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Permanent Establishment from the Perspective of Judicature of the European Court of Justice
Svoboda, Václav ; Novotný, Petr (advisor) ; Vybíral, Roman (referee)
106 Permanent Establishment from the Perspective of Judicature of the European Court of JusticeAbstract This thesis treats rulings of the EUCJ in the area of direct taxation. It describes the substance of the term permanent establishment as described in documents of the OECD, because the permanent establishment is mainly not regulated by the EU legal provisions regardless whether primary or secondary. Further, the thesis deals with EU jurisdiction within the scope of direct taxation and scrutinizes fundamental principles, based on which the EU deduces its jurisdiction, even though the jurisdiction should remain in the hands of the member states. Subsequently, the thesis pays attention to the EUCJ as an institution, it describes important principles governing the procedures before the EUCJ and impact of activity of this institution as negative legislator. In this regard, it is not the aim of this thesis to describe the institutionary footing of this organ. The thesis treats mainly the procedural activity, origin of its jurisdiction in the area of direct taxation and practical problem connected with th e activity of the EUCJ. Finally, it outlines the most important issues ensuing from the EUCJ decision- making. As next, the text deals with the structure of an EUCJ decision. The purpose of this is to make...
The effect of spa treatment in obese school-aged kids
Svoboda, Václav ; Daďová, Klára (advisor) ; Kamarýtová, Jitka (referee)
Title: Impact of spa stay on obesity of older school-aged children. Purpose: Principal purpose of this thesis is to find out and assess the impact of spa stay on obesity of older school-aged children. Methodology: 100 children in the age of 11-15 participated in this inquiry (49 boys, 51 girls, average age 13 years). The children went through the 28-day long reduction treatment in spa facility. At the beginning and end of the therapy the following criteria were assessed: body weight, BMI, volume of body fat, volume of muscle mass, abdominal circumference and tests of agility, endurance and strength (Jacik's motoric test and test of walking for 2 km). During the 4-day treatment the children had the adjusted diet to 5000 KJ, respectively 8000 KJ (by age) and they participated every weekday in group exercise classes and guided walk. Results: The outcomes showed that the spa treatment favourably affected all observed criteria. The decrease of the following criteria of the respondents is statistically significant: body weight decrease (on average by 5,76 kg), decrease of volume of fat tissue (on average 3,36 %) and decrease of abdominal circumference (on average 5,62 cm). At the same time the ratio of children in particular categories of obesity and overweight changed, at the end of the stay, 28,6 %...
Role of PsbO isoforms in Arabidopsis thaliana
Svoboda, Václav ; Duchoslav, Miloš (advisor) ; Knoppová, Jana (referee)
Role of PsbO isoforms in Arabidopsis thaliana Abstract Photosystem II (PSII) uses sunlight to catalyze water oxidation and reduce plastoquinone. Water oxidation takes place in oxygen evolving complex (OEC). OEC is stabilized by extrinsic subunits of PSII. The largest and most important of them is PsbO, manganese-stabilizing protein which can be found in all known oxygenic photosynthetic organisms. Model plant Arabidopsis thaliana expresses two isoforms of psbO gene, namely PsbO1and PsbO2.Mutants psbo1 and psbo2 lacking PsbO1 and PsbO2, respectively, recently brought new findings on the particular roles of isoforms in maintaining photosynthesis. PsbO1 is commonly considered as the main isoform facilitating water splitting, whereas PsbO2 is believed to be involved in PSII repair process (replacement of photodamaged D1 subunit). This work focuses on particular roles of Arabidopsis PsbO isoforms in maintaining photosynthesis with special focus on response to light stress. Mutants psbo1, psbo2 and wild type plants Col-0 were used for extensive biochemical investigation. Our aim was to find out what is the impact on overall thylakoid structure and composition in mutants. Furthermore, to investigate response to light stress in wild type regarding to yields of particular subcompartments, changes in photosystem II...
