Original title: Influence of singletrails on wildlife distribution in the tourist attractive area of Mariánské údolí (Brno)
Authors: Drimaj, J. ; Mikulka, O. ; Kamler, J. ; Plhal, R. ; Homolka, Miloslav
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: Public recreation and landscape protection - with sense hand in hand! /12./, online (CZ), 20210510
Year: 2021
Language: eng
Abstract: The growing popularity of active movement in nature in the form of an adrenaline experience is the cause of the great expansion of singletrails. New singletrails are still being built with varying degrees of difficulty, and the density is thickening across the entire Czech Republic. This form of leisure time use is closely linked to the forest environment and the animals that occur in it. The cyclist usually moves very quickly along a narrow path through the forest and it is a question of how his disturbance will affect large mammals around the singletrails. For monitoring purposes, we selected four study areas (two with singletrails and two without singletrails) with the presence/absence of hiking paths where we observed the long-term influence of singletrails on the distribution and behaviour of common species of large mammals through animal marks. The results showed that where the roe deer was not disturbed, a balanced proportion of beds (places where the roe deer rested) and marking places (places that the roe deer marked) was recorded. However, in areas with disturbance in the form of tourists, far fewer beds were found than marking places. The presence of singletrails did not play a role in this.
Keywords: Cycling; Roe deer; Tourism; Wild boar; Wildlife behaviour
Host item entry: Public recreation and landscape protection - with sense hand in hand!, ISBN 978-80-7509-779-8, ISSN 2336-6311

Institution: Institute of Vertebrate Biology AS ČR (web)
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