Original title: Prolínání dvou světů: Narativ Maročanů o adaptaci v Praze
Translated title: Weaving two worlds: A Moroccan Narrative of Adaptation in Prague
Authors: Boulghazi, Firdaousse ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Minářová, Markéta (referee)
Document type: Master’s theses
Year: 2023
Language: eng
Abstract: Immigration or relocation offers a valuable opportunity to explore the impact of a new environment on the cultural repertoire or identity of a specific group. This qualitative study delves into the adaptation experiences of 17 Moroccan nationals residing in Prague. The focus is placed on their adept navigation of cultural differences, the strategies employed to overcome challenges during the adaptation process, and the revelation of the pivotal role played by social networks and support systems in their transition to Prague life. A carefully designed semi-structured interview protocol was used to gather detailed data. The data analysis followed the principles of constructive grounded theory methodology, aiming to develop a deep understanding and identify patterns in the collected information. Through systematic coding and continuous comparison, several significant themes emerged from the data: Cultural Dichotomy: Navigating Two Worlds (a); Bonds of Belonging: Building Bridges with Fellow Moroccans (b); Chasing Integration: Struggles and Strategies in Prague (c), Unveiling Identities: Negotiating Individuality in a Foreign Land (d).
Keywords: Acculturation Paths; Adaptation Journey; Moroccan Diaspora; Moroccan Nationals; Prague; Relocation; Social Networks; adaptační cesta; akulturační cesty; marocká diaspora; maročtí státní příslušníci; Praha; relokace; sociální sítě

Institution: Charles University Faculties (theses) (web)
Document availability information: Available in the Charles University Digital Repository.
Original record: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11956/186002

Permalink: http://www.nusl.cz/ntk/nusl-535141

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