Original title: Dekonstrukce sekuritizace albánské migrace v britských médiích: Kritická analýza mediálního zpravodajství z let 2021-2022
Translated title: Deconstructing the Securitization of Albanian Migration in British Media: A Critical Analysis of Coverage from 2021-2022
Authors: Hotaj, Alketa ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Glouftsios, Georgios (referee)
Document type: Master’s theses
Year: 2023
Language: eng
Abstract: In the realm of public opinion and policy direction, the media yields significant influence, in shaping public perceptions and directing legislative decisions. Yet, there have been instances where this influence has reinforced discriminatory perspectives about immigrants, thereby creating an environment imbued with scepticism and mistrust. This research probes into the nuanced portrayal of Albanian immigrants by the British media between 2021 and 2022, a period marked by heightened scrutiny and continued interest in this group, culminating in the securitization of the matter. While using the Critical Discourse Analysis methodology, this study focuses on the British media's themes during this timeframe and tries to locate the stereotypes present in its discourses about Albanian immigrants. 93 news articles from 7 important media outlets in the United Kingdom (The Guardian, Daily Mail, BBC, The Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Sun, Mirror), published online during January 2021 and December 2022 will be analysed for this study. The findings demonstrate that the British media in general had both similarities and differences in framing Albanian immigrants which is aligned with their ideological orientations. The right leaning media outlets, in particular, served as a courtesy for the British...

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