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Hydrological drought on the Lužnice River in 2018
Junková, Anna ; Šobr, Miroslav (advisor) ; Matoušková, Milada (referee)
This bachelor's thesis elaborates on hydrological draught on Lužnice river at 2018. First part is focused on literary research on draught types, causes and impacts. Following chapter evaluates hydrological draught in Czechia between 2014 and 2018. This research serves as a resource for the main part of the thesis, which deals with hydrological draught on Lužnice river at 2018. Computations are based on threshold level concept and deficit volumes methods. Analysis is performed on the basis of data series from limnigraphic stations Pilař and Bechyně. These profiles are compared for the purpose of determining differences. The results of the work show that the hydrological year 2018 on Lužnice river was very important year in modern history in terms of drought. Key words: hydrological drought 2018, deficit volumes, threshold level, Lužnice river
Hydrological drought in headwater areas of the Ore Mountains
Vlach, Vojtěch ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Kliment, Zdeněk (referee)
Changes in the hydrological cycle are one of the expected impacts of climate change. Until recently, Central European mountain ranges have not been considered to be affected by water scarcity. Nevertheless, recent years have suggested an increasing risk of drought occurrence also in these regions, which have a major impact on the water supply to rivers that drain them. The master thesis deals with the evaluation of hydrological drought in the headwater areas of three catchments in the Ore Mountains for the period from 1967 to 2018. The main aim is to compare the of hydrological drought characteristics in the catchment areas of upper Svatava River, upper Rolava River and Načetínský brook based on available hydrological and climatic data. In connection with this, the work aims to detect the long-term trends of drought occurrence in selected basins. Furthermore, the emphasis is given on the evaluation of natural conditions, especially the historical and current land cover changes in the study catchments. The results point to a significant change in the seasonality of the occurrence of hydrological drought in the second half of the studied period, when the streamflow deficits concentrate between August and October. Furthermore, increasing trends in deficit volumes were found in the catchment areas of...
Hydromorphology as a component part of ecological condition of water bodies
Kujanová, Kateřina ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Lehotský, Milan (referee) ; Pokorný, Jan (referee)
Today, the study of fluvial-morphological processes is focused on evaluating hydromorfological status of streams and on proposing restoration measures. A fundamental prerequisite for assessing the current hydromorphological status of streams is establishing reference conditions for each stream type that serve as a benchmark and represent the target status after restoration. The aim of this thesis is to describe type-specific hydromorphological reference conditions for rivers on the territory of the Czech Republic with the help of determining river types, developing the REFCON method for establishing reference sites and recording characteristics of reference status. The approach to establishing reference sites is based on meeting the criteria of having minimal anthropogenic impact that are first assessed using cartographic data and subsequently verified through field survey. Parameters - altitude, sinuosity, and valley floor slope - for classifying river reaches into types were determined on the basis of the results of statistical methods applied on 3197 river reaches covering the whole territory of the Czech Republic. The classification of river reaches into 9 river types was verified through field survey at 44 sites. Detailed field survey and measurements of characteristics of natural channel...
Kinetics of selected herbicides and their biodegradation in soil and water environments
Šabršulová, Anna ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Stibal, Marek (referee)
The three most commonly used herbicides in the Czech Republic (chloracetanilides, triazines and glyphosate) are also the herbicidal compounds found in the highest concentration in surface water. After agricultural application, they interact with soil and water due to their chemical properties and environmental factors affecting them. Adsorption coefficient, solubility in water environment, precipitation and drift have high impacts on the kinetics of these herbicides and degradates emerging from them. While moving through soil, parent compounds of mentioned herbicides are actively biodegraded by microorganisms, the most effective decomposers in nature. Biodegradation in soil and water environments is accelerated or slowed by temperature, moisture, quantity of microbial communities and many other environmental factors. Even if the microbial degradation is effective in a water or soil environment, there are many other new, arising compounds whose persistence in the environment is significantly higher than that of the parent compound. Degradates can end up in surface water by run off or wash out from agricultural fields and can remain there for decades depending on their chemical properties and natural conditions. Key words: surface water, herbicides, herbicides degradation products, rainfall-runoff...
Assessment of macroinvertebrates diversity in contex of physical river habitat quality
Nováková, Barbora ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Havlíková, Petra (referee)
Research of macroinvertebrates is currently an important part of the assessment of stream quality. Basic characteristics influencing macroinvertebrates communities in the streams are elements from the external environment influencing streams, specifically basic geographic parameters of the site, land-use in the catchment and characteristics of the banks. These elements have a considerable influence on effect of the basic parameters in the stream, which are flow, sediment structure, input of organic material and pollution. Research part of the thesis is about the parameters influencing macroinvertebrates communities. Research area of this work includes three different catchments in the upper part of Blanice catchment area near Prachtice. There is one nature stream with forest in it's catchment, stream with a predominantly meadow basin and last stream is characterized by two distinct stretches - a revitalized section and a section with concrete bottom. The subject of this diploma thesis is evaluation of diversity of macroinvertebrates communities in all streams in the research area. Thesis evaluate communities of macroinvertebrate using a wide range of indexes (BMWP score, ASTP index, EPT index a diversity indexes) and compares their diversity by using rank-abundance graph. All results are summarized...
