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Academic Square - Faculty of Fine Arts
Smejkal, Jan ; Kyselka,, Mojmír (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The theme of the thesis is a study of the project of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. The site lies on boundary of two city parts, Brno – Střed and Brno – Žabovřesky and it is surrounded by streets Veveří, Šumavská and Bulínova.The project ties together with architectural study from subject TG02, which concerns the Faculty of Forensic Engineering. The final result of both parts is the project of both schools with common facilities. The part of the project is an underground garage where is a space for public parking which is demanded by city hall. The main idea was to create building with respect to surroundings and define itself to the street lines and create the small square inside the block of the buildings. The results are two six-floor buildings connected by two-floor object with atrium.
Academic Square - Faculty of Fine Arts
Novotná, Markéta ; Kyselka,, Mojmír (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The final thesis is focused on a design of architectural study of a Faculty of fine arts on the area, which is located on a border of two Brno districts Veveří and Žabovřesky. The chosen area is determined by Šumavská Street, Bulínova Street, and Veveří Street. The design follows an already processed part of the project from the first semester in the subject TG02. It is focused on the layout of the buildings in the area and the design of architectonical study for three out of four units – the Faculty of Forensic Engineering, common premises of both faculties and underground garages. The fourth unit, which is the Faculty of Fine Arts, is designed in the second phase as the final thesis. Other units are developed together with the design of the second faculty. The architectonical concept follows the city structure in the nearest surroundings. The main idea was to create a cluster of buildings which respects a human scale, not to create a long endless facades and gigantic masses of buildings. The solution is two L-shaped buildings, which grip the building of common premises. It creates a lot of semipublic and public spaces with a great variety of various functions.
Academic Square - Faculty of Fine Arts
Smrčková, Zuzana ; Kyselka,, Mojmír (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is solving the new building of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. The studied area is located on the borders of the city of Brno-Center and Brno-Žabovřesky. Define the plot street Veveří, Bulínova, Academická, Hrnčířská and Šumavská. Žabovřesky. Define the plot street Veveří, Bulínová, Academic, Pottery and Šumavská. The proposal involves two universities - the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Forensic Engineering. The proposal builds on a new urban plan for the city of Brno, and also reflects the design of the new underground tram Diameter. The building complex is designed as a whole. The buildings of these schools have certain common facilities, such as a library, cloakroom, dining room, hall, utility room. The proposal builds on the competition program at the Academic square in Brno. Parking is solved as an underground garage. Outside parking spaces for both faculties be reckoned with parking spaces for the City, and to be a substitute for the parking areas located on the currently designed plot. The proposed solution allows to stage construction, where the first stage will be built Faculty of Forensic Engineering, common areas, all the parking spaces and the second stage will be built Faculty of Fine Arts.
BUT Area Kraví hora
Kříčková, Zuzana ; Kyselka,, Mojmír (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The content of the thesis is an architectural study, which proposes a new use of the grounds of the VUT area on Kraví hora. The aim was to combine the interests of VUT and the City of Brno in this extraordinary territory for the benefit of both subjects. The study addresses not only the VUT land, but also the whole area of Kraví hora, which is one of the unique green spaces in the center of Brno. The High School of Technology at Kraví Hora is one of the most valuable areas of the city of Brno. Just like the rest of Kravi hora. But we are talking about a territory that is scattered over several sub-sections. The biggest problem of the whole mountain is impenetrability and lack of solidarity. Kraví hora is a place that has served history, relaxation, afternoon activities and family trips. Today, it is mainly used as a gardening colony - the private sector. From another part there are spaces that are leased to different companies and private owners. However, the use of these spaces, in most cases, does not correspond to the character that has long since existed. Another problem is poor transport accessibility, low capacity of parking spaces and large distances from the area to public transport stops. In the interest of the City of Brno, cultivation of the Kraví hora as urban green space and the creation of a whole green park, which will serve primarily the public.
BUT Area Kraví hora
Muroň, Jakub ; Dvořák, Miloš (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is to continue on the previous atelier work, which was focused on elaboration of a strategic urban-architectural study of the Kraví hora area and the BUT holding located there. A multifunctional facility, which would include activities that BUT still lacks, should be designed there. In any case, it should not be an extension of the teaching, research or accommodation capacities, since there have been built enough of these by BUT recently. At the same time, the proposed activities should not be controversial with the interests of the city. The BUT area at Kraví hora is one of the most valuable areas of the city of Brno. The city, which has tried to buy it from BUT several times, has an eminent interest in this area. However BUT considers it as its "family silver", because they realize its extraordinary value. Nevertheless, due to the binding regulatory conditions, construction possibilities are very limited. The aim of this study is to find such a use of this area, which would be a compromise corresponding to both the city's expectations and the needs of BUT. The intention of the previous project, which has been continued by this diploma thesis, was the removal of unsatisfactory buildings and the reduction of the garden colonies; despite to a study created by the City of Brno but partially kept, cultivated and reorganized; and rebuilding of the BUT area, which will be opened to the public and communicate with park. The public will obtain an access to nowadays inaccessible and impermeable areas by removing inappropriate buildings and fences, as well as by the modification of the public space and creating one major spine communication realized as an extension of the existing road and which will serve only for the supply, hikers and cyclists. The newly founded BUT complex with its strategic location on the top of Kraví hora hill and next to the observatory will invite large number of people not only from the surroundings but a
BUT Area Kraví hora
Trčálková, Miroslava ; Dvořák, Miloš (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Dvořák, Miloš (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is a detailed study of the VUT area at Kraví Hora to a scale of 1: 200. The aim is to combine the interests of VUT and Brno in this extraordinary territory for the benefit of both subjects. For the needs of the city, I created a publicly accessible park in which I placed the VUT museum buildings and the spaces for the promotion of individual VUT faculties that the Technical University lacks. I have also placed the object of the creative business center here. These are rented spaces especially for VUT graduates and VUT employees who want to do creative work. Both buildings with a green walkable roof are embedded in the terrain so as not to disturb the overall impression of the landscape and create a natural transition between the buildings and the city park.
BUT Area Kraví hora
Vrlová, Ela ; Kyselka,, Mojmír (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis BUT Area Kravi hora is a strategic study of the BUT area at Kravi hora from the previous semester to a scale of 1:200. The subject is the elaboration of the concept in order to bring together the interests of BUT and Brno city in this extraordinary territory for the benefit of both subjects. This work deals in detail with newly proposed objects in the BUT territory. A number of regulations have been issued in the territory limiting the subsequent use of the area, but the current area does not suit the existing potential of the site. The main concept was a creation of a set of buildings that will serve the University for representation and public activities, while allowing the access and use of the general public by the inhabitants of the city of Brno. The whole site will be set up in a newly-built city-wide park and other park areas that will create an attractive part of the now-inaccessible and unspoilt area connecting Veveri with Kravi hora. There will also be added additional features inspired by the existing features in the area, namely the Art Colony with ateliers, then Business Units and spacious Public Workshops. The entire Kravi hora area will be interwoven with a number of services serving both adults and children. The new proposal will also lead to the diversion of car traffic from the whole territory in order to ensure the safest relaxed movement of visitors. There will be numerous parking spaces located on the outskirts of the area. The main goal is to create a strong concept focusing on relaxation, health, education and sport, which should result in the overall opening and attractiveness of the territory.
Gmont Cable Brno
Rampáčková, Monika ; Suchánek,, Petr (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The content of the bachelor thesis was elaborated follow-up levels of project documentation for studying the new building Gmont cable in Brno, which I designed for subject AG032. The proposed building is located in the city of Brno - Cernovice. Building is near by many types of services, especially industrial factories. The building is mostly one – storey or two – storey. Newly built plant of Gmont s.r.o. will be one-storey, focused on the manufacture of cables and the assembly of cable harnesses, cables and wires. There is an administrative part in the building providing the organization of the company. The main idea was to fit the object appropriately into the surrounding environment using a minimalist style. Compositionally mass consist of 3 volumes, which together form the final shape of the building and diagonally follow adjacent communications. Atrium is inserted into the center of the building. An important element that gave the construction a characteristic expression was the use without a maintenance facade. The direct light coming into the building is scattered through perforated sheet metal, creating an interesting game of light and shade in the interiors. In the main production, light is brought to the object by saw blades oriented northwards. The construction technical site is designed with prefabricated reinforced concrete prefabricated structural skeletal system and the dry construction process prevails.
Car Center VW Group
Sedláček, Jakub ; Štikar, Jaroslav (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
Topic of the Bachelor Thesis is a design of the new car centre for VW group. The new building is located at the vacant plot in the city district Brno-Zábrdovice. The main area of the plot is registered as a brownfield number 3402 with former industrial production. The plot is defined by the streets Cejl and Jana Svobody on its north and south boundary, where the connection between those two streets is a typical element of the area. The east boundary is defined by the river Svitava. The plot is slightly sloping to the river. The building is divided into three separate volumes. Each of them is equal to the specific function – showroom, storage and car repair shop for VW, Škoda, Audi and Seat. The designed car centre is a single-storey steel industrial building without cellar. The part of the showroom includes offices on the first floor. The main structural system is defined by the steel frame structure – steel columns and truss girders. Vertical structural elements consist of two U280 steel profiles (showroom) and HEA 260 steel profiles (storage, car repair shop). Horizontal structural elements consist of steel truss girders and steel IPE profiles. Bracing system is designed as a combination of reinforced concrete walls and steel rods. The steel structure is based on reinforced concrete foundation pads with drilled piles. Foundation pads are connected by reinforced concrete strip foundations. The glazed curtain walling of the building’s envelope is formed by Schüco facade system, which is complemented with the significant aluminium shading system of vertical lamellaes Alaris. The rest of the external facades is demonstrated through the Kingspan’s insulated metal wall panels with vertical grooves. Floor and roof structures are defined by trapezoidal sheet with composite concrete slab. Roofing is designed as a warm flat roof with internal roof drains for the whole building. The waterproofing layer is made of SBS modified bitumen membranes.
SM Enterprise Leasing Building Brno
Valentová, Renata ; Mikeš, Stanislav (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The Bachelor's thesis is based on an architectural study prepared in the summer semester of the 3rd year bachelor's study on SM enterprice leasing buildign Brno. The aim was to design an industrial facility for small and medium-sized businesses, concentrating various services in one place. Basically the will be situated commercial activities related to craft production, services, arts crafts etc. The complex consist of five buildings for rent. The buildings are provided in two size categories complemented by a common administrative building located in the northern part of the land at the driveway. All objects are oriented parallel to the axis of Hněvkovský Street and follow up on the existing surrounding area. The floor plans are based on the principle of repeating modules. The rectangular module forms the ranting area. Spaces are merged into blocks of four and completed with one common module, where are implemented hygienic facilities and cloakrooms for each of the rentable space. Between the blocks are situated platforms for supply providing.

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