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Communication of the FormFactory fitness center with customers at branches in Prague
Vybíralová, Tereza ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Communication of the FormFactory fitness centre with costumers at branches in Prague Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to create a proposition on how to improve communication with customers in branches of Form Factory fitness center. In order to make a solid proposition on how to improve the communication in different branches, it is essential to gather enough information concerning the current state of communication with customers and how it is perceived by customers themselves. Methods: In this master thesis, it has been applied a quantitative method of data collection in form of the electronic questionnaire. The questionnaire was then enhanced by the method of direct observation. Results: The deficiencies have been identified in communication with customers in branches of Form factory fitness centers. These deficiencies were described in a result chapter of this thesis and then recommendations were made to discontinue these issues. Keywords: services, marketing communication, fitness, questionnaire survey, observation
Knowledge and attitudes of UK FTVS students to equestrian sport
Vybíralová, Tereza ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Knowledge and attitudes of UK FTVS students to equestrian sport Aim: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to discover the awareness students of UK FTVS have of equestrian sport and find out how they percieve the equestrianism in general. Based on the results of the research, certain reccomendations will be made for Czech equestrian federation on how to improve the current state of knowledge among students. Methods: The method applied in this thesis is based on electronic questionnaire, Through questionnaire were collected data which will carry useful information about general awareness of the students about equestrian sport, its disciplines, passive or active interest in the sport and attitudes they have of equestrianism. Results: The research showed that students of UK FTVS have basic knowledge of the equestrian sport, but they are lacking broader information about the sport. Students don't follow equestrianism on regular basis and according to majority of students it is a financially demanding activity, which is also hard to reach. Although, most of the students expressed an interest in trying equestrianism if they had a chance. The recommendations were made to improve the knowledge of equestrian sport and the attitude most of the students possess. Keywords: knowledge, attitude,...
The environment Biland in teaching mathematics in primary school
Vybíralová, Tereza ; Slezáková, Jana (advisor) ; Jirotková, Darina (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of a didactic mathematical environment Biland. The theoretical part is concerned with the definition of two opposite educational styles, transmissive and constructivist, and their comparison. Within the constructivist educational style, it is also focused on The Hejný's method, and it defines the two basic pillars of this conception. The first pillar is the personality of the teacher and the other one is the mathematical content, which is provided by different mathematical environments. This diploma thesis introduces the environment Biland, describes on which mathematical basis it stands on and shows why should be Biland included into the teaching of mathematics. It answers the question of importancy of teaching also non-base ten systems and therefore it describes the history of place-value system. It also studies the tasks in contemporary textbooks of mathematics for primary schools by Hejný et al. published by publishing house FRAUS. The practical part includes the preparation and implementation of experiments in which the new environment Biland was introduced to the pupils. The experiments were recorded into protocols, followed by analysis. Another aim of the practical part was creation of worksheets for the pupils which were handed out after the...
Cultural Aspects in the development of the new "German Mentality" after the year of 1945
Germany was, after 1945, a defeated, blitzed country occupied by four world powers. Fifty years later, we now know Germany as one of the most economically powerful countries in Europe. Economic and political development is a part of many other theses written on this similar topic. The main concept of my work is the influence of culture and the cultural life of ordinary people in post-war Germany. I was focusing on the arts which citizens encountered daily; for example advertisement, billboards or political campaigns and their influence on the people living in Germany. I also included, which media was used in certain situations and what information was dispersed. A large share of the overall image of Germany certainly has the architecture of individual cities. Many buildings were destroyed and had to be reconstructed or even rebuilt. In the following part, I worked with memoires of witnesses. This included narratives of ordinary men, their feelings, everyday problems, and various ways of solving them - all of these credibly show situations and the state of mind in post-war Germany. In another section, I focused on the tales of people, who lived through their childhood in post-war Germany. In a later segment I dealt mainly with soldiers, who were imprisoned during war in prison camps and their circumstances and lives?
Analysis of tourism at the selected destination
Vybíralová, Tereza ; Vaško, Martin (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Liběna (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the potential of tourism in the district of Kroměříž, its current situation and the perspective of future development. In the thesis there are characterized primary and secondary offer, on the one hand all attractiveness, on the other hand accommodation and catering facility, on whose basis the analysis is created. Based on the result there is created the SWOT analysis as well. It determines the strengths and weaknesses of the district and its opportunities and threats.
Marketing management of particular organisation
The bachelor thesis concerns the analysis of the Red Bull Ltd. marketing strategy and influence on the target group. It is divided into 3 main parts. It aims to analyse modern marketing trends and the application into the marketing mix. Furthermore it will apply theoretical knowledge on particular events and to evaluate the internal and external environment of the company. The analysis is supported by research work which describes an influence of marketing communication of the Red Bull brand on the customer.
Valuation of the company
Vybíralová, Tereza ; Scholleová, Hana (advisor) ; Smrčka, Luboš (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to determine the value of the company with yield methods on the date 31. 12. 2009. The theoretical part is focused on methodology for evaluation with emphasis on key moments of evaluation. The practical part begins with introducing analysed company. This part is followed by analysis of macro-environment, micro-environment and financial analysis. On the basis of knowledge from analyses and knowledge of company is compiled financial plan, which is a base for evaluation company with yield methods, concretely with FCFF (Free Cash Flow to the Firm) and EVA (Economic Value Added). Diploma thesis is concluded with value statement and efficiency of this information to management, which is contracting authority of evaluation.

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