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Use of tobacco products by UK FTVS students
Pekárková, Hana ; Majorová, Simona (advisor) ; Prokešová, Eva (referee)
Title of Bachelor's thesis : "Use of tobacco products by UK FTVS students". Goal: The aim of this bachelor's thesis was to find out how many percent of UK FTVS students use tobacco products. The sub-task was to examine which of the tobacco products students used the most, why they started smoking and whether they had already tried or wanted to quit smoking or using other tobacco products. Whether smokers and occasional smokers were aware of the risks associated with the use of tobacco products. Methods: The survey was conducted in the form of a poll that only UK FTVS students could participate in. The poll was anonymous and was published on a Facebook page attended by students of the aforementioned faculty. Results: The results were processed using graphs. A combined total of 213 students completed the questionnaire and of those 70% are non-smokers, 20.2% intermittent smokers and 9.9% smokers. The most commonly used tobacco product among UK FTVS students is a classic cigarette, followed by nicotine bags. Key words: harmful substances in cigarettes, tobacco history, nicotine
Land use change in the Cheb area - new wilderness
Pekárková, Hana ; Bičík, Ivan (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
The theses deals with exploration of new wilderness which comes into being in abandoned areas in border regions in the Cheb district. Using the newly defined transformation index, two cadastral territories in the district were identified with the highest probability of new wilderness occurence. The occurrence of a new wilderness was demonstrated in both cadastral areas and was categorized into typology already established. Photographs and ArcGis maps were added to the field survey. Post-habitat and post-agrarian new wilderness were identified in both cadastral territories. Further, there were identified post-montane and post-aquatic new wilderness. Despite the position near the border, where the Iron Curtain was located, post- military new wilderness was not identified there. New wilderness occurs in both localities on more than 10 % of area. Keywords: Land use, change of landscape, new wilderness, West Bohemia
Approaches to education of socially handicapped children in the Czech republic and in Slovakia
Pekárková, Hana ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
This thesis deals with education of socially handicapped people in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. It presents approaches and supporting disposals in both countries. The attention is devoted to actual situation in education of socially handicapped children at various degrees of schools. It describes affirmative actions, such as preliminary classes, education assistants in the Czech Republic or zero grades, education assistants and daylong education system in Slovakia. The thesis also sums up several projects focused on socially handicapped, one project focused on Roma children support realized in the Czech republic, three projects focused on education of socially handicapped, their parents' and educators' support, realized in middle Slovakia in years 2011-2015. KEYWORDS education, social handicap, Roma people, affirmative action, preliminary class, education assistant, daylong education system
Creation of Home among Vietnamese living in Czech Republic
Pekárková, Hana ; Svobodová, Andrea (advisor) ; Freidingerová, Tereza (referee)
Creation of Home among Vietnamese living in Czech Republic Abstract The aim of this paper is to determine through an analysis of interviews how the migrants create such an environment to feel like at home in it. The paper is divided into five chapters. In the first part is review of selected concepts of migration and concepts of home. The second part describes the methodology and also are there introduced research participants. The third part describes how the Vietnamese came to the Czech Republic and how many are currently living in the Czech Republic. The last part contents the analysis of the interviews. The analysis showed that the family is, in host society, able to create a home through maintenance of religious customs, customs of eating and through material artifacts. Keywords: Vietnamese, migration, transnationalism, home, material artifacts
Education of Roma children in the Czech republic
Pekárková, Hana ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
This thesis deals with Education of Roma children in the Czech Republic. It sums up basic facts relating to arrival of Roma in Europe and in the Czech Republic, deals with societal reactions to this arrival and relations progress between Roma and major society. The attention is focused on a existing conception of Roma education, determinants of Roma children education, social exclusion of their families, possible risks of troubleshooting behaviour, affirmative approaches including establishing preliminary studies and positions for education assistants, The practical part is focused on education assistants.
