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The impact of the economic situation on the gold market
Voráček, Jan ; Kopecká, Lenka (advisor) ; Svoboda, Roman (referee)
Aim of this thesis is characteristics of gold as commodity and analysis of world gold market focusing on economic determinants (offer and demand) which compel the situation on the market. Then evaluation of gold investments in cooperation with risks consequent from investments. Theoretical part of this thesis is elaborated on study of scientific literature in topic of gold and internet resources specialized especially on describing chemical and physical features, price development, forms of investments, deposits and use. Practical part of the thesis includes analysis of the world market, gold offer and inquiry. Important point is comparison of gold with other chosen commodities, more specifically with silver, oil and electricity. Also this part describes ways of evaluations and investments, while the most profitable investment are certificate purchases. The gold market is constantly affected by economic situation of every country. Gold inquiry stagnates but its stock and offer for gold is slightly increasing. It means, that gold mines might be completely excavated one day. Despite that gold is often invested in as well as being turned into jewels. Thanks to that gold is called rare and precious metal and people are still aware of its (constantly) growing value.
Inventory Optimization of a Manufacturing Firm
Macešková, Eva ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Zelená, Veronika (referee)
The subjekt of this diploma thesis is optimalization of inventories in workshop. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part presents the theory of corporate logistic, storage, warehouse and inventories. Furthermore, the methods aplicable for optimalization inventories are mentioned. The practical part is focused on the improvement of storage in workshop. It begins with finding out the cause of high inventories using the Ishikawa diagram and then raw material is separand into groups according Pareto method. After that the sales of each product range is forecasted and on this basis the EOQ (economic order quantity) of raw material are calculated. Finally, the practical part is aimed on processing layout. At the end of diploma thesis there is conclusion and recommendations for future.
Modern Methods and Tools to Support Managerial Decision
Krčil, Jakub ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Novák, Michal (referee)
This master's thesis is focused on modern methods and tools to support managerial decision-making. The first part of this thesis introduces the basic characteristics related to the management and managerial decision-making that are subsequently extended to the area of modeling, simulation, optimization and multi-criteria decision making. It also outlines the relationship between the managerial decision-making tasks. The second part introduces practical examples which show the connection of these areas. Specifically, they are a colony of ants, traveling salesman problem, a tool AnyLogic, analytic hierarchy process and simulation HealthBound. The thesis is further supplemented by an appropriate software tools to support multi-criteria decision making.
Methods and Tools of Knowledge Management
Černá, Jana ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Zelená, Veronika (referee)
The Master's Thesis is focused on methods and tools in knowledge management. The paper introduce knowledge management its history and present. Meanwhile history is presented as a list of important events present view is supported by current trends in field of knowledge management, business analysis of selected companies and evaluation of available publications on the topic of knowledge management. The main aim the paper is to present suitable methodology for the initial phase of Mitroff's model - conceptualization. The selected approach is then applied to the model situation. It is the decision of the city government for the construction and expansion of local factory. The last part is about Business Model Canvas which aims to outline the possible application of the methodology in practice.
Český filmový trh a digitální filmové pirátství: Ekonomická analýza a navržené politiky
Janák, Pavel ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Haindl, Michal (referee) ; Jánský, Jaroslav (referee) ; Choochote, Kitimaporn (referee)
The Czech theatrical market faces a major digital piracy problem. The availability of illegitimate digital distribution channels represents a challenge for managers, especially when original movies are uploaded to the Internet before or during their theatrical release. The crucial managerial task is to solve the problems of losses caused by piracy, and to find a balance between antipiracy investment and the maximal benefits it brings. Therefore, to maximize stakeholder utility, management decision-making needs to be complemented and supported. Firstly, the research investigates the basis of digital piracy, discusses the effects it causes, focuses on relevant stakeholders. The thesis deals with knowledge management and system dynamics using its principles and approaches and proposes a model supporting strategic management decision-making. The created knowledge-based computational model simulates the market's development of the Czech theatrical industry related to digital film piracy in the following scenarios: current market settings, industry-based administration, government-based administration and a mixture of the last two; the results of the different scenarios are discussed, evaluated and compared. The findings indicate that with the current settings in the Czech theatrical industry, the losses caused by digital piracy keep increasing linearly. Industry-based administration implies that the losses level off with a negligible yearly increase and the government-based solution reduces the losses more than the industrial administration. Nevertheless, the results show minor differences in total box office revenues, while differences in antipiracy costs are vast. Therefore, the predictive experiment based on the current market environment represents the most efficient version of the experiments. Even though losses are, the highest, real box office revenues are only a little different. Simply put, a moderate increase in box office revenues paid for by massive investments into antipiracy seems inefficient.
Business games : Promising, knowledge oriented tool for education
Rossman, Tomáš ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Janák, Pavel (referee)
Diploma thesis is focused on Business games, as an effective tool for knowledge obtaining. In theoretical part, it defines terms like : knowledge, team, system, simulation and computer modeling and their connection with business games. In practical part, it presents four well chosen games and tries to clarify how these games work and how logic are their outputs. After that, it discuss potential use of this game at Faculty of management, University of economics, Prague.
Process management in logistics company
Petržílka, Radek ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Zelená, Veronika (referee)
My diploma thesis is focused on processes of CS Cargo Company. Theoretical part is concentrated on Logistic, process management, process mapping and lean management. Practical part is based on knowledge contained in theoretical part. Primary goal of the thesis is innovation of current process map and description of processes. Subsequently selected process is necessary to analyze, modify and outline measurement's possibilities of its performance. Sophisticated management system requires precise identification of processes. Especially company's processes are the ones which have significant influence on overall quality of CS Cargo Company's products (services).
The use of dynamic simulations in strategic management
Seres, Csaba ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Zelená, Veronika (referee)
The main subject of the thesis is the study of theoretical and practical aspects of dynamic modeling in strategy management. In the beginning the reader is acquainted with the theory, which includes research of specialized literature and other sources, and theoretical backgrounds, which are used in the practical part. The methodology describes the methods which will be used in the practical part. The practical part contains the calibration procedure and the validation of the balanced scorecard model. It also includes sensitivity analysis, and the impact of different scenarios and policies on generated profit, perhaps other indicators of business performance. In conclusion, it suggests viable solutions for the use of the balanced scorecard model in the future.
Ways of IT processes management in organizations (IT governance)
Lišková, Martina ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Kubíček, Jovan (referee)
IT governance is a very pressing matter for many companies not only all around the world but also in Czech Republic. Therefor this thesis will in the beginning introduce reader to the subject of IT Governance, it's historical development, structure, participants and also its benefits for the organizations but also with possible hardships of incorporating it into companies. Main benefit of this thesis is mapping of different solutions providers. These solutions include software platforms, differentiating methodics and also consulting IT services. This work chooses and introduces key market providers. Last part of the thesis hints at the possibilities of implementing chosen methodic into a sample company. Reader is introduced to the chosen methodic in greater detail and the aforementioned methodic is demonstrated through the companies services.
Operational Excellence
Ostertag, Richard ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Menoušková, Eva (referee)
Focus of this thesis is to introduce methods used within the concept of Operational Excellence, being one of possible approaches to manage business processes, and subsequent application of these methods to accounting operations of a concrete company. Using application of these methods, thesis aims to evaluate quality of the process outputs as well as the utilization rate of available labor resources within analyzed business unit. Concrete suggestions to improve quality of process outputs and to optimize utilization of labor resources are proposed as the outcome of this thesis.

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