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Classification of selected agricultural crops from time series of Sentinel-2 and PlanetScope imagery in Kutnohorsko model area
Kuthan, Tomáš ; Kupková, Lucie (advisor) ; Potůčková, Markéta (referee)
Classification of selected agricultural crops from time series of Sentinel-2 and PlanetScope imagery in Kutnohorsko model area Abstract The thesis is focused on the analysis of spectral characteristics of selected agricultural crops druring agriculutural season from time series of Sentinel -2 (A and B) and PlanetScope sensors in the model area situated around the settlements of Kolín and Kutná Hora. It is based on the assumption that the use of multiple dates of image data acquired crops in different phenological phases of the crops allows better identification of crop species (Lu et al., 2004). The aim of the thesis was to analyse the characteristics of the seasonal course of spectral features of selected agricultural crops (sugar beet, spring barley, winter barley, maize, spring wheat, winter wheat, winter rape) and to determine the period of the year suitable for the differentiation of individual crops. Another aim of the thesis was to classify these crops in the model area from time series of two above-mentioned sensors and to compare the accuracy of the pixel and object-oriented classification approach for multitemporal composites and the accuracy for monotemporal image from the term when the individual crops are clearly distinguishable. The training and validation datasets and the classification mask...
Quantitative analysis of biophysical parameters of crops using multispectral data Copernicus
Mišurec, J. ; Lukeš, Petr ; Tomíček, J. ; Klem, Karel ; Jakešová, L.
The development of a methodology for retrieval of biophysical parameters using multispectral satellite data Sentinel-2 has been optimized for the most frequently grown crops in the Czech Republic: winter wheat, spring barley, oilseed rape, lucerne, maize and sugar beet. The target crop parameters were chlorophyll and water content in leaves and leaf area index (LAI). The method of calculating biophysical parameters was based on the use of the ProSAIL radiation transfer model, where the model simulates canopy status for various combinations of biophysical parameters in inverse mode. A combination of biophysical parameters, showing the best match for the reflectance values observed by the Sentinel-2 satellite system is searched. Developed products will find use in farms, for example in planning the management of agricultural land.
Current issues in working with genetic resources of plants and evaluation of the National program results: Conference proceedings
Papoušková, Ludmila
Proceedings of the conference on genetic resources of plants. Papers were presented on the topic of history and importance of the field, current research results and their use.
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Current questions on specific DNA determination : possibilities of effective use in agriculture and food industry: 11.12.2009
Ovesná, Jaroslava ; Pouchová, Vladimíra
Research into the genetic variability of economically significant crops brings new opportunities to improve their biological potential. This seminar focused on the possibilities of some procedures, their use for gene characterization and genetic expression in important crops such as wheat and barley, as well as minor crops such as garlic and hemp, where there is not enough data available on the sequence of genes. Also practical applications of the obtained results have been shown as well as sampling procedures.
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Biological control of plant diseases: 9th specialist seminar 24. 10. 2012
Věchet, Lubomír
Proceeedings of a seminar on biological control of plant diseases. There are contributions regarding the protection of specific crops, such as wheat and oilseed rape. It also includes contribution summarizing the legislative requirements for plant protection in organic farming.
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Assessment of damage in game hunting LCR sp "Vápenice"
JOZA, Jaroslav
The objective of this graduation thesis was to find out the extent of damages caused by wildlife to the forest stands up to 30.6.2009 and agricultural stands during 2009 in the hunting district LČR s.p. (Forests of the Czech Republic) "Vápenice". The damages to forest stands have a large impact on the function and recovery of the forest, while the damages to agricultural stands have negative effects on farmstead. Hence the first part of this thesis is concerning with methods of protection of both the forest, and farm crops to prevent it from being damaged. In this graduation thesis, percentage outcomes of damage of forest and agricultural stands, which were caused by wildlife, are stated. The damage to forest stands in all age groups in the hunting district "Vápenice" reach approximately one half in comparison to damage rate of the whole Czech Republic. The damage to permanent grass stands is higher than the damage to cereals.

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