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Experimental Analysis of Kinematic Quantities on Cam Mechanism
Komenda, Lukáš ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Zimmerman, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with creation of a laboratory task related with analysis of kinematic quantities on cam machanism. A new measuring chain was created as a part of the new laboratory task for analysis of kinematic quantities with use of sensors and signal processing by software LabVIEW. The concept of the laboratory task on a experimental machine was based on knowledge gained from Current State of Knowledge where basic principles of laboratory training and utilization of cam mechanisms in learning were described.
Acoustic diagnostics of machines
Gajdoš, Petr ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
The aim of this master´s thesis is to work out a comparison and evaluation of selected methods used for sound field mapping. Thesis will include software tools and results of sample measurement on test object for each mapping method.
The design of hydraulic shock tester load frame.
Jícha, Martin ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Klapka, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design solution of load frame, which will be used with built-in hydropuls actuator for testing and diagnosis of diverted road vehicle suspension dampers. The work contains a brief description of the hydropuls technology principle , description of the main components and specific description of several commercially available devices, including their control systems. The next part of thesis is focused on examine of achal design. A complete design documentation is attached to the work.
Design of magnetorheological clutch.
Nováček, Vladislav ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Roupec, Jakub (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design of the magnetorheological (MR) clutch. The extensive literature research with particular conclusions to each design variant of MR clutches or brakes has been done in the first part of the thesis. The second part of the thesis describes the design of the actual MR clutch based on the results of the analytical calculation of the magnetic circuit. Finally, the experiments verifying the function of the key segments of the clutch, and the whole clutch are summarized in the third part of the thesis.
Design of airframe mold for ultra-light aircraft manufacturing
Zatočilová, Aneta ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Paloušek, David (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with digital data processing during the design of a mould of ultralight airplane airframe. The final digital model meets the demands on manufacturability by using CNC machining. The realization, in compliance with the reverse engineering approach, was conceived in four phases, which had to be solved step by step in order to preserve the continuity of the process. The phases correspond to the main chapters of the practical part of the thesis. The first part is focused on 3D digitalization of airplane fuselage by using an optic scanner ATOS and photogrammetric system Tritop. The result of this part is digital data of fuselage geometry in form of polygon grid. Next part deals with software reconstruction of collected data – by optimizing polygon grid in order to provide suitable base for surface modeling. The third part, the most time demanding, handles the creation of airplane fuselage surface model. Geometry has to satisfy requirements for smoothness and tangential or curvative connection of surfaces, including other requirements resulting from model usage. The final part of the thesis documents the procedure of deriving a mould from the aircraft fuselage geometry.
Verifikation of machine component strain
Novák, Tomáš ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Drápela, Miloslav (advisor)
The thesis deals with a comparative analysis of strain of parts using finite element method (FEM) and measurement of the optical system Pontos. Part was used the reflector of Volkswagen Polo. The subject of comparing were the values of deviations optical shield of reflector which excitation random vibration described power spectral density. The thesis presented describes of experimental measurements to obtain the boundary conditions using optical systems. FEM analysis was performed using software ANSYS Workbench 12.
Analysis of drive corned filler including feed worm and conveyer
Mahút, Tomáš ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Dvořáček, Jiří (advisor)
This final project solves a proposal of mechanism for splitting of unfilled cans before a can filling process in the food industry. From all possible options such as the one with a simple conception, easy applicated in practice and at a low price, should be chosen. The selected option is constructed and drawn in a 3D programme called AUTODESK Inventor 10. Please, see the attached technical drawings for the chosen parts.
Virtual model of resonance adhesion test (EUSAMA)
Hortová, Petra ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
Thesis deals with problems about areas of a non-assembling diagnostics namely resonant adhesive tester according to an EUSAMA methodology. Result of the methodology is a technical condition examination of dampers. However with regard to testing of whole suspension and damping vehicle system are results distorted by influence of testing conditons and another vehical components. Goal of thesis is analysis limits of practical use resonant adhesive tester for a quality checking of mount wheels damping. Problems are solved by a virtual simulation in a program Adams/View where is created a real model of vehical axle of Skoda Roomster TDI 1.4. In the model is consequently simulated possible functional characteristics and abrasions of single components which influence the methodology. Virtual model will be using for research activity of Institute of machine and industrial design Faculty of mechanical ingeneering Brno University of technology.
Design automation of simple inject moulds for tool factory
Žváček, Michal ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Paloušek, David (advisor)
The dissertation is concerned with automatization proposal of simple injection moulds for plastics. The dissertation is concentrating on the process of CAD design with the aim of make it more effective and automate by the help of 3D parametric strickle board of moulds. It serves for rapid proposal of basic mechanism of the tools. Strickle board of the mould is managed by length of side moulding plate in required range from 300 to the 700mm. For managing of standardized parts was created web portal, which includes database of single parts. These parts can be simply insert to the groups of moulds by the help of hypertext links in software Catia V5. Dissertation includes description of whole system automatization and matching of the new way of CAD design with the original.
Construction of comparison measuregauge for measurement of tools.
Brabenec, Petr ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Ždímal, Pavel (advisor)
This work is about construction of a comparison gauge to meausure revolving tools. The gauge measures cutting and clamping parts of standard and special reamers. The gauge is unique and is designed for a company manufacturing concerete. It was designed in accordance with requirements and a prototype was tested for functionality. There is made analysis, development, design, theoretic estimation and practical verification of accurancy.

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