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Stress load in a specific job
Janda, Michal ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic that is common for all workers, the workplace stress. The aim of this study is to find out the level of stress in a specific job. In the theoretical part the author discusses not only the term stress but he also mentions its phases including the burnout syndrome. He mentions many authors that describe and deal with this topic. The empirical part is focused on the research. It contains evaluation of results that were collected by questionnaire. The final results are presented in well-arranged commented graphs and they are source for testing hypothesis about the chosen variables. The final results are discussed in the discussion part and at the end of the thesis.
Stress load in a specific job
Strnadová, Michaela ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
This thesis called The stress load in a specific job is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part contains three main chapters. The first one describes the terms such as stress, mechanisms of stress reactions, prevention, mental hygiene, regime (way of living) in general. The second part related to the work stress describes the main stressors in a working environment and the impact of the stress on a job performance. The third part relates the job description of the employees in media company in relation to the stress and coping with stress. The empirical part is devoted to the research, which is conducted through a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was developed on the base of expressed hypotheses and it is composed of the three sections: 1) causes of stress, 2) symptoms of stress, 3) strategies of coping stress. Collected data indicate the level of the stress-workers in the media company, the most common stressors and the way how to prevent the stress.
Stress load in a specific job
Lachmanová, Irena ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
This thesis focuses on the stress loads and stressors of the Police of the Czech Republic. In the theoretical part, stress, stress history, types of stress and where stress comes from is closely described. The next part explains the influence of the load and stress on health, and the consequences of stress overload. The end of the theoretical part is focused on the unitary armed security corps. Work stress, stressors and factors at Police of the Czech Republic are defined there. The empirical part discusses a research of the stress level in the workplace of the Police of the Czech Republic that was carried out in Chomutov, Jirkov, Ústí nad Labem and Prague via questionnaire survey. This part of the work provides an inspection of the general characteristics of the sample, its statistic evaluation and graphs with an interpretation of the results. At the end, the stress level is evaluated and stressors which affect the workplace of selected group of Police of the Czech Republic are identified. Finally, the measures for their limitation are proposed.
Stress and its impact on a performance at work
Žroutová, Martina ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Josek, Mikuláš (referee)
The bachelor thesis is about current stress problems focusing on employees in the medical establishment. The thesis is dividend into two major parts, theoretical and practical. I will read and review specialized literature about stres, stress reaction, stressors, stress measure, burnout measure and others. The empirical part is dividend into two parts. The first one is a questionnaire survey. It will determine if there is a diference in perception of stress in diverse age categories, if absence of exercise has an effect on stress or if women with children are more susceptible to stress. In the second part is used Meister questionnaire, which compares perception of stress between age categories.
Stress and its impact on a performance at work
Kronbergová, Lucie ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Luhanová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on stress and its influence on work performance of employees from two selected fields of work. Aim of this thesis is to determine how stress affects employees with different job and how does it influence their work efficiency. Thesis is split in two parts. Theoretical part is based on studies from professional publications, where it defines the characteristics of stress and concepts that are connected to stress. Empirical part is focused on research of stress affecting different groups of respondents: Tesco manual workers and Česká spořitelna administrative employees. This research was conducted via questionnaires and its results were processed by corresponding statistical methods. The results of this research are summarized at the end of this thesis.
Stress and Its Influence on a Performance at Work
Prchalová, Martina ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Luhanová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the problems of stress, focusing on working stress. The thesis concerns the basic terminology of stress, its division, the causes, consequences, and mentions the possibility of stress prevention. An important part of the thesis is a questionnaire survey in advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. Topic of the questionnaire is The Stress and Its Impact on Performance at Work. Data from the questionnaire survey are evaluated by using software tatistica. It is analysed the impact of stress on performance at work and the influence of concrete stressors, relation between incidence of stress and levels of education, based on the obtained and evaluated data from the questionnaire. This bachelor thesis also concentrates on areas of stress in the context of gender differences and other factors, which have an influence on the stress.
Stress load in a specific job
Minaříčková, Kateřina ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of the stress load in specific job and it is divided into two main parts, theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part is based on a compilation of professional literature and describes the origin of stress, types of stress, possible stressors, the individual stages of stress, response to stress, stress on a workplace and general consequences of stress on human health. Furthermore, this thesis is focused on burnout syndrome and its main causes and consequences. The empirical part is based on quantitative research which is focused on extent of work load and burnout syndrome among employees in banking sector. Also it verifies the existence of correlation between the extent of the work load and sex, age, duration of practice and correlation between the burnout syndrome and sex, age and duration of practice. There was used a questionnaire survey for gaining all the data. The facts were processed and evaluated by statistical methods.
Stress load in a specific job
Machota, Miloš ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Marek, Marek (referee)
The thesis deals with the stress load for workers in selected occupations, specifically in the police. The work is divided into two parts: theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part brings the analysis of current knowledge about the development of the concept of Burnout from the beginnings of interest about this issue in the 1970s. years 20. century to the present, with an emphasis on the need to police work. Furthermore it is explained what is stress, stressor, levels of the stress load, a description of the stress hormones, stress phase, also the downside and preventing stress. Attention is also paid to the stress (Burnout) in the work environment and the unique characteristics of selected professions. The essence of the second part is empirical research, which quantitatively examines the stress load of police workers, focusing on psychological burnout syndrome and the evaluation of the load at work. In the empirical part are validated set of hypotheses and the results of the survey carried out by police officers.
An application of sociometric methods in a working environment
Procházka, Jan ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hurt, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the issue sociometrics as a research method. It follows up informal structure and dynamics of the groups. Theoretical part first focuses on basic knowledge about socimetry and there are defined basic concepts. Further there are described and approximated methods and their descriptions and evaluation. These methods are mathematical and graphilac and their application is required for analysis groups. The last area of theoretical part is focused on basic knowledge about organizations and social groups and their functioning. It is necessary for understanding environment whitch is progress empirical research. In the empirical part bachelor thesis are theoretical knowledge applied to a two selected working groups. Both working groups are engaged in a work with similar segment, but with a different size of the companies. Research and data collection is based on a questionnaire. The results of this survey are evaluated using sociometric matrix, sociograms and selected sociometric indexes. All the results are verbally for each group commented. Also there is a possible solution to the identified problems or maintaining the status quo. Empirical part is terminated with comparison of both groups.
Converter to power laptop in car
Michálek, Pavel ; Kadlec, Josef (referee) ; Španěl, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with a draught of boost converter which will serve as power supply for notebook from on-board vehicle network. The draught is limited by supplying one certain type of notebook due to different input parameters of various devices.

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