Limits of the mobile hospice care in the Czech Republic
Špuláková, Jana ; Svatošová, Marie (advisor) ; Ivanovová, Viera (referee) ; Pekárková, Hana (referee)
This bachelor thesis presents information about standard hospice care, but it is mainly concentrated on the less known and less extended mobile hospice care. Text shows limits of this mobile care of dieing people. Limits and limitations result from insufficient legislative conditions for the accompanying persons and from readiness and competence of the caregivers itself to accompany their cousins in the home environment. Research part of the thesis is based on the question-form investigation performing verification of the presumed limits and pointing to them. The first investigated data samplewas collected on the bereaved persons of the patients hospitalized in the standard hospice in 2006. Second data sample is based on the bereaved persons, who used mobile hospice care in the same year. Two guided interviews with bereaveds are enclosed to illustrate the situation. Research was leaded in the cooperation with Hospic Anežky České (Hospice of the Anežka Česká) in the Červený Kostelec and Mobilní hospic Dobrého Pastýře (Mobile Hospice of the Good Pastor) in the Čerčany.
The quality of life of patients with disseminated sclerosis
Marčoková, Alžběta ; Mareš, Jiří (advisor) ; Pekárková, Hana (referee) ; Taláb, Radomír (referee)
The bachelor's work deals with quality of life of patients with disseminated sclerosis. It is trying to find the influence of chronic illness over the quality of life fřom the view of the patients themselves. It adverts to the impact that the illness has on the mental and physical part of their lives. It nears to public (laity or medics) the disorders and limitations which this illness can make the lives of patients worse. I chose and translated the questionnare MSIS - 29 for my research. The sample was made from the people who they diagnosed the illness disseminated sclerosis, 75 informants, 49 women nad 26 men, aged from 20 to 68. Interviews were filled in Domov sv. Josefa in Žireč near Dvůr Králové, in Rehamedica in Žacléř, in Pražské kongresové centrum during " The International Day of People witd disseminated sclerosis", in the Trutnov's hospital and by people in home care.
Awareness of home nursing agencies
Svobodová, Iva ; Pečenková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Moserová, Věra (referee) ; Pekárková, Hana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis reports about home nursing. Agencies offered the home nursing work successfully many years and meet many satisfied clients. Regardless the awareness of this nursing activity is not at such level, which it rates. The thesis familiarise with the history, forms, the activity and the importance of the home nursing. The nursing process is a significant activity of a nurse in the home nursing. The behaviour and the method of communication between the nurse and the patient significantly influence the information factor in the home nursing. Focus of the thesis lies in a quantitative exploratory survey about the awareness of the agencies offered the home nursing. The survey is specifically based on findings of knowledge in four groups. The firs group is represented by the nurses worked in various departments of the Regional Hospital in Pardubice. The second group is represented by the patients hospitalized in departments of the Regional Hospital in Pardubice. The third group is represented by the clients of agencies offered the home nursing in Pardubice. The fourth group is represented by the inhabitant of Pardubice city.
Health support by a nurse in the primary care
Podracká, Simona ; Skála, Bohumil (advisor) ; Vosečková, Alena (referee) ; Pekárková, Hana (referee)
The baccalaureate work is dealing with health support in the primary care, in particular with the activity of a nurse, and how the nurse can actively contribute to the improvement of the health level of the population. It evaluates, in which part of prevention and care the nurse should be more active, and which questions she is to target first. As a method there is used an interview of a selected group of respondents. The interview should reveal the level of knowledge in the field of alimentation, sporting activity and health care and support. The men - blood donors of age between 40 and 50 in the Transfusion Department of the Teaching Hospital in Hradec Králové were addressed. The output of the inquiry was put under analysis with the object to target the knowledge deficiencies. The results can be instrumental for the educational activity of the nurse in the primary care.
The cooperation of a nurse with family during the care of a patient
Slavíková, Erika ; Hadaš, Lubomír (advisor) ; Prchalová, Eva (referee) ; Pekárková, Hana (referee)
This Bachelor Thesis entitled "The cooperation of a nurse with the family during the care of a patient" consists of two parts. The first part, a theoretical one, defines the subject: the change of a healthy person into a patient, and seeks to define an elderly person as a patient, provides the characteristics of good health condition in comparison to those of an illness and, last but not least, deals with the concept of home care, its evolution and organisation. The second, empirical part, outlines the evaluation of the results of the research intended to identify the way in which an illness of an elderly influences other members of his or her family, and to assess the attitude of the chosen part of the population to the possibility of taking advantage of home care arrangements. The last issue looked at in this empirical part was the public awareness and views of the work of nurses in the home care. For this purpose, a survey form had been set up to target the public in the countryside.Fifty persons interviewed were to answer 21 questions. In the empirical part, the most interesting result was the fact that more than a half of those interviewed do not want / cannot say if they want to get to know in person the nurse from the home care agency who actually looks.

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