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Work-related stress - causes, effects and possibilities of prevention
Benda, René ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Štikar, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of work-related load and stress in psychological context. Its theoretical part brings a review of general default and recent information on work-related load and stress and related phenomena. It focuses on primary models and defines the terms of work-related load and stress refering to ambiguity of their comprehension within the literature. Using the theorethical models it explains the principals of origin and effects of work- related load and stress and the role of other factors in this process. It mentions the causes and consequences of work-related load and stress on health, social relationships and performance of employees. The thesis further focuses on phenomena related to work-related load and stress. It brings the information on employee well-being, burnout, engagement and workaholism. It looks at these phenomena within the context of job demands and resources. At the end it concentrates on the possibilities of coping and prevention. The practical part of the thesis contains the proposal of a research project designed to study correlations of selected job demands and resources with burnout, engagement and workaholism in psychologists.
Interview in driver assessment and diagnostics.
Říhová, Miroslava ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Štikar, Jiří (referee)
Master thesis is focused on one of the crutial and the most problematic tools at the same time of driver diagnostic which is the interwiev. In the theorethical part of the thesis we concern on the targets and basic starting points of the driver assesment, from which the explorative areas of the interwiev. We discuss the role of the interwiev in the systém of methods which can be used for driver behaviour prediction and its specific kontext or the social desirability influence. The interwiev is divided into four phases - introducion (contract), anmnestic data gathering, diagnostical part, and conclusion. The theory of planned behaviour, and Behavioral Event Interview are presented in the diagnosticlal as the two sources of the design of semi-standardized interview. Empirical part contains a specific interwiev design including the recommended question set for mapping of the ability to view and reflection, driving style and characteristics, attitudes to risk behavior a possibility of the driver change from the point of his behaviour.. Then, the qualitative assesment of the question sets using the contrast method, comparison and subsequent interpretation based on the content analysis of the driver statements in accompanying case reports. Based on the analysis of the driver statements we set several key...
Usage of psychometrics in the organizational setting
Polák, Jaroslav ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Štikar, Jiří (referee)
Theoretical part of this work is supposed to serve as a basic handbook for those who are willing to use psychometric, respective psychological tests in the organizational setting. In the preliminary part there is briefly explained what psychometrics is, there is shown its historical development, arguments for its use, methods of calculating its economical effectiveness and areas of most common application of results based on psychometric testing in context with human resources management. Next part is concerned with basic abstract of category structure of psychometric methods and characterization of basic features that all tests should fulfill. Following part of this text is focused on practical issues regarding to use of psychometric test in the organizational setting - from creating clear conception, through job analysis, selection of suitable testing methods, test administration and scoring until their interpretation and giving feedback. Practical part is devoted to the validization research in conditions of an unnamed company. Basic aim of this research was to verify validity and justifiability of use of tests NMG1 (numerical critical reasoning test), VMG1 (verbal critical reasoning test) and OPQ32 (personality questionnaire) by SHL Company and of test RSPM (Raven standard progressive matrices) and to...
Job satisfaction determinants and their relation to ergonomics in working at a computer
Rychtecký, Antonín ; Štikar, Jiří (advisor) ; Riegel, Karel (referee)
In the present day, computers constitute a pillar as well as an incentive of progressive development in many branches of human activity, or are rapidly advancing into them. The mantocomputer form of interaction is for some people more common and frequent than the mantoman form of interaction, predominant for centuries. On the other hand, the universal use of computers does not prevent the modern man from having to do mechanical, monotonous work at a computer - which when it is not of a creative character can bring with it considerable discomfort, both mental and physical.
Psychological aspects of employees adaptation to organizational change
Demartini, Adriana ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Štikar, Jiří (referee)
This master thesis deals with process of employee adaptation to the change in the organization. Attention is paid to both psychological and environmental variables. The thesis discusses their role in the process of change and the impact they have on adaptation as such. The theoretical part provides information about an individual's functioning in terms of a change; specified are possible causes and types of these changes. Particular attention is paid to the psychological and psycho-managerial approach to change management. The empirical part consists of a research realized over domestic IT company. In order to map the process of employee adaptation I've designed and during change period twice administered a questionnaire measuring employee adaptation to change through their attitudes, job satisfaction and motivation. Gathered data were evaluated, the results indicate significant shifts in all of the categories. As expected, the positive impact of selected instruments for change implementation to the overall level of adaptation has been proven.
Reception and Processing of Visual Information in Traffic
Černochová, Dana ; Štikar, Jiří (advisor) ; Michalík, David (referee) ; Rymešová, Pavla (referee)
Reception and processing of visual information in traffic Mgr. Dana Černochová Abstract The theoretical part of this work deals with the visual perception of the driver. Special attention is paid to the perception of visual information in the whole range of the field of view. From psychological point of view, the term functional field of view is important, the construct taking into account not only perception, but also the attention. Its size depends on the amount of information which have to be processed at any given moment. Foreign literature uses the term "Useful field of view" under the abbreviation UFOV, german literature uses the term "nutzbares Sehfeld" under the abbreviation NSF. The experimental part of the work focuses on evaluating the changes of the visual perception in the range of the visual field in relation to age. For this the SET of 1361 people in age group from 18 to 90 years. In further subchapters the experiment is described where the secondary task was used as variable in order to find out whether the increased cognitive load affects the range of the useful field of view. For this experiment, the set of 645 people of age 18-90 years was used. The parameters of the visual perception in the situations with and without added secondary task were also monitored for the relationship to the...
Selection of IT professionals and their personality characteristics
Houška, Ondřej ; Wagnerová, Irena (advisor) ; Štikar, Jiří (referee)
The theme of this paper is an important part of Work and Organization psychology. We tried to describe in details all processes related to the recruitment and selection of candidates in theoretical part of this paper. The most important focus is dedicated to particular methods of recruitment. Professional use of these methods would possibly increase efectivity of selection of future employees. In empirical part of this work we give attention to investigation of personality characteristics through multidimensional personal questionnaire and administration of picture drawing test. In the practical part we also offer possibility of connecting practical knowledge of human resources and psychological testing methods.
Opportunities and limitations of psychological work with "fleet car" drivers
Špryngarová, Jana ; Štikar, Jiří (advisor) ; Wagnerová, Irena (referee)
Traffic safety problems are often discussed and researched, especially recently. Psychology plays an irretrievable part in solving these problems. Submitted diploma theses focuses on specific segment of these problems, the area of the traffic safety related to drivers, who do not have the driving as the main scope of employment, though they need a car to perform their work - fleet car drivers. Emphasis is placed on definitions of the key-terms and summary of theoretical pieces of knowledge, taking in consideration that the issue has not been researched extensively. In practical part of the thesis the opportunities and limits of the work with fleet car drivers are discussed. Pieces of knowledge that aroused from the thesis lie in the area of mental capacity of the fleet car drivers, in the area of general approach to trainings at the hands of the employers and also in the area of the administration of the records regarding the accidents (above all for the purposes of their importance for the subsequent work on raising the safety of fleet car drivers). As the most important result from diploma it appears the project for specialists from different areas, mainly from the area of traffic psychology, to enter the problems of fleet car driving with more urgency.
Outdoor management training from the view of psychology
Šulc, Marek ; Štikar, Jiří (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
This dissertation is focused on a description of educational methods for outdoor management training managers. This method bears in its basis on the pedagogy of experience, feelings and learning, so that it is possible to find a detailed description of these psychological constructs in this work. The author took heed of a global process of training and education of adults, also to a problem of basis criteria needed for a succesfull realisation of this educational method. There are real, realizable expectations to this method mentioned together with its limits. In the empirical part is described the outdoor management training from the view of organizational guarantee, from the view of handling with motivation and participant's expectation. You can find benefits of this popular method by selected samples.

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