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Academic Pastoral Care in Bohemia
Černý, Jakub ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Dřímal, Ludvík (referee)
The bachelor thesis titled "Academic Pastoral Care in Bohemia" provides a description of function and content of pastoral care in Christian community in each university city of Bohemian church region. In the first-place thesis concentrate on pastoral care of young people. The theoretical part deals with the essential themes of youth, students, pastoration and its content, after that are presented components of pastoral content. Principal is the question of community life and its programme. A special point of this topic presents preparation for christening. In the beginning of the practical part are presented communities. There are observed the size of group, content of pastoration. And there are also presented the pluses and minuses of the place and community. Then the parts of pastoration are together compared and evaluated. The conclusion summarizes and evaluates achieved finding. Keywords College students, pastoral care, evangelization, organization
Restitution the Church Property in the Czech Republic After 1989
Valeš, Václav ; Hrdina, Antonín (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
Václav Valeš: Restitution of Church Property in the Czech Republic After 1989 This work describes the sensitive theme of church property restitution in the Czech Republic after 1989. Two laws of restitution accepted from 1990 to 1991 (the law Nr. 298/1990 Coll. and the law Nr. 338/1991 Coll.) solved in particular the activities of Roman Catholic religious orders and congregations. The common law solving church restitutions generally was in 1992 and 2008 not accepted and this situation continues today. This situation restricts churches and religious societies in their work in many areas. A tiny proportion of their properthy were churches and religious societies returned by another way (executive way between 1996-1998, declaratory action).Besides the analysis of existing legislation this work also contains relating judicature of the Constitutional and Supreme Court of the Czech Republic. Keywords confessional law, the Czech Republic, church property, restitution process after 1989
Stretti, Sylvie ; Vogel, Jiří (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee) ; Filo, Július (referee)
The dissertation submitted is dealing with subjects of the death of a close person and spirituality, especially personal concept of spirituality. Death of a close person is a crucial turning point in the life of any human. The turning point affecting the next life in all aspects of the human life, in all its directions - biological-, psychological-, and sociological-spiritual. The complete care about a human being is more and more applied in the context of health or disciplines working with relations or connections; it is thus relevant to be aware of this multidisciplinary fact.
Subjective benefits of the Traditional Latin Mass to selected contemporaries
Roztočil, Vojtěch ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Tichý, Radek (referee)
In the first chapter of the theoretical part, this bachelor thesis shows specific changes in the liturgy celebration introduced by the Sacrosanctum Concilium constitution and subsequent post-conciliar documents. It also allows to see some gradual changes of liturgy over the years. Further it describes the development and acceptance of the liturgical reform in the Czech Republic as witnessed by contemporaries. The third chapter of the theoretical part shows differences in understanding of the liturgy and the role of its participants between the catechism from the beginning of 20th century and its current valid version. The practical part presents results of the probe in selected community in Prague, which was conducted in the form of semi- structured interviews. The interviews and their subsequent evaluation allow to see a selection of subjective benefits of the Traditional Latin Mass to selected contemporaries and provides certain insight into the development of their faith. Keywords liturgy - 1962 Roman Missal - spiritual life - community
Missale Posoniense I. - critical edition
Sýkora, Adam ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Kopeček, Pavel (referee) ; Tichý, Radek (referee)
ThLic. Mgr. Adam Sýkora: Missale Posoniense I. - critical edition (theseis), Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Catholic Theology, 2017. In the present thesis the author provides a critical edition of one of the oldest missals of Bratislava Chapter House: Missale Posoniense I. It is important source of European significance, which is pattern normative and representative in relation to the similar codices, and which was used in the Bratislava Chapter House before 1341st. Their significance is decisive since it is independent on the Missalia from the time Innocent III, and on the reform of Haymo of Faversham. The missal contains also the parts from Pontificale, Ordines and Breviarium. The text of this Missal was previously published only in facsimile form, which bears the technical limitations of the period of its creation. Since that time, other folios have been discovered that have not been published at all. Experts now has the text, with which can work effectively. Critical apparatus facilitate the work with the text, as well as indexes, tables and photo documentation attached. Keywords: Roman Missal, Missale Romanum, Missale Posoniense I., Bratislava Missal I., Missale Bratislaviense I. [sic], Missale notatum Strigoniense, Ordinary, proprium, critical edition, Pontificale, Ordines. Powered by TCPDF...
Journals Tarsicius and MINIPOST - content analysis and evaluation of the contribution to the formation of servant at the altar
Lukeš, Jan ; Dřímal, Ludvík (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
The diploma thesis presents Tarsicius, a Czech magazine for altar servers, in comparison with its German counterpart MINIPOST. It comes with an analysis of the content of both periodicals - with a focus on individual sections and on the graphic aspect. On the basis of partial analyses and comparations it describes and evaluates the pastoral significance of both magazines for the formation of altar servers.
Sickness and sick people in the messages of saint John Paul II. for the Worlds days of the Sick
Voborská, Ludmila ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Bartůšková, Ludmila (referee)
We will focus on the concept of suffering in the theology of John Paul II., especially his messages during the Days of the sick in this dissertation "Sickness and sick people in the messages of saint John Paul II. for the Worlds days of the Sick". Firstly we have to describe sickness in catholic theology to understand this topic better. We will continue further with the analysis of messages during the Days of the Sick under the pontificate of saint John Paul II. This in consideration of his other texts (especially the apostolic letter Salvifici doloris), John Paul's attitude towards the way sickness and the sick are viewed in different cultures, as well as his position on various kinds of suffering, will be streamlined and characterized in this work. We will also allow for the sickness in the life on John's Paul II. which particularly influenced his main view on sick people and we will also take into account his other writings.
The Second Vatican Council within the text of the journal "Duchovní pastýř".
Březinová, Lada ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Dřímal, Ludvík (referee)
The Second Vatican Council within the text of the journal Duchovní pastýř This thesis concerns published texts about the Second Vatican Council within the pages of the journal Duchovní pastýř, a monthly journal for Catholic clergy, in the period between 1960 and 1989, including published documents of the Council in the texts of the journal. The thesis document is divided into six main chapters and several sub-chapters. These chapters cover the political situation in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the historical development of the journal Duchovní pastýř, the progress of the Second Vatican Council, approved documents of the Council, the presentation of documents and their applications in the former Czechoslovakia. The thesis presents the relationship of the journal Duchovní pastýř to two Catholic movements, one being the Peace Movement of the Catholic Clergy and later the Association of Catholic Clergy Pacem in Terris. In the final chapter, Cardinal František Tomášek is presented along with his impact on the implementation of the reform changes approved by the Council. The conclusion of this thesis evaluates the documents of the Second Vatican Council that were published in the journal Duchovní pastýř and compares them with Cardinal Tomášek's requirements on the approach of the Council to the...
The Book "The religious sense" as a tool for the first evangelization
Bechyňová, Lenka ; Dřímal, Ludvík (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
A Book Religious sense as an Aid on the Path to Religion? The main theme of the bachelor's thesis is a book Il senso religioso (The Religious Sense). It is the first volume of a trilogy PerCorso (The Way) by an Italian priest, theologian, and teacher Don Luigi Giussani. The first part of the thesis depicts the author's biography and the time period he lived in. The second part describes the book Il senso religioso in more detail, and it gives information about its origin and the first edition as well. Subsequently, an analysis and synthesis of the book follow. The focus is put on the main thoughts of this book. In the third part, results of a short questionnaire are incorporated. In the end, based on the results, it is assessed, whether this book could be seen in today's society as an aid to those, who are looking for answers regarding the meaning of life and belief in God.

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