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Detached house
Orságová, Veronika ; Bečkovská, Tereza (referee) ; Nespěšný, Ondřej (advisor)
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is the preparation of project documentation for the construction of a family house in accordance with the current legislation. The aim of the thesis is to design and describe the proposed layout of the building, appropriately choose the structural system, materials, solve the ground settlement with respect to the existing condition of the land and respect the surrounding buildings. The basis of the work was the municipality's master plan, the land registry and the geological map. The new building will be located on a flat terrain in a remote and quiet part of Pardubice on an area whose use according to the planning documentation is low-rise suburban housing. The proposed house is a two-storey building with no basement, which is adapted for housing four people. The project focuses on creating a functional home with optimal use of space and separation of zones. The construction system is wall-based. Lime-sand blocks with external contact insulation made of polystyrene facade boards were used for the external masonry. The horizontal structures will be made of monolithic reinforced concrete. The roofing of the main building is provided by a heavy system roof structure. The second part of the building is covered by a flat, vegetated roof with an attic. On the first floor there is a communication and social area, where the spacious living room with dining room and kitchenette is located. On the second floor there is a separate quiet zone, where mainly children's rooms and bedrooms are located. On both floors there is a bathroom and a separate toilet.
Manufacturing of ready-to-wear clothes
Antonova, Alina ; Suchánek,, Petr (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Bečkovská, Tereza (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with design of an industrial building – production of branded clothing in Brno. Production of branded clothing is focused on the production of branded women's clothing. The area is located in Brno-Bohunice at Vinohrady Street. The work follows the architectural study AG034. The land is sloping, rising to the northeast. The slope is used for an auxiliary building, there is also a parking lot. The land is bordered on two sides by roads. In the northern part it is the existing road, in the southern part the road is designed according to the zoning plan. The main entrance for employees is located in the northeastern part. Arrival for supply is solved by a new road within the solved plot. It is a newly built 4-storey production hall and two auxiliary buildings with flat roofs. The operation will be technologically and organizationally connected to the parent plant abroad. The building will have warehouses for finished products, blanks, materials and plant management. Catering will be solved in the form of import and heating of food. The concept of the whole building is based on the shape of the land, the shape of the main building is based on simple geometry. The main building consists of four blocks, which form the production, a separate administrative part and a part intended for warehouses. The building has four floors. The building near the road is designed with a green roof, as well as a building for auxiliary operation next to the parking lot. The green roof will look natural and connect the proposed building with the character of the site. The production hall is mostly glazed, which allows for all-day natural lighting. The entrance part of the building is also glazed, the structure is visible and gives the building the expression of an industrial building. The sanitary facilities are glazed with sash windows, which provide natural lighting and also ventilation necessary in case of technical problems with recuperation.
Detached house in Humpolec
Vacková, Michaela ; Bečkovská, Tereza (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to design a detached house within a project document. A designed object is situated in a certain building site in a territory of Humpolec in Vysočina region. The detached house is conceived as a self-contained object, arranged for a fourmembered family. It is a 2-floor top view rectangle building on a slope with a partially embedded floor in a 1.S terrain. In a basement, there are technical and relaxing rooms with a sauna and a gym, in the first floor, there is a social and relaxing zone. The vertical constructions are made of formwork Best and ceramic breeze blocks Porotherm. The house is internally weatherproof and a