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The Usage of Project Management and PR during the Respiratory Forum 2016 Conference Organization
Vojnová, Lenka ; Krsek, Libor (advisor) ; Strnadová, Lucie (referee)
The main focus of this thesis is to comprehensively describe the usage of project management and Public Relations (PR) methods during the medical conference Respiratory Forum 2016 organization. This thesis provides information about theoretical background of particular methodologies and their application during the organisation of this conference. Theoretical part of the thesis consists of analysis of the methodologies. Practical part involves application of these theoretical concepts. Using synthesis in conclusion part of my thesis I summarize final effects of this application. The aim of this thesis is to analyze project management and PR methods and processes and evaluate their application during the organisation of this event. The main asset of this thesis rests in evaluation of the synergistic effect of PR and project management methods during the organisation of the Respiratory Forum 2016 conferece.
Negative Campaigns in Political Marketing during Presidential Election in Slovakia in 2014
Vojnová, Lenka ; Shavit, Anna (advisor) ; Klimeš, David (referee)
This thesis focuses on the usage of negative campaigns in political marketing during presidential election in Slovakia in 2014. It provides information from theoretical background of this specific style of communication followed by its application to contemporary public events. In theoretical part descriptive analysis method is used. In practical is applied comparative method is applied. Two subjects under same conditions are compared and according to set criteria, which in this case are tools of marketing communication with emphasis on negative campaigns. At the end using synthesis I summarize and evaluate the thesis according to the objectives set in the introduction. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the communication of presidential candidates Robert Fico and Andrej Kiska during election campaign in Slovakia in 2014. I compare their positioning and exploitation of communication tools during campaign. The main emphasis is given on the comparison of video communication and their activities on social media sites. The asset of this thesis rests in analysis of negative campaigns that are important issue in current development of political marketing and it also provides an overview of the usage of communication tools by presidential candidates.
Characters of father and mother and their evolution in the Driss Chraïbi's autofictions
Vojnová, Lenka ; Jamek, Václav (advisor) ; Pohorský, Aleš (referee)
The Moroccan Driss Chraïbi belongs to the most important Francophone authors in the contemporary Maghreb literature. A lot of his works are inspired by autobiography literature and this thesis will study this part of his work. We will consider culture aspects of Driss Chraïbi's texts and focus on characters of mother and father. We will see how the traditional family model is affected by the West one, so by the European culture. The images of father develop from a patriarch tyrant to a friendly man understanding the modern world. Mother, traditionally representing the tradition and the family, becomes in certain texts fighter for the woman liberation and for women's rights. However the author does not seem to reject the tradition. The analysis focuses on these questions. At the beginning we will also introduce the author in the North African literature context and determine the part of the autofiction of Driss Chraïbi's works. Key words: Driss Chraïbi, woman, man, mother, father, Moroccan society, European society

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