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Short film's problems from the producer's point of view
Netíková, Martina ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; KALLISTA, Jaromír (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines conditions for producing a short film in Czech Republic from a producer`s point of view. Firstly, the term `short film` is defined and put in context of Czech film industry. Afterwards, thesis focuses on the attitude of key institutions and other aspects that influence the conditions of short film production. Individual chapters describe the specifics of development, production and distribution - outlining the differences from working with feature films, characterizing individual procedures and giving specific examples. At the end of the thesis sale possibilities are presented as well as possible financial and intangible profitability.
Contemporary American independent film production
Dusil, Marek ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; PRAŽSKÝ, Přemysl (referee)
In addition to mainstream studio production, it has always been independent film production, and practically from the beginning of American cinematography. This thesis is about the development, processes and transformation of the independent American film production into a position as we know it today.
Problematics of second feature film analyzed after year 2000
Pavlíčková, Eva ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; BOROVAN, Pavel (referee)
Ve své práci se zabývám problematikou vzniku druhého hraného českého flmu po roce 2000. Snažím se popsat a zanalyzovat různé cesty vzniku druhého filmy, upozorňuji na hrozby a specifika, které s sebou vznik druhého filmu nese. V Neposlední řadě se snažím zmapovat mladou českou scénu po roce 2000, kde poukazuji na fakt, že mladý český film je momentálně v nejlepší kondici.
The Phenomenon of Biographical Audiovisual Works from Producer's Perspective
Šonková, Barbora ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; Havas, David (referee)
The diploma thesis with the title Phenomenon of Biographical Audiovisual Works from Producer's Perspective concentrates on the topic of biographical feature films in the Czech Republic. It is looking for similarities in such films, miniseries and serials. The work covers the history of audiovisual works within the biographical genre in the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia. The most extensive part of the thesis is dedicated to the specifics of development, realization, marketing and distribution, presented through specific examples of biographical audiovisual works in praxis. The thesis also covers international cooperation and distribution from the Czech producer’s point of view. It concentrates mainly on feature films; however, it covers TV production as well. The result of this thesis is a summary of gained knowledge, rules and experiences of diverse living filmmakers (often contrary ones), for their future application in praxis.
Crowdfunding as a Way of Funding Films
Hněvsová, Kristýna ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; ŠVECOVÁ, Marta (referee)
The topic of this thesis is crowdfunding, the community way of financing projects. The aim of this work is to show how crowdfunding is being used to finance films and in what way it changes the classic relationship between the producer and the audience. In the case studies of two successful Czech film projects are outlined the possibilities of crowdfunding in the Czech environment.
Novotný, Mikuláš ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; STRNAD, Pavel (referee)
In its first part, this master thesis focuses on dividing potential approaches towards producing films, according to pre-defined goals of the producers (income/fame/artistic value). It explores the term art-house cinema and alerts on the impact of international education programs and film subsidies, which (applied altogether) may only lead to an average result - average film. A short historical context of selected French and Spanish producers is being afterwards accompanied by two large interviews with present successful producers, Cedomir Kolar and Luis Minarro. These two interviews shall refer to various approaches to producing, within the actual system. In its ending, the thesis calls for bravery of the upcoming generation to search for alternative model of producing and distributing films of artistic value.
Czech Film Online Distribution
Kamarytová, Bára ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; DANIELIS, Aleš (referee)
Bachelor thesis reflects the phenomenon of audiovisual media services on demand (Video on Demand, bellow as VoD) and their position on the local distribution market. The first part of thesis defines the term VoD in the perspective of Czech law and describes the history of VoD providers in the Czech Republic. The business models and strategy of VoD are represented on the examples of three VoD platforms (Aerovod, DAFilms and Alza Filmy). The thesis also includes the position of the National Film Archive to this issue. The second part of thesis focuses on the widespread problem of illegal online film distribution, which negatively affects status and the overall position of VoD; and the attitude of Czech producers and distributors to the current situation in online distribution. The conclusion is devoted to the prediction and expectation of future VoD development in the Czech Republic since the opening of global platform Netflix on local market.
Financing of Audiovisual Works in Germany and the Possibilities of Cooperation with Czech Producers
Šonková, Barbora ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; VÁLA, Luboš (referee)
Bachelor thesis with the title Financing of Audiovisual Works in Germany and the Possibilities of Cooperation with Czech Producers analyses the methods of financing film projects in Germany. It is examining the conditions, under which it is possible to reach specific funds and covers other ways of getting financial support. It addresses the cooperation with distributors, TV stations and also briefly covers the possibilities of alternative financing. The second part of the thesis focuses on Czech-German coproductions, pointing out the crucial criteria of formation of these collaborations. The work explores the various steps of creation of joint projects, from script to the final distribution of the film. The main goal is to find out, whether Germany is the right coproduction partner for Czech producers and whether Czech projects have the potential for German market.
Student film as a genre and its presence at international film festivals
Žáčková, Julie ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; KALLISTA, Jaromír (referee)
Student film is rather a technical category than a specific genre. It is defined by school-given parameters, technological approach or length. However, student films can also be seen as professing certain elements of a genre that stem out of the very given criteria. The focal point of the thesis is the relationship between student films and in majority international film festivals - this is approached based on mapping of significant achievements of Czech student films at international festivals, examination of student films as seen by the festivals and Czech film professionals and experts. The key element that will be dealt with throughout the entire thesis is the discussion concerning the artifically-introduced stigma that student films carry in the eyes of the general public.
Production Services For An International Client In Advertising
Havelka, Oldřich ; OUKROPEC, Petr (advisor) ; ŠUSTER, Jan (referee)
Text of the thesis is devoted to the service production companies in the Czech Republic and cooperation with foreign entities in the production of feature commercial. It discusses the basic structures of communication, production and hierarchy between service production and foreign partners. Gradually reveals the chronology of commercial production from the award of the contract to its conclusion. It describes the current situation on the Czech market mechanisms taken from film production - applied to the service environment of commercial production. Based on the combination of the manufacturing processes and document gives an overview of the status of production service advertising contracts Czech audiovisual market.

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