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Kvalita a zpracování mořských ryb a mořských plodů
Zajíčková, Martina
This bachelor thesis on the topic Quality and processing methods of sea fish and sea food, describes complex characteristics of fish meat and partially also certain types of major sea food species and their processing methods. The first part is contributed to sea fish production and consumption in the Czech Republic as well as worldwide. Following by the second part, which describes the quality of fish and fish meat with the focus on its chemical composition. Thanks to this structure has fish meat great nutrition values and therefore also positive impact on human body. Next chapter is focused on serious illnesses connected with fish consumption. This bachelor thesis describes the overall fish processing from the killings to the final products. The last chapter is dedicated to the major sea food species, their processing and significance to the food industry.
Boundaries of nurse's psyche between professional role and role of mother and wife
Zajíčková, Martina ; Štefančíková, Mariana (advisor) ; Vachková, Eva (referee) ; Pečenková, Jaroslava (referee)
Keywords: boundaries in psyche, personality, nurse, professional role, stress, burnout, marriage, parenthood. The aim of the thesis "Boundaries of nurse's psyche between professional role and role of mother and wife" is to map the boundaries of psyche of nurses as women who want and have to cope with the role of mother and wife while working in helping profession with continuous work-cycle. The aim was also to find out how both roles are mutually affected and how it is experienced by nurses. Whether they consider the possibility of planning the program with family to be sufficient, or whether they feel shift work as handicap. The theoretical part includes information about boundaries in the psyche of helping professions. It describes what this profession entails, what is the role of professional nurses. Overload and exhaustion results in problems such as stress and burnout. Further, the theoretical part deals with marriage, parental roles, division of labour in the household. The empirical part points out connection between profession and family. The research was performed in the form of semi-structured interview aimed at nurses' feelings concerning mutual interaction between professional and family life, and at the problems resulting from this mutual interaction. There were included all age...

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