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Nápravník, Petr ; Hošek, Jakub (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
ornamental decoration in schools canteen
Emo Weather
Drštičková, Hana ; Šlesingerová,, Eva (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
The artwork was created by linking two thematic areas, mental health and atmospheric phenomena aka weather. I am examining forms of alienation and emotional numbness, which I follow by thematizing the isolation of people from the external environment and manifestations of local weather. I touch upon the topics of current weather representations, such as meteorological satellite images, and last but not least, I contemplate the fact of climate crisis. The work takes the form of a 100-minute long video, a set of 21 paintings by aniline colors on paper, sound track played in a loop and additional literature, texts and sketches available for public.
"Too cool to pretend to care"
Vinklárková, Tereza ; Remešová, Anna (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of the project is to capture the consumer attitude of society, the millennial culture, fake news, as well as planetary and social changes. It presents a stylized post-ironic statement of mostly narcissistic millennials, whose social platforms have become the main platform for expression, forcing us to reflect on the variety of information we are surrounded by and the need of its selection. It also opens the discussion about the phenomenon of denying the existence of climate change visible through the absurd arguments and the phenomenon of geoengineering, targeted human interventions in natural processes, primarily to permanently or at least temporarily cool the planet.
Krausová, Zuzana ; Sterec, Pavel (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
Power Transformation. In my thesis, I transform physical strength. I work with both the functional and the exterior design of the entertainment boxing gaming machine, which measures the power of the strike, which it then transforms into financial amounts sent to various non-profit organizations or projects. It is an interactive object requiring the physical participation of the viewer to achieve full functionality of the work
Everyday Politics
Šimková, Barbora ; Stejskalová,, Tereza (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
In my diploma thesis called Everyday Politics I deal with the insufficiently solved topic of economic relations and structural inequalities of actors in contemporary art. I focus on the issue of economic situation of art students and their position within the university of technical direction with high demands on results and future use of measurable prestige and lucrative work position.
Žák, Martin ; Vaněk,, Tomáš (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
Vegyna is a students club with option of vegan eating. An integral function of the club is also the possibility of informal meetings, hanging out, thinking, organizing workshopes, lectures, screenings, etc.
Haviarová, Kristína ; Sterec, Pavel (referee) ; Ambrůz, Jan (advisor)
In my work there is a great deal of handcuffing, conceptual approach to sculpture, space perception, aesthetic and intuitive work with material. I try to express a state that she can not always describe by words. All the knowledge and experience I have gained during my studies, I would like to apply to my bachelor work. Almost throughout my studies, I have been intensively engaged in plaster work as one of the basic sculptures. In exaggeration, we can talk about some obsession with the material. I deal with colorful but also structural deviations in different species. I work with it not only as a dense material but also as a material with a crust, but with a rough surface. It is some sort of rewinding into this material and through subtle objects and spatial installations I express the inner state, reaction to change and attitude to the environment. My final thesis will be a set of objects with interrelations but without a hierarchical arrangement. It will be about creating a stateless situation, variations in the state of a dead end. As part of the simple objects, gypsum "figures" will be the main actors of the already mentioned situation, with which they have to deal with themselves. I put in expectations that are never filled (static installation), a certain kind of tension occurs. However, gypsum does not have to play only the role of the main hero, it can be purely a part of an object based on aesthetic or sensual choice. I'm not trying to interact. The viewer is just an observer, the voyager who enters the frozen already. It can take the atmosphere and make a deliberate change into the situation of the main heroes of the work.
Emotional Cartography
Rygálová, Monika ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
The work aims to artistically compile perception of maps as a fact, what let us think about The world - how we know it from the map. I work with data, which I gain by displaying technology – eye tracking, which helps me to record track of moving eyes during watching any kind of picture. The observations will be people from different places such a place of stay etc. Gained data I am going to use as a study, which I will componate to maps and different vizualizations of world, countries etc. "Where i have not ever been before, it does not exist" – is idea of percepting world, wich I also work with on that project. Study will contain all aspect of perceiving maps and systematicly shown world related to the person, his memories to that place, fyzical contact and his impact in his scale person versus a the world.
Water Politics
Dvořáková, Dana ; Vojtěchovský, Miloš (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
The work is aimed at familiarizing the audience with the problems of water in the Czech Republic and its distribution within the landscape. However, its character, which approaches to documentary work, doesn´t explicitly describe the problem, but rather attempts to visualize it and give the viewer space for his own imagination. The work draws in contrast the examples of fine functional interventions in the landscape with examples of monstrous concrete structures - dams. It points to problematic places and tries to convey to the viewer the current issue not only in the chosen location. The main thing is the lyrical performance, which evokes not only a video but also the sound part and the narrative that explains the whole problem. The video is not purely informative, its specificity is also focused on the enjoyment of the viewer. He plays with documentary techniques but does not use them as a priority. The shots are deliberately chosen so that the concrete buildings look monumental and have their seriousness. The background of the shots also shows the time of their creation. This element is supposed to be critical and is supposed to be opposed to studies that use old plans to build new water reservoirs that do not give space for a more efficient solution. The work also touches on the overproduction and issues of today's modern agriculture.
Volfová, Marika ; Sterec, Pavel (referee) ; Magid, Václav (advisor)
My diploma work is focused on topic of environmental responsibility, priviledge of mobility, nomadism, borders and dreaming of utopic un/realities. In site-specific instalation I combine sound, video, painting and text.

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