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Legal aspects of sports financing from the government budget
Rudolfová, Veronika ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Marková, Hana (referee)
Legal aspects of sports financing from the government budget Abstract The present thesis deals with legal aspects of sports financing process. Sports financing from the government budget, constitutes the greatest fraction of income to sports organizations and sports clubs. The present study scrutinizes the legal aspects of financial support of sports from the government budget, via thorough analysis anchored in legal research. Individual sections of the thesis ponder the redistribution of funds from the government budget. First, it explains how the whole process of funding from the state budget commences, what actors are involved in it and also what volume of financial aid is granted to the department of sport. The thesis describes and evaluates the individual parts of the process, which has led to an overview of the entire issue of state financing of sport. It also outlines the development of sports support throughout the past century and further explains why effective legislation is still considered to be inadequate. The present study further illustrates the current institutional provision of sport support system. The thesis deals with the issue of sports financing from levies on lottery companies and its influence on the support of sport. The governing point of the present thesis is the notion of state...
The Selected Aspects Affecting Formation of the Pension Policy in the Czech Republic in 1990-2017
Česák, Vojtěch ; Potůček, Martin (advisor) ; Rudolfová, Veronika (referee)
1 Abstract The diploma thesis focuses on defining the factors that significantly influence the frame of the pension reform in years 1990-2017. It observes the evolution of the predominant discourses relevant to each period, as well as the role of political parties, both from the point of view of individual governments and during their activity within the expert committees focusing on adjustments to the pension system. The thesis analyses the election programmes of political parties and movements, which are then confronted with the submitted variants within the I Bezděk Committee and the Expert Committee on Pension Reform. There is also a role analysis of other selected participants, who significantly contributed to the creation of possible reform options. The thesis finds answers to the set hypotheses dedicated to the issue of political parties and their interest and possible consistency in the field of pension reform. The impact of the created coalitions on the deviations from the originally declared intentions and the expert committee's influence on the possible form of the pension reform are discussed, too. Theories of discourse institutionalism, the theory of agenda setting, and the theory of framing were used as theoretical starting points. Within the methodology, the author applies mainly the...
Inter-individual differences in behaviour of laboratory rats
Rudolfová, Veronika ; Nekovářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Sedláček, František (referee)
Number of studies report that even when experimental animals are subjected to the exact same conditions, they differ in their behaviour. If these differences were stable in time and across several experimental procedures, we could talk about personality. This diploma thesis studies inter-individual differences in behaviour of laboratory rats (Long Evans strain) in a series of experiments conducted in early ontogeny and in adult age. Apart from analysing inter-individual differences in behaviour and personality of experimental animals, this thesis has two main aims. The first aim is assessing stability of inter-individual differences in behaviour throughout ontogeny. The second aim is to explore possible link between inter-individual differences in behaviour and performance in cognitive tests. We confirmed the existence of inter-individual difference in behaviour in laboratory rats. In this thesis we were, however, not able to assess personality of experimental animals. The differences in behaviour were best described by behaviour in Open field test and Elevated plus maze test. Our results also show marked differences between successive trials of these experiments. We also report that performance in Active allothetic place avoidance is not linked to performance in Morris water maze, even though both...
Legislative process of same-sex parent's right to adopt children in Czech Republic: frame analysis
Lipková, Simona ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Rudolfová, Veronika (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyzes a novelization of the Registered Partnership Act, which regulates right to adopt the children by the same-sex couples in the Czech Republic. The main line of this thesis is to determine participating actors acting on the field of children adoptions by same-sex couples and to determine their rhetorical frameworks, which they present on the level of arguments. These goals were achieved by using the content analysis of the media texts and expert interviews. Theoretical support for answering questions set forth by this thesis was a frame analysis, which Rein and Schön conceptualized on the field of public policy. This analysis works with an idea of overcoming a conflict by reframing. Outcome of the framework analysis in this thesis is a description of two competing frames which confront each other on the level of public policy forum. Due to the analysis of the actors the most significant sponsors of the frames were identified. In this thesis which was written under auspices of the case study, author describes the development on the field of same-sex couples and main frames, sponsors and their arguments.
Food neophobia and food preference in rodents (Rodentia) and its interaction with social learning.
Rudolfová, Veronika ; Landová, Eva (advisor) ; Telenský, Petr (referee)
Neophobia (fear of novelty) is first protection from ingesting potentially dangerous food in rodents. After overcoming the fear an animal begins to sample the food (take small parts). The animal then forms an aversion to dangerous food and preference for safe and nutritionally favourable food on the grounds of its experience with its ingestion. These mechanisms of behaviour towards food can be learned individually but an individual's behaviour is also influenced by other animals, especially in social animals. Whether an individual will act on its own experiences and therefore learn or if it will learn from others, depends on the situation and the environment in which the animal currently is. Key words: food neophobia, food preferences, social learning, individual learning, Rodentia, Rattus
Breeding and reintroduction of bearded volture (Gypaetus barbatus)
Rudolfová, Veronika ; Zita, Lukáš (advisor) ; Ledvinka, Zdeněk (referee)
Vultures are a group of predators (Accipitriformes) of the Hawks family. It is a very unique group, which is distinguished from others mainly by its manner of eating and appearance. Vultures do not hunt live prey, but feast on carrion. Typical sign of these great predators is a bare head and long neck. Bearded vulture is not a typical example of a vulture and speculations are held whether it should be classified in the vultures family. Although it feeds on carrions, its head is plumy and it does not stay in groups, but lives as a couple, individually or creates polyandric trios instead. Bearded vulture also lives in inaccessible terrain high in mountains, where its main component of nourishment are bones of farm and wild animals. In the past century population of Bearded vulture greatly declined mainly due to illegal poisoning, decrease of natural habitat and nourishment and due to low natality. Low natality is caused by the fact that in a congeries of two eggs, only one can survive. The other egg functions only as a substitute. If both eggs hatch, the older hatchling exhibits sings of aggression towards the younger hatchling. The parents do not seek to interfere and encourage only the older hatchling. This aggression is an objective of examination of many experts aswell as attempting to prevent it. The Programme Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) is an organization for vulture retrieval, which associates catteries and zoological gardens that want to participate in the spread of the Bearded vulture population. In the year 1986 this programme started to work and since then made huge steps. In Alps and Pyrenees there has been an increase in the number of individuals that give birth to young every year.
DST-XL scintillation camera and stability of its visual field uniformity
Visual field uniformity of DST-XL scintillation camera is assessed on daily basis during quality controls of instrumentation at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Hospital in České Budějovice. Uniformity is a critical quality parameter in scintigraphic imaging. It indicates whether all points in visual field are displayed with equal efficiency (sensitivity). Also, it allows specialists to obtain quality images of how radiopharmaceuticals are distributed in a patient?s body. The objective of my bachelor?s thesis is to verify whether the measured values fall within the range set by the manufacturer. Assessments were carried out on a bi-weekly basis for the duration of six months between start of October 2010 and end of March 2011. The measurement method used at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Hospital in České Budějovice employs homogeneous irradiation of the detector without collimator produced by a point source which allows assessment of intrinsic uniformity of the detector. Also, there is another method that determines total (extrinsic) uniformity of the camera. This method utilizes an area source to produce homogeneous irradiation of the detector. The important difference between the two methods is that the latter uses collimator, unlike the method used for the purposes of this thesis. Yet, both methods produce roughly the same outcomes. The results obtained from the tests of stability of DST-XL scintillation camera?s visual field uniformity fall within the range of values permitted by the manufacturer and confirm my hypothesis.

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