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The Spiritual Aspect in the Founding Work of Joseph Calasanz
Matějek, Marek ; Ventura, Václav (advisor) ; Kohut, Pavel Vojtěch (referee) ; Smahel, Rudolf (referee)
The dissertation analyses the activities of Joseph Calasanz in education and the circumstances which resulted in founding the Order of the Pious Schools. The thesis pursues his decisions to promote education of children from the poorest social classes. Based on abundant literary sources, in particular, his correspondence, Calasansz's initiatives and instructions for administration of the schools and education of children have been examined. The work also pursues the aims of education and the key competences which Piarists were supposed to acquire.
The Ministers of Christian Churches and their (Un)Married Life in the Czech Republic
Jeřábek, Michal ; Matějek, Marek (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
The presented work focuses on the topic of priests of selected Christian Churches, and their potential possibility to live in marriage. In order to view pastors comprehensively, it is essential to define who a priest is, how it is possible to become one, how to terminate this status, what the rights, duties and punishments for the priests are and what hierarchy each Church has. A historical overview of the priests' celibacy in the history of the Church and specifically in Czech history is also included in the diploma paper, as well as theology of celibacy. Roman-Catholic Church, Orthodox Church in the Czech Lands and Slovakia and Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren are selected for the purpose of this work.
From Nose Replantation to Face Transplantation
Dittertová, Ludmila ; Ovečka, Libor (advisor) ; Matějek, Marek (referee)
ANNOTATION: Bc thesis FROM A NOSE REPLANTATION TO A FACE TRANSPLANTATION summarizes basic problems of transplantations. It deals with possibility of the transplantation of human face trom the medical and ethic aspects. This method is the latest new way of transplant medicine in treatment of the severe deformed face. KEY WORDS: Transplantation, face, death, donor, receiver, ethics.
Teaching of Religion in the Parish Zbraslav in Years 1985 - 2009
Frankl, Pavel ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Matějek, Marek (referee)
RESUME THE TEACHING OF RELIGION IN THE PARISH ZBRASLAV BETWEEN THE YEARS 1985 -2010 The main goal of this theme was to descripe and analyze the teaching of religion in the parish Zbraslav between the years 1985 -2009. In the 1980s, the teaching was done by pastor, since 1992 by laic. From the research done in the elementary school in Zbraslav I found out that in 1980, the lessons of religion were visited by 13 - 17 % of schoolchildren, in the 1990s, by more than 30 % of schoolchildren. In the beginning of 21.century the interest falls slowly down during each year. There is a surprising detection from year 2009, it is the fact that the attendence in the lessons of religion in elementary school is as poor as in time of communism. The drop of interest is mainly caused by decrease of catholics in the parish and also by general meaning, that it is enough to visit the lessons of religion only until the time, the child takes firstly the sacrament of Holy Communion.
Childhood in the Middle Ages
Sládek, Pavel ; Matějek, Marek (advisor) ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (referee)
Title: Childhood in the Middle Ages keywords: marriage family childhood differences between female and male children education This thesis aims to describe the life of children in the Middle Ages. Due to the woman's inferior social status, female children had a more difficult position than males. This is then reflected in access to education. While young men went to university, young women stayed at home and learnt all they would later need in their married lives. Nevertheless, differences in individual families' approach to children must not be overlooked. Royal offspring would be used to further the interests of their fathers; their childhood was therefore virtually non-existent. Children from poorer families would have to take part in their parents' labours and how much time they were able devote to children's games still remains a big unknown. Some contemporary sources mention children's games and archaeological excavations prove the existence of children's toys. However, children were generally viewed as small adults and parents would wish their small children to grow up into independent adults as soon as possible. This desire was also due to high infant and child mortality. In conclusion, although childhood would most likely have existed in the Middle Ages, it only could have done so in a...
A quantitative analysis of the series of history textbooks for elementary schools
Machálik, Rudolf ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Matějek, Marek (referee)
Annotacion Rudolf Machálik: A quantitative analysis of a line of history textbooks for elementary schools, Prague 2010, 42 pages. Bachelor thesis. The intention of this thesis was to analyze the chosen history textbooks as to their content - what topics they cover, in what amount and in what order. The textbook is supposed to be interesting and gripping in order to be beneficial for the reader in the sense of being a source of new knowledge instead of being just a pile of accumulated information. In spite of the fact that these textbooks were published in 1991 they are didactically flawless - the texts are not too extensive and lots of auxiliary materials are used. I also shortly wrote about the authors. In analyzing the content of the textbooks I followed the sequence of the topics, the number of chapters and subchapters, the number of tables and charts and the way the authors used and formulated questions. The use of colors to highlight key words can be counted to their credit as it helps the reader to find an easy way through the text. I examined the high number of pictures and their character, the time lines and photographs. I also analyzed the range of materials and texts with the Christian context and their amount using the method of computation of the proportional representation of these topics on...
The process of the Parish Reform in the Prague Archdiocese
Janíková, Anna ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Matějek, Marek (referee)
English annotation The Process of a Parish Reform of the Prague Archdiocese A Parish stayed still the base cell of the Church after the Second Vatican Council. There are quite lots of alternatives of movements in the Church, which are out of the Church structure but they co-operate with parishes and create new opportunities of an intensive experience of the faith in there. But after all, the Parish stays the only place for the majority of the Catholics, where they can live their faith through their life. Since 2002 the process of the Parish reform has begun in the Prague Archdiocese. The aim of the process is to establish parish communities, which will match the principal characteristics of the Church: leiturgia - worship and communion (sacraments), martyria - to bear testimony, diakonia - service a koinonia - active community relationships. The principle is missio - mission. Many parishes in the Prague Archdiocese had not been meeting the requirements for a long time. The reason was a small number of parishioners in retiring age and an absence of some age-groups in a parish or limitation of the parish's life to celebration and communion (leiturgia). The other reason was also a priest, who used to be in charge of several small groups of the faithful and an unsatisfactory parish structure, which has been...
Application of "Problem Solving" in Religious Educatiion
Tůma, Petr ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Matějek, Marek (referee)
Anglická anotace (English annotation) Application of the "Problem solving" to the Religious education This dissertation work deals with the practical application of teaching methods "problem solving" in the lessons of religion with all its pros and cons. It deals with issues in the teaching of religious education 8th classes of elementary schools, using only the Czech language and suggested topics, which are set out in the curriculum of religious education Roman Catholic Church in 2004, for use in the diocese of Hradec Králové. The first part is devoted to learning theory, regulations, curriculum and teaching plans of the relevant legislation with regard to the specifics and the territorial limits. The following section presents the individual applicable methods in the "problem solving" with respect to the development of key competencies of students. And in the last section are selected appropriate methods discussed in details and presented on topics discussed in the teaching of religious education lessons. The course of instruction and the subsequent reactions of students and teachers alike are drawn appropriate recommendations to the methods already fully applicable. In conclusion, the proper methods for teaching religious education in the 8th elementary school classroom are described in detail for any...
Quantitative Analysis of historiographic Textbooks in term of Christianity
Cmíral, Jaroslav ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Matějek, Marek (referee)
Quantitative analysis of historiographic textbooks in term of Christianity The theme of this thesis is the quantitative analysis of contents of selected integral series of historiographic atlases for elementary schools, in term of frequency of occurrence of Christian coherence. The resolution proceeds in following steps: 1) Searching for outputs of multilayer relations between culture and Christianity in motion of history. Questions on meaning of processes. 2) Meaning of teaching of history in light of curricular documents. 3) Studying of process of textbook creation. 4) Textbook as an educational medium. 5) Historiographic textbook conception. 6) Quantitative analysis theory. Its phases. 7) Practical methodology of quantitative analysis of atlases. 8) Quantitative analysis. Work with atlases. The aim of this thesis is to find out the meaning of the Christianity in contemporary teaching of history, based on the quantitative perspective. Concretely on the frequency of occurrence of Christian connotations in contents of historiographic atlases. Individual atlases and final percentual measuring outputs: Prehistory and Antiquity (1,2 %), Modern Period II. (3,5 %), History of 20th Century (3,9 %), Modern Period (13,5 %), Middle Ages (18,2 %). Total average value of the measuring (8,3 %.) is the...

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