Identification and characterisation of abolished water reservoirs areas using GIS
Wolfová, Helena ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Šobr, Miroslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to identify areas of small abolished water reservoirs using old maps and digital terrain model of the 5th generation. The main methodologies include georeferencing of old maps, followed by creation of an utmost detailed digital terrain model and field reconnaissance on the selected sites of abolished small water reservoirs. Changes in the land cover of selected abolished reservoirs as well as the change of the total water area in the study area were analysed. The thesis uses data obtained from Povodí Ohře s.p., the 5th generation digital model of relief, the old maps of the II, and III. military survey and maps in the S-52 coordinate system. The basin of Skřiváň brook, belonging to the basin of Svatava river, was selected as the study area. It was discovered that more than a half of the reservoirs disappeared during the 20th century. The most significant decrease was noticed during the 19th century. Area of small water reservoirs decreased to 40.51% of the original area from the period of the II. military survey. Key words: old maps, abolished water reservoirs, digital terrain model of the Czech Republic of the 5th generation, Svatava basin
Trends of hydroclimatic factors in selected catchments of the Ore Mts.
Navrátilová, Denisa ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Fraindová, Kateřina (referee)
The bachelor work deals with identification of the trends in data series of the chosen hydroclimatic factors (temperatures, rainfall and runoff) of the upper Svatava River basin and of the Načetín Brook which both drained the Ore Mountains. The main aim of the thesis is identification of the trends of both study catchments and their comparative analysis. The study uses mean daily discharges data from the gauging stations Klingenthal and Rothenthal and also from the German climatic stations situated near study catchments. The introductory part describes physical-geographic characteristics of study catchments. The main attention is paid to the analysis of temperatures, rainfall and runoff, e.g. by the method of linear regression, simple sum curves and by Mann-Kendall statistic test. More detailed analysis of the runoff was done using IHA software. Results of analysis show a significant annual trend of temperatures increasing and runoff decreasing during the examined period. The most significant changes in temperatures and runoff is recorded in the spring and summer seasons. Key words: outfall, rainfall, temperatures, the change of the rainfall-outfall régime, Mann- Kendall test, IHA analysis
Influence of physiogeographic conditions on runoff extremity (Case study: Comparison of small catchments in the central area of Šumava Mountains)
Hojovec, Daniel ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Matoušková, Milada (referee)
In connection with the increasing occurrence of extreme hydrological situations, new opportunities for flood protection are emerging. Among these options also includes the gradually increase water retention capacity and to reduce runoff variability in headstream areas. This bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of three physical geographical different river basins in the headstream area of Šumava mountains. The main aim of this study is a research influence of physiogeographic conditions on runoff extremity in the catchment of individual selected streams on the basis of a comparative analysis. Extremity runoff is represented by selected flood situations that were processed on the basis of data from the experimental monitoring of Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. The opening part of this thesis consists of literary research, physical geographical and hydrographical characteristics of all catchment areas. The main part of the thesis is focused on description and comparison of extreme situations in the monitored catchments. The conclusion of the thesis is an evaluation, which consists in the assessment of the influence of physiogeographic conditions on runoff extremity. In the final evaluation it was found that the reaction of Černý...
Assessment of river restoration effects based on hydromorphology
Šolc, Jakub ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Tichý, Vojtěch (referee)
In the field of river restorations, topics being currently discussed are assessing success and quantifying effects that river restoration measures should have. This bachelor thesis deals with an assessment of the river restoration effects based on the hydromorphology. Current knowledge in fields of hydromorphology and fluvial geomorphology are presented in the theoretical part of this thesis. Recent outcomes and methodical procedures that are used to evaluate the effects of river restoration measures are also included. A method was developed based on the theoretical part of this thesis and the method EcoRivHab in order to assess the restoration effects by selected parametres. The method was applied on the restored segment of Litovický stream in Hostivice town in the practical part. The results of the thesis showed what a significant impact the restoration had on Litovický stream (in average +33.74 %). The parameter maximum flow velocity showed the highest effect (+84.9 %). On contrary, the parameter structure of bank vegetation had the only negative effect (-1.8 %). Key words: streams, river restoration, restoration effect, hydromorphology, hydromorphological survey

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