important for finally implementation. In the second part is an analysis in selected process. Then follows detail analysis main poblems and focused on elimination trouble. In last part this thesis is on the basis of obtained in-formations is economic evaluation.
Essential Obligations and Liability of the Members of the Board of Directors
Černý, Adam ; Štenglová, Ivanka (advisor) ; Macek, Jiří (referee) ; Černá, Stanislava (referee)
1 Dissertation Abstract Introduction The issue of the role and activities of the statutory bodies is subject to the concern of the specialized jurisprudence for many years and the development of legislation also reflects this fact. However, although there is between legal and business community a considerable uncertainty and unpredictability of the court decisions in particular regarding the assessment of the specific situations and conduct of members of statutory bodies. Especially the rules regarding the relationship of the board member to the company, the decision making process of the Board of Directors, acts of the Board of Directors and its members, rights and duties of board members, and the thereof resulting liability of board members, especially the regulation of excessive remunerations of board members or in the event of parallel employment and commercial legal relationship of board members to the company. Object of the Dissertation Thesis The thesis includes the detailed analysis of the legislation concerning the status and the basic obligations of the Board of Directors of the company and its members, especially (a) the obligation to exercise their empowers with due care, (b) the duty of loyalty, (c) the obligation of confidentiality, and (d) no conflict of interest rule, with a focus on...
Údržba mlecí linky v cementárenském podniku
Černý, Adam
In this bachelor thesis titled Maintenance of grinding line in cement company is described the structure of maintenance and repair system in cement company. Thesis works with concrete company Českomoravský cement, a.s., Mokrá, part of international group HeidelbergCement Group, which is the biggest cement producer in Czech Republic. The introduction describes history and present of company Českomoravský cement, a.s., Mokrá, further author epmhesize detailed illustration of cement grinding line. Attention is also paid to the modern method of maintenance management TPM (Total Productive Maintenance). Further author describes repair system in cement company Česko-moravský cement, a.s, Mokrá, especially the progress of planned and unplanned repairs on cement lines. The final part deals with a cement dust accumulation problem and the disposal of dust by using a rack conveyor.

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