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Demographic view on the population of New Zealand in the period 1991-2018
Třísková, Hana ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (advisor) ; Burcin, Boris (referee)
Demographic view on the population of New Zealand in the period 1991-2018 Abstract The objective of this study is to characterize the key events (economic, social and historical), which occurred during the 20th century, that subsequently influenced New Zealand's population development and population structure in the period between 1991-2018. This period was determined based on the data availability and the presumption that the impact of the selected events started to manifest on the population after 1991. To describe the population structure, we used age pyramids, aged-child ratio, young-age dependency ratio, old-age dependency ratio and mean age. For description of demographic processes of fertility, mortality and nuptiality in the studied period, basic indicators were used, which allowed us to fulfil the aim of the thesis. Data for their calculation was taken from the online database of the New Zealand Statistical Office, Infoshare and selected publications. The first part of the work introduces the natural conditions of New Zealand and briefly outlines its historical development. The second part is devoted to the characteristics of the population according to age, religion, ethnicity and education as well as to the selected demographic processes. Based on the studied literature, we identified World War...
Segmental structure of Mandarin syllable
Třísková, Hana ; Heřmanová, Zdenka (advisor) ; Volín, Jan (referee) ; Uher, David (referee)
This dissertation concerns itself with the segmental syllable of Mandarin, i.e., of standard Chinese as codified in P.R.C. and known as putonghua. While it leaves aside the aspect of tone it explores all major topics related to the phonological and phonetic description of the isolated Mandarin segmental syllable and the ways in which they are treated in broad literature, both Chinese and Western. We approach the subject from the perspective of teaching Chinese as a second language (TCSL), where mastering the syllabary (cca 400 segmental syllables, 1300 tonic syllables) represents a crucial basic step. Poor command of the pronunciation of isolated syllables will inevitably have a detrimental effect on the spoken language competence of a student. Because the pinyin romanization system (developed in P.R.C., officially approved in 1958) assumedly is the only feasible phonological system for the paedagogical purposes, the present dissertation does not aspire to establish any new phonological interpretation of the Mandarin syllable (although some attempts will be made). After making a broad comparison of existing analyses and their pros and cons, we strive to explore the solutions most convenient for the purposes of teaching pronunciation.Along with accepting pinyin as a phonological background, we advocate for a...
Teaching Mandarin pronunciation: the cliticoids and basic types of phonetic chunks
Třísková, Hana
The paper is concerned with an important group of Chinese words, belonging to the high frequency items of the lexicon: monosyllabic function words such as prepositions, personal pronouns etc. They carry lexical tone, thus have a potential to be stressed. Yet, due to their deficiency in lexical meaning and frequent usage, they regularly behave as unstressed (and phonetically reduced) in connected speech. They receive stress (i.e. full pronunciation) only occasionally, particularly if emphasised. A new term is coined for these words: “the cliticoids”. The author provides their list and reviews the pitfalls of their pronunciation, observing that the Chinese cliticoids display similar features as so called “words with weak forms” found in English. Finally, short (2–3 syllabic) chunks of speech which contain the cliticoids are introduced. They are particularly designed for exercising the unstressed, reduced pronunciation of the cliticoids in L2 teaching. They are termed “phonetic chunks”.
Analysis of tourism services in Jihlava region
The title of this Bachelor thesis is Analysis of tourism services in Jihlava region. At beginnig were defined exact aims, which were also accomplished. At first was written the Situational Analysis solving the main aspects needed for analysing tourism services in Jihlava region. It was mentioned geografical, demografical a historical delimitation as well as tourism sector. The second part of this Bachelor thesis is Classification of tourism services mainly accommodation, boarding and enquiry offices. On the basis of teoretical principles was executed Marketing Research. Thanks to the results was compiled Proposal of marketing improvement. The result was also estimation of defined hypothesis, which were: 1. Jihlava region is not sufficiently propagated. 2. In Jihlava region is not sufficiently developed agroturism, although this region has a great potential.
Are the Mandarin "retroflexes" retroflex? "Palatals" palatal? "Velars" velar? Notes on terminology.
Třísková, Hana
Mandarin initial consonants are traditionally classified into several series. The classification is based on the articulatory features. The paper explores whether the terms used for identifying particular series reflect real articulatory features of the proper consonants (such as: is the "retroflex" series articulated with the tip of the tongue curled backwards?) The conclusion: we have to distinguish between the phonological usage of the particular term (i.e. the term is used for classifying the series) and the phonetic usage (i.e. the term is used for describing the articulation).
Strategic Analysis of an Enterprise
Třísková, Hana ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor) ; Čermáková, Jitka (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to analyse selected enerprise, which is agricultural co-operative in Dolní Cerekev by using specific methods. Implement external analysis and analysis of internal sources, introduce the market in which the firm operates and analyse situation in this market. On account of gained information propose concrete suggestions to firm's management, which should lead to next development of this firm.
Business plan of restaurant "U Zámecké Kachny"
Třísková, Hana ; Švecová, Lenka (advisor) ; Mejdrech, Vlastimil (referee)
Diploma thesis gives a comprehensive description of the business plan for establishing a restaurant. Specifies the steps prior to the commencement of the enterprise, from the reconstruction of space and choose the legal form of business, through the creation of marketing and business plan, to evaluate the project in terms of financing. Finally, we consider its implementation.

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