Original title: Quantitative easing in the euro area: implications for income and wealth inequality
Authors: Stojanović, Dušan
Document type: Research reports
Year: 2023
Language: eng
Series: CERGE-EI Working Paper Series, volume: 760
Abstract: This study examines how and to what extent quantitative easing of the ECB affects household income and wealth inequality in the euro area. Previous theoretical models have investigated the dynamics of inequality measures through differential access of households to financial/capital market (the portfolio rebalancing channel), neglecting the labor market differential (the earnings heterogeneity channel). Although the portfolio rebalancing channel may provide insight into wealth inequality and non-labor income inequality, this is not the case with labor (and thus total) income inequality. To be in line with the empirical evidence on labor income inequality, this study also considers segmented labor market on the basis of capital-skill complementarity in production and asymmetric real wage rigidities. When\nonly financial market segmentation is considered, the quantitative results indicate a drop in total income inequality that is diminished over time, while wealth inequality experiences a rise that gradually becomes weaker. The introduction of the segmented labor market significantly mitigates the observed drop in total income inequality, while a rise in wealth inequality is largely amplified. Given the possible broadening of the ECB’s mandate towards distributional issues in the future, the analysis of segmented labor and financial markets can be more beneficial to the ECB as it provides a clearer picture of the inequality effects.
Keywords: asymmetric real wage rigidity; capital-skill complementarity; quantitative easing
Project no.: LX22NPO5101
Funding provider: GA MŠk

Institution: Economics Institute AS ČR (web)
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