Quality of life of visually impaired goalball players
Svoboda, Václav ; Levitová, Andrea (advisor) ; Hošková, Blanka (referee)
Title: Quality of life of visually impaired goalball players Purpose: Main objective of this study is to characterize a goalball game, to find out and compare quality of life of visually impaired active goalball players. Methods: 30 respondents participated in this study. They are players of the game for visually impaired called goalball. Age of respondents ranged from 18 to 60 years. It was a quantitative research of methodological type of observation. The SQUALA questionnaire method was used in this study (Subjective Quality of Life Analysis). Results: The results show that the goalball game alone does not have a significant impact on the quality of life and the quality of life is not also significantly influenced either by the length of active career. Average values of quality of life of the classified groups (such as B1 - blind, B2 - individuals with the rest of sight, B3 - strongly purblind and B4 - lightly purblind) do not differ significantly. Further discovery was that quality of life was not affected by the length of period of active playing of goalball. According to results the best quality of life was assessed by the goalball players who play goalball less than 2 years. Almost the same results have the goalball players who play goalball for more than 10 years. The respondents assessed...
Constitutional Development in the PRC before 1982
Svoboda, Václav ; Klimeš, Ondřej (advisor) ; Lomová, Olga (referee)
The present paper treats constitutional development of the People's Republic of China since its establishment (1949) till the end of the Maoist era and the formation of the current constitution (1982). It aims especially at formal aspects of constitutional law. It deals primarily with the content of the Common Program of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and of the 1954, 1975 and 1978 constitutions respectively. The main part focuses on the 1954 constitution, which created foundations of the modern Chinese communist constitutional law and determined its further evolution.
Valuation of Hotels
Svoboda, Václav ; Dušek, David (advisor) ; Šrytr, Pavel (referee)
The thesis deals with comparison of selected methods applicable in valuation of hotels. Methods are applied to the valuation of a particular hotel. The hotel is valued by the cost method, comparative methods, income methods and other methods used in the valuation of hotels. The results are compared, any differences are analyzed. Valuation of the hotel is based on financial analysis, strategic analysis, forecast of value drivers and financial plan.
Evaluation of rearing intensity in calves during period of milk feeding
Svoboda, Václav ; Stádník, Luděk (advisor) ; Dana, Dana (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on breeding calves during the milk nutrition. In the first chapters of the work is through literature review processed growth, development, nutrition and technology that is stabling calves. Next there are investigated factors influencing the development of the calf, birth and the most common diseases of calves. In the last part of bachelor thesis was observations made during the rearing period in dairy nutrition. For the practical assessment was used 2 farms Zemědělské společnosti Dobříš s.r.o., okres Příbram. The particular farm was Dražetice, which uses the rearing of calves in individual outdoor boxes and farm Mokrovraty using individual boxes under a shelter. In other aspects of breeding farms were similar. For monitoring was selected a total of 20 calves of which 5 bullocks and 5 heifers from each of these farms of agricultural companies. In December 2015 there were monitored weight of calves within 24 hours of birth weight at weaning (60 days of age) and the state of health of the calves. From gathered data was calculated average daily weight gain and the total weight gain for the period. Better observation of the farm came from Dražetice, where average daily weight gain amounted to 1,053 kg, calves at weaning were reaching an average weight of 98,7 kg and there were no observed disease. Farm Mokrovraty fell slightly worse, where average daily weight gain amounted to 0,943 kg. Calves at weaning were reaching the average weight of 92.4 kg and there has been observed one case of diarrhea on one of the calves, which caused its individual average daily weight gain to 0,82 kg and weaning weight at 85 kg. One of the most important things when you rearing calves is quality and conscientious work. At farm Mokrovraty would be better to retrain and motivate staff to improve the work done. At last both farms could invest into technology for supply buckets with sucker, for better food salivation, instead of classic buckets, to improve rearing calves.
The effect of the rules change in 2010 on shooting of NBL players
The aim of our diploma thesis is to identify and evaluate the impact of rules changes in 2010 on success of two-point shooting and three-point shooting between selected Czech and foreign players taking part in National Basketball League who have met with our specified conditions in examined seasons 2009/10 and 2010/11. There are following methods used in the very research in the empirical part: Student´s paired t-test, Two-sample F-test, Student´s unpaired t-test of equality of variances and Size of effect. The results of these tests has statistically confirmed our hypotheses H1 and H2 it means decreasing of two-point shooting success in season 2010/11 for all examined players and reducing of success at three-point throws between players with Czech nationality. On the contrary, it has not confirmed the hypothesis H3, thus increasing of three-point shooting success in season 2010/11 between foreign players. Substantively, I consider as a essential result the 20,1% impact of the rules changes on success of three-point shooting for players of Czech nationality.

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