Original title: The processing of stabilized sewage sludge by high-temperature slow pyrolysis and gasification
Authors: Bičáková, Olga ; Čimová, Nikoleta ; Vöröš, Dominik ; Náhunková, Jana ; Řimnáčová, Daniela
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: International Conference on Chemical Technology /7./, Mikulov (CZ), 20190415
Year: 2019
Language: eng
Abstract: One of the most challenging type of waste is sewage sludge, which is a heterogeneous suspension containing organic and inorganic substances and pathogenic organisms. This work focuses on an effective application method for the sewage sludge, which is usually deposited in landfills or co-incinerated in power plants. High temperature pyrolysis and gasification at 700–900 °C were applied to the samples of stabilized sewage sludge. The samples with a constant weight of 100 g were heated in a stationary bed, with the rate of batch heating being monitored. During the heating process, volatile products were released and the composition of the gaseous products developed during the heating was analyzed. Afterwards, the mass balance of the resulting products was evaluated. The elemental and textural analyses of the products were performed. Furthermore, it has been found that the solid residue has a porous texture and properties suitable for the removal and capture of pollutants. \n
Keywords: gasification; mass balance; pyrolysis; Sewage sludge
Project no.: TH03020119 (CEP), StrategieAV21/3
Funding provider: GA TA ČR, AV ČR
Host item entry: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Chemical Technology, ISBN 978-80-88307-00-6

Institution: Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics AS ČR (web)
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External URL: https://www.icct.cz/AngiologyKlon-ICCT/media/system/2019/ICCT-2019-Proceedings.pdf
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