Original title: Vertical Collembola distribution in spruce and beech forest soils
Authors: Jínová, Kristýna
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: Contributions to Soil Zoology in Central Europe III. Central European Workshop on Soil Zoology /9./, České Budějovice (CZ), 2007-04-17 / 2007-04-20
Year: 2009
Language: eng
Abstract: Vertical stratification of Collembola was investigated in beech and spruce forest soils on the Kleť Mountain (Blanský les Protected Landscape Area, South Bohemia, Czech Republic). The aim of the study was to describe the collembolan distribution among the horizons in the present beech and spruce forest soils and to find out which species were dominant in the individual soil layers. Ten soil samples (each of 10 cm.sup.2./sup., 15 cm deep) were collected in beech and spruce forest on the Kleť Mt. in December 2004. They were divided into 5 sub-samples: litter + 0-1 cm of soil; 1-2, 2-5, 5-10, and 10-15 cm and extracted separately in high-gradient Tullgren apparatus. In total, 40 species were found at both sites (31 in the beech and 28 in the spruce forest). The highest number of species was found in the upper layer (litter layer + 0-1 cm) of soil, 84 % of species in the beech forest and 64 % in the spruce forest.
Keywords: beech forest; Collembola; vertical distribution
Project no.: CEZ:AV0Z60660521 (CEP)
Host item entry: Contributions to Soil Zoology in Central Europe III. Proceedings of the 9.sup.th./sup. Central European Workshop on Soil Zoology, ISBN 978-80-86525-13-6

Institution: Biology Centre AS ČR (web)
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