Original title: Design of material and technological copy for repair of sgraffito decorated renders
Authors: Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga ; Wichterlová, Z. ; Waisserová, J.
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: International conference 2018, Litomyšl. Quo vadis, cultural heritage preservation? International conference on the occasion of 25th anniversary of teaching restoration in Litomyšl, Litomyšl (CZ), 20181108
Year: 2018
Language: eng
Abstract: This paper deals with research in Renaissance sgraffito materials and techniques. It focuses on the replication process for original materials and application techniques used in a reconstruction of the missing parts of a sgraffito decoration depicting a Landsknecht procession on the façade of a house in Slavonice. The result of the theoretical and practical experimental work is the description and evaluation of the process of creating a material and technological copy of the original. This involved detailed material analysis, determining the provenance of and selecting suitable raw materials, design of a repair mix and its testing, and evaluation during application trials. The study has shown that, in order to achieve good results, the conclusions of material analysis have to be linked to the practical\nskills of restorers and conservators. The particular application procedures that match the requirements of the historical material and the original work can be deduced from full scale practical trials. Feedback between the design of the repair mixture and the application process made it possible to come to an optimal material and application technique. The missing parts of the sgraffito were replaced using a mortar and application technique that closely correspond to those originally used in the Renaissance.
Keywords: historic techniques; mortar analysis; sgraffito; Slavonice
Project no.: DG16P02H012 (CEP)
Funding provider: GA MK
Host item entry: International conference 2018, Litomyšl. Quo vadis, cultural heritage preservation?, ISBN 978-80-7560-291-6

Institution: Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AS ČR (web)
Document availability information: Fulltext is available at the institute of the Academy of Sciences.
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