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Knowing and position of students on basic school in the second grade about garbahe and his waste sorting in area of town Pisek.
Awareness and attitudes of pupils attending the second stage of elementary school in the Písek region on waste and waste separation. In this thesis basic information on waste separation is summarized and the awareness of this issue in pupils attending the second stage of elementary school is described. The theoretical part is primarily focused on general principles of waste separation. It gives an account of different types of waste, waste recycling and the subsequent usage. Programs for elementary schools, campaigns and competitions on waste separation are presented. The way how to separate waste nowadays is recommended, functioning of the waste collection points is mentioned and legislation on the subject is explained. In the practical part results of my research are presented. This research dealt with the awareness of pupils attending the second stage of elementary school in the Písek region on waste separation and whether these pupils separate waste at home or at school. This research was conducted using questionnaires with closed, semi-closed and open-ended questions. One half of the questionnaires was distributed in a village school and the other half in a town school. Two hypotheses had been stated before the research started. The first hypothesis was not confirmed by the research, but the second hypothesis was confirmed.
Economics of PET Bottles Chemical Recycling
Veselý, Václav ; Hanika, Jiří
This contrinution deals with economics of PET bottles chemical recycling.
Nanotechnology as potential method for recycling of PET bottles
Kráčalík, Milan ; Mikešová, Jana ; Pospíšil, L. ; Fortelný, Ivan ; Šimoník, J.
Recycling of PET worldwide is not sufficient. This issue results from decreasing molecular weight due to thermal, mechanical and hydrolytic degradation during multiple processing of polymer. The viscosity (next processability) of material can be increased by preparation of nanocomposites (formation of physical network in the polymer/clay system). The improved processing and utility properties of recycled PET were analyzed by rheology, morphology and tensile tests.
Use of compatibilization in recycling of commingled plastic waste
Starý, Zdeněk ; Kruliš, Zdeněk ; Beneš, Hynek
An efficient compatibilization system based on the combination of styrene-butadiene block copolymer (SBS) with ethylene-propylene random copolymer (EPM) has been developed for polyolefin/polystyrene blends and commingled plastic waste. Efficiency of this system can be further improved by incorporation of N,N´-disubstituted phenylenediamine stabilizer.
Impact of polymer recycling on environment
Horák, Zdeněk ; Beneš, Hynek ; Starý, Zdeněk ; Kruliš, Zdeněk
Negative impact of recycling technologies on living environment has been analyzed and concept of life cycle assessment (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment) has been shown as an efficient tool for selection of suitable recycling technology process. Several examples have proved usability of the mentioned approach.
Factors which influence the consumer´s decision making about how to dispose of the communal waste
Doležalová, Simona ; Slavík, Jan (advisor) ; Vojáček, Ondřej (referee)
My diploma paper is concerned with problems of consumer's relationship to the communal waste. The aim of my work is to identify which factors influence the consumer's decision making about how to dispose of the communal waste. I focus on both economic and noneconomic incentives like social norms, altruism, motivation or information. Which role does the state play? I follow with legislative problems and different ways of waste disposal in the Czech republic with the comperison with the European Union. I focus more on recycling both the positive and negative view. In the second, practical part of my work I use the questionnaire. The results will be used for analysis of factors which influence the consumer's decision making.
Communication strategy of recycling and collecting bottles
Slavinská, Lenka ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Šiser, Roman (referee)
This thesis deals with communication in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It aims to analyse the relationship between marketing communication and CSR and to evaluate which tools of the communication mix are suitable for the communication of CSR and especially for the communication of recycling. It also deals with the fields of packaging in marketing, recycling, collecting and sorting the packages and sustainable development. Theoretical knowledge is applied on The Coca-Cola Company.
Business Management and Environment
Duchan, Marek ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor) ; Trakalová Stikarovská, Lada (referee)
The aim of the work is to briefly explain the problems of entrepreneurs in dealing with waste. In the theoritical part I will summarise the important terms,then I will describe the relation of a company and the environment and I will end this part by explaining the problems of dealing with waste, mainly the building and demolition waste and by the possibilities of ecologic handling with them. In the practical part I will try to find out on which types of buildings it will be more economical for a building company to use the more ecological alternative of dealing with waste. Furthermore I will find the optimal amount of building and demolition waste suitable for recycling with which it will be more economical to use the more ecological alternative of dealing with waste.

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