Autoři: Švábenská, Eva ; Roupcová, Pavla ; Havlíček, Lubomír ; Schneeweiss, Oldřich
Typ dokumentu: Příspěvky z konference
Konference/Akce: NANOCON 2023 - International Conference on Nanomaterials - Research & Application /15./, Brno (CZ), 20231018
Rok: 2024
Jazyk: eng
Abstrakt: Recent technological advancements require development of cost-effective and high-performance magnets \nwhich ideally do not contain rare earth metals or noble metals. The promising candidates are Fe-Ni-based \nalloys, in particular, the Fe50Ni50 L10 phase (tetrataenite), which has a great perspective for producing hard \nmagnetic materials. Our study explores a promising method for preparing nanoparticles of Fe-Ni alloy from an \niron-nickel oxalate precursor. The coprecipitation method was employed to prepare oxalate precursors, \nfollowed by controlled thermal decomposition in a reducing hydrogen atmosphere. The morphology and \nproperties of the resulting particles were analysed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) coupled with \nenergy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Mössbauer spectroscopy (MS), and \nmagnetic measurements.\nThe SEM analysis revealed that the particles have approximately cube-shaped unit cell morphology with a\nsize in a range of 1 - 2 μm. Upon annealing, the samples contain multiple phases with varying Fe-Ni content.\nMagnetic measurements confirmed the formation of magnetically suitable Fe-Ni phases in the samples after \nannealing. Mössbauer spectroscopy emerged as a highly effective method for characterizing individual phases \nof the Fe-Ni system.
Klíčová slova: Magnetic materials; Mössbauer spectroscopy; thermal decomposition
Zdrojový dokument: NANOCON 2023 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-80-88365-15-0, ISSN 2694-930X

Instituce: Ústav fyziky materiálů AV ČR (web)
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