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Treatment of spinal cord injury targetting secondary mechanisms
Valášková, Barbora ; Jendelová, Pavla (advisor) ; Hájek, Milan (referee) ; Rokyta, Richard (referee)
1 Abstract Traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) is severe condition with devastating long- lasting consequences. There is still no available treatment. After initialing mechanical trauma, there is a huge cascade of secondary reactions which amplifies the damage. This thesis is focused on potential therapeutic effect of photobiomodulation, natural anti- inflammatory compounds epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), curcumin, their combination and extrapure synthetic form of curcumin called "nanocurcumin" on impacts of experimental model of SCI in rats. Photobiomodulation using combination of two synchronized wavelengths 808 and 905 nm improved functional recovery after SCI evaluated by battery of locomotor tests and somatosensory plantar test. The group treated by photobiomodulation obtain better results in all tests. The histopathological analysis showed a positive effect on white and gray matter sparing and our data suggests an upregulation of M2 microglia/macrophages in photobiomodulation treated rats assessed by immunohistochemical and RT-qPCR analysis. Our results demonstrated that the photobiomodulation is a promising non-invasive therapy for improving functional recovery and tissue sparing after SCI. EGCG and curcumin are natural compounds known in Chinese medicine for centuries. Their neuroprotective and...
Improving the diagnosis of first-episode schizophrenia from magnetic resonance imaging using machine learning
Mikoláš, Pavol ; Hájek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Syka, Josef (referee) ; Hájek, Milan (referee)
Background: Early diagnosis of schizophrenia could improve the outcomes and limit the negative effects of untreated illness. Although participants with schizophrenia show structural/functional alterations on the group level, these findings have a limited diagnostic utility. Novel methods of MRI analyses, such as machine learning (ML), may help bring neuroimaging from bench to the bedside. Here, we used ML to differentiate participants with a first episode of schizophrenia-spectrum disorder (FES) from healthy controls (HC) based on neuroimaging data and compared the diagnostic utility of such approach with the utility of between group comparisons using classical statistical methods. Method: Firstly, we performed a classical fMRI experiment in FES using a self/other- agency task (SA/OA) and compared FES (N=35) versus controls (N=35) using conventional statistics. We than classified FES and healthy controls (HC) using linear kernel support vector machine (SVM) from the resting-state functional connectivity (rsFC) and fractional anisotropy (FA) in 63/63 and 77/77 age- and sex-matched FES and HC participants. We also investigated the between-group differences in rsFC and FA using classical between-group comparisons. Results: FES group exhibited a decreased activation during the emergent SA experience...
MR imaging and MR spectroscopy of human during physical stress (MR spectroscopy imaging, MR diffusometry, MR relaxometry etc.)
Šedivý, Petr ; Hájek, Milan (advisor) ; Haberlová, Jana (referee) ; Vymazal, Josef (referee)
The dissertation is concerned to in vivo phosphorus MR spectroscopy (31 P MRS) and 1 H MR imaging (MRI) of muscle in combination with physical workload. The theoretical part of the thesis describes methodology of 31 P MRS measurement and its clinical use in research of metabolic changes in diabetes, heart failure and peripheral artery disease (PAD). The results of the thesis are divided into methodical and clinical parts. Methodical results deal with the construction of experimental equipment, software modification and development, and show of the reproducibility of the dynamic 31 P MRS. The MRI after exercise was used to the describe involvement of the individual calf muscles to muscle contraction during pedal movement in MR compatible ergometer. The first part of the clinical results of the thesis describes changes in muscle metabolism during diabetes and critical ischemia. In patients with critical ischemia the effect of treatment by angioplasty or transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells was evaluated. In the second part of the clinical results the metabolism of patients with heart failure complicated by sideropenia was studied. In these patients the effect of experimental treatment by iron carboxymaltose was described.
Comparison of Microwave and Direct Burner Heating During In-Situ Pilot Scale Remediation on the Area of Machinery Company.
Mašín, P. ; Maštalka, J. ; Sobek, Jiří ; Hájek, Milan
On the area of machinery company was performed the pilot scale testing of microwave and classical heating unsaturated zone of soil heavily contaminated with nonpolar hydrocarbons, especially cutting oils. Heating was conducted to a depth of 2.5 m due to the high groundwater table depth -2,8 m. Conventional heating was represented by a direct flame burner placed on the top of application borehole. Hot exhaust gas was introduced into another borehole, where was utilized remainder of energy. There was used diesel burner with an power 16 kW.
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Analysis of value of functional neuroimaging methods in diagnostics of focal intractable epilepsy
Kudr, Martin ; Kršek, Pavel (advisor) ; Brázdil, Milan (referee) ; Hájek, Milan (referee)
Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders with prevalence 0,5 to 1 %. Considerable number of patients (particularly children) suffers from intractable focal epilepsy caused by focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) - a localized malformation of cortical development. The only treatment option in these patients remains resective epilepsy surgery. Its goal is to remove the epileptogenic zone (EZ) defined as the area of the cerebral cortex that is indispensable for the generation of epileptic seizures. There is currently no exclusive diagnostic test for localizing EZ localization; the localization hypothesis is based on combination of more diagnostic methods. Neuroimaging methods (especially magnetic resonance imaging - MRI) are crucial for localizing EZ; however, functional neuroimaging methods analyzing different functional aspects of the brain tissue can be equally important. The goal of this PhD study is to analyze value of functional neuroimaging methods (especially SPECT and SISCOM respectively and FDG-PET) for the EZ localization in patients with focal intractable epilepsy. In the first presented study we analyzed value of ictal SPECT examination for the EZ localization in a large cohort of pediatric patients with FCD operated on in Miami Children's Hospital, Florida. The study proved that...
The Parable of the Great Banquet in Luke 14:7-24
Hájek, Milan ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Scarano, Angelo (referee)
The Parable of the Great Banquet in Luke 14:7-24 This bachelor thesis deals with the behavior of Jesus on the banquet while invited by a Pharisee. The Master communicates to present guests rules of right behavior (i.e. an objective look on one's own qualities, selfless assistance to those who are in need etc) that lead to the God's Kingdom. The way to this goal of earthly life is characterized by humility, listening to the Holy Spirit and full surrender into God's arms. God invites to Himself every human being that needs to prepare himself thoroughly by doing works of mercy. The banquet in this parable is compared to the Kingdom of God in which a man will experience the true and never lasting beatitude in contemplating God's face on the hardly describable place where no eye has seen, nor ear heard, what God had prepared for those who love Him.1 The final chapter of the work presents one of several possibilities how to apply the parable on the banquet in pastoral ministry. Keywords Banquet, the Kingdom of God, humility, mercy 1 Cf. 1 Kor 2,9.
Correlation between in vivo quantitative MR parameters in various tissues (MR spectroscopic imaging, MR diffusometry, MR relaxometry)
Wagnerová, Dita ; Hájek, Milan (advisor) ; Krššák, Martin (referee) ; Mechl, Marek (referee)
Coregistration of MR spectroscopic (SI), diffusion (DTI), relaxation images and their subsequent correlations based on pixel-by-pixel quantitative analysis have the potential to distinguish between pathological states and healthy tissue and therefore can help assessing brain pathology extent. Patients with brain tumours and temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) were involved in the study to validate the use of this method in clinical practice. 30 patients with a new diagnosed brain lesion, 22 patients with a treated tumour (diagnosis assessed by histology or by radiological follow-up), 20 TLE patients and 59 healthy subjects were examined on a 3T system. The measurement protocol consisted of T2-weighted MR images, SI, DTI and T2 relaxometry. Correlations were analysed with the CORIMA programme with automatic identification of pixels in the normal tissue according to control data. Brain lesions: Specific correlation patterns between metabolites, MD and T2 relaxation times (T2) were found for a given lesion localisation and tumour type. The patterns depend on different tissue states involved in the examined area. Recurrent tumours exhibited the same patterns as untreated ones but with changed parameter values caused by therapy. Metabolic values did not correlate with MD and T2 in radiation necrosis. TLE: MR...
New Neurophysiological Indicators Measuring, Monitoring and Evaluating in Selected Psychiatric Disorders
Šóš, Peter ; Höschl, Cyril (advisor) ; Libiger, Jan (referee) ; Hájek, Milan (referee)
There is increasing amount of new knowledge in neuropsychiatric research, partially as a result of application of new neurophysiological methods of quantitative electroencephalography. This is because these techniques have good temporal resolution, are relatively non-invasive and economical. Different experimental paradigms and electroencephalographical analytical techniques are reviewed, with their potential applications in the assessment of psychiatric disorders. In the theoretical part the principles of some methods of quantitative electroencephalography, especially are described: EEG coherences, QEEG cordance and LORETA. Next chapter contains basic information about panic disorder and major depressive disorder followed by findings in functional imaging studies which are associated with the selected psychiatric disorders. Separate section is devoted to the prediction of antidepressant response. The empirical part of the thesis consists of a set of the five original papers about application of QEEG methods in a population of psychiatric patients (Bareš et al., 2010; Kopeček et al., 2008; Kopřivová et al., 2009; Šóš et al., 2008; Šóš et al., 2013). In Study 1, we followed the localization of EEG sources by means of brain electromagnetic tomography with low resolution (LORETA) in patients with panic...
Application of Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Brain Gray and White Marker
Rulseh, Aaron Michael ; Vymazal, Josef (advisor) ; Hluštík, Petr (referee) ; Hájek, Milan (referee)
Application of Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Brain Gray and White Ma er A In the present work we explore the gray and white ma er applicability of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). To evaluate effect of ferritin-bound iron on gray ma er contrast in DTI, we created an in vitro model consisting of agarose gel phantoms doped with ferritin, and validated our results in vivo on healthy volunteer subjects - years of age in the basal ganglia. We further explored the application of DTI to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and multiple system atrophy (MSA); neurodegenerative diseases with gray and white ma er pathophysiological components. In the ALS study, patients and age- and sex-matched controls were recruited, while the MSA study included probable MSA subjects ( MSA-P, MSA-C) and age- and sex-matched controls. We found that ferritin-bound iron may make a signi cant contribution to DTI scalars in gray ma er regions of the brain, mediated by eigenvalue repulsion. is has important implications for DTI studies targeting gray ma er regions, especially in adolescence and in diseases associated with altered brain-iron load. In ALS, we found altered diffusion in the corona radiata and callosal body, and changes in R in the caudate nucleus and frontal white ma er. In MSA, we observed widespread white ma er changes associated...

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