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Birds as a thematic unit for education on school with visually impaired pupils
Doupalová, Šárka ; Čížková, Věra (advisor) ; Machová, Hana (referee)
The aim of my thesis is the verification of some activisating methods and forms (e.g. workbook, excursion) used in teaching of the "Birds" block on the upper elementary and lower grammar school. In my thesis the analysis of the topic "Birds" in Czech text-books and a comparison of the ornithological theme in systematic and ecological text-books will be made and the contentual schemes of activisating components of education with subsequent evaluation in hands-on training will be worked up. As a separated section the comparison of bird-recognition skills based on singing of chosen bird species students with visual handicap will be analyzed. Bird voices will be presented by CD records and by spring excursions.
Inquiry-based education in natural sciences
Nedomová, Martina ; Čížková, Věra (advisor) ; Kettnerová, Bohumila (referee)
The first part of this bachelor work deals with international research projects in the field of scientific education TIMSS (Third international mathematics and science study), PISA (Programme for international student assessment) and ROSE (Relevance of science education). The second one focuses on activities of European Union which are concerned with lack of pupil's interest in natural science. Several references from European Union's research have been published in my work. The main purpose of this work is determine how inquiry-based approach could be put into practise. Another part of the work is about this way of education. Some European projects which apply inquiry-based approach to education are described in this part. In the last chapter I presented Czech project "3V" which uses this new approach in biology.
Comparing effectiveness of problem-based and traditional education of high school students
Vošmerová, Blanka ; Čížková, Věra (advisor) ; Čechová, Marie (referee)
In this diploma thesis is compared effectiveness of problem-based and traditional education of high school students as an example of thematical unit ?human respiration?. The effectiveness was compared with research work contains pretest,posttest I and posttest II. Student`s test`s results were statistical evaluated with two-sample tests and correlation analysis. This diploma thesis also contains preparations for both education alternatives and practical exercises (including presentation in PowerPoint) and czech and foreign autohors opinions of problem-based education and the effectivness of school.
Comparing effectiveness of problem-based and traditional education of secondary school students
Radvanová, Sabina ; Čížková, Věra (advisor) ; Vacková, Blanka (referee)
In this diploma thesis is compared effectiveness of problem-based and traditional education of secondary school students as an example of thematical unit "human respiration". The effectiveness was compared by created research work - pretest, posttest I, posttest II. Student's results in achievement tests were statistical evaluated with two-sample tests, correlation analysis and chi-square distribution. This diploma thesis also submits with professional opinions of problem-based education and contains compiled preparations for both education alternatives and practical exercises which corresponded to made presentation authoring language. Powered by TCPDF (
Inquiry-based educational activities in biology
Nedomová, Martina ; Čížková, Věra (advisor) ; Janštová, Vanda (referee)
4 The Abstrakt: The main target of the thesis is to complete and check the materials of inquiry- based education on the topic of 'water in human life'. This thesis has been based on the ESTABLISH project and it is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the characteristics of inquiry-based education, its benefits and history. It introduces us to the national and foreign project and works that treat this type of education. The main passage of the thesis deals with the compilation and verification of materials for the inquiry-based activities within the thematic unit of 'water in human life'. Part of the materials is methodical handbook for teachers and worksheets for individual activities. Further on this thesis includes the results of a questionnaire for students. The feedback reflected verification of the activities and course of materials content and suitability assessment. Consequently, the thesis also includes the application of the questionnaire for educators which evaluated the awareness of the inquiry-based education and its existing usage by biology teacher on Prague grammar schools. Practical part contains the analysis of the exercises focused on water in relation to humans in selected biology and natural science teaching books. The Keywords: Education,...
A Terminological Dictionary of Arthropods for Pupils and Students in Primary and Secondary Schools
Částková, Drahuše ; Mourek, Jan (advisor) ; Čížková, Věra (referee)
8. Abstrakt Autor diplomové práce: Drahuše Částková Název diplomové práce: Terminologický slovníček kmene členovců pro žáky základních škol a studenty středních škol Klíčová slova: členovci, terminologie, terminologický slovníček, porovnání učebnic, srovnávací tabulka, pomocné texty pro žáky, přírodopis, biologie Obsah: Diplomová práce obsahuje terminologický slovníček členovců, porovnání jednotlivých učebnic přírodopisu pro základní školy a biologie pro střední školy s doložkou MŠMT a srovnávací tabulky výskytu termínů v jednotlivých učebnicích. Terminologický slovníček obsahuje celkem 202 hesel, která doprovází 19 schematických nákresů. Každý zařazený termín, který je určený žákům základních škol, se vyskytuje alespoň v jedné ze sledovaných učebnic. Typ písma odlišuje termíny určené žákům základních škol od termínů určených studentům středních škol. Slovníček se snaží nabídnout jasnější a správnější vysvětlení než je v učebnicích. V rámci diplomové práce bylo hodnoceno celkem 8 učebnic přírodopisu pro ZŠ a 3 učebnice biologie pro SŠ různého zaměření. Sledované byly především kapitoly věnované členovcům. U jednotlivých učebnic je uvedené, zda jsou přehledné, jaké mají doprovodné ilustrace a fotografie a jaký je počet stran věnovaný členovcům. Popis každé učebnice obsahuje i výčet zařazených jednotlivých...
Influence of practical courses on the upper secondary school students' motivation to study biology
Janštová, Vanda ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Čížková, Věra (referee) ; Stuchlíková, Iva (referee)
The reasons for the decline in students' interest in science have been studied for the last decades. The key question is how to stimulate this interest and motivate students and pupils to study science. Part of this thesis was testing the influence of practical courses on upper secondary school students' motivation toward studying biology. To start with, it was found out how many practical courses were taught for each biology topic at Czech upper secondary schools. Molecular biology and genetics emerged as one of the topics with the lowest number of practical courses. Therefore, molecular biology practical courses have been proposed and tested. It was shown that these practical courses can increase students' motivation scores. The possible influece of age, gender and number of practical courses during biology lessons on motivation was tested as well. Motivation of Czech students was compared to motivation of New Zealand students. Younger students and boys were more motivated to study biology in both countries. New Zealand students were more motivated than Czech students. Motivated students like the participants in the Biology Olympiad, Students' Professional Activities, biology summer course and optional biology courses were used to describe the origin of their motivation toward biology.
Application of new knowledge in biology teaching: cloning and stem cells
Kučerová, Eva ; Čížková, Věra (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Věra (referee)
This thesis focuses on teaching the latest scientifical knowledge in high school biology. It develops the new concept of cloning and stem cells and their teaching according to the general educational programme of "Gymnazias". The concept results from the three-stage teaching model and cooperative learning. It contains different types of learning tasks to support development of key competencies and the recommended methodologies as forms of teaching. The proposed concept was recently evaluated at two Prague high schools. Part of the thesis is an analysis of international and Czech websites which offer educational resources to teach biology. Powered by TCPDF (

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