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Volumetric Clouds
Barvíř, Marek ; Matýšek, Michal (referee) ; Starka, Tomáš (advisor)
This master thesis deals with creation of library for volumetric clouds. The paper describes specific techniques for creation and rendering volumetric clouds as clouds and atmospheric scattering. For rendering this type of effects we have to cover theory for participating media.
Graphics Intro 64kB Using OpenGL
Hanko, Zdenko ; Chlubna, Tomáš (referee) ; Milet, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes the process of making graphical intro, where the executable file on the output is within 64kB. For it's creation an OpenGL is used together with various methods designated for similar problems. The result is a graphical scene, which shows a village surrounded by walls and towers. The final demo is not larger than 64kB.
Acceleration Structure Building on GPU
Hába, Jiří ; Kula, Michal (referee) ; Starka, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the construction of octree for three-dimensional triangular models on graphics hardware. This acceleration structure was chosen based on a comparison of the most commonly used acceleration structures. The approach to the construction of this structure is based on the method of construction of a sparse voxel octree which is derived from the former. The process uses voxelization accelerated by the graphics card's rendering pipeline. To facilitate this process and enable the integration of the proposed procedure into future applications, this thesis also includes design of a C++ language library.
Generating Procedural Planets
Fusek, Petr ; Polášek, Tomáš (referee) ; Starka, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the design and implementation of an easily extensible library for creating generators of procedural planet surfaces. The aim of the library is to enable the use of originally two-dimensional methods of procedural map generation to generate a contextually rich planet surface. The library emphasizes the extensibility and simplicity of working with the generated surface. It allows the user to create and parameterize their own generators and use their own algorithms in them. It also includes an implemented planetary elevation map generator that uses a simplified model of simulating tectonic plate collisions to generate a surface with a topology containing mountains, bays and archipelagos. Such a surface should show visual results closer to reality than the classical approach using procedural noises allows. The library is implemented together with a visualization application presenting the generated surfaces and allowing to set all possible inputs of the generator using the GUI.
Smartphone Based Visible Light Communication Beacon System For Internet Of Things
Novák, Marek
The article describes an application of Visible Light Communication (VLC) for Internet of Things (IoT) nodes authentication and metadata exchange. A practical use-case of presented communication system is provided and benefits of using such technique is explained. A smartphone camera based platform and advanced image processing is used for data reception and as a proof of concept implementation of presented communication technique. The future direction of the research is provided.
Visualization of Tactile and Aural Sensations
Lukš, Roman ; Zachariáš, Michal (referee) ; Polok, Lukáš (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is to design and implement visualization of aural and tactile sensations in the real-time. Sensations are to replace vision in simple 2D platform game. Visualizations are implemented on GPU. Vizualization of aural sensations implement computationally lightweight explicit method. Vizualization of tactile sensations are implemented as the animated lines. OpenGL is used to draw graphic output. Functional game prototype with vizualization of these two sensations is the output of this thesis.
Graphics Application Development on iPhone and iPad Platform
Fiala, Petr ; Bartoň, Radek (referee) ; Pečiva, Jan (advisor)
The project deals with the creation of graphical applications for iOS system, describes the basics of OpenGL ES 2.0, development environment Xcode, Cocoa Touch Framework and Objective-C language. It focuses on the description of creation OpenGL game in the genre of "line drawing" games.
Realistic Smoke Animation
Zubal, Miloš ; Španěl, Michal (referee) ; Sumec, Stanislav (advisor)
This work makes basic analysis of historical and current algorithms for smoke animation. Modern approaches to rendering volumetric data are briefly described. We choose algorithms for implementation on basis of this analysis. These algorithms are described in detail and we make emphasis on their important properties according to dedication of this work. Detailed description of implementation follows along with performance measurement. Conclusion evaluates results of work and proposes possible extensions.
Realistic Model of the Sky
Kussior, Zdeněk ; Bílek, Václav (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
The paper describes a theoretical base and realization of realistic volumetric clouds visualization in an environment of real-time simulator. The first part is concerned with a meteorological background of this problem. I show international classification of ten basic cloud types including a short description and cases of occurence. The following part is concerned with an interaction between cloudiness and simulation core, which is based on the fact, that each cloud acts as a mechanical or an electromagnetic obstacle. This should be considered on some way in simulation. The next part describes technologies and practical implementations of visualization and evaluates their characteristics. Finally, the last chapter describes my implementation and tries to outline project advancement.
Graphics Intro 64kB Using OpenGL
Milet, Tomáš ; Kubíček, Radek (referee) ; Vlček, Adam (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describes creating of graphics intro with limited size using OpenGL. It describes methods for generating graphical objects, such as textures and terrain. It deals with particle system and cellular automata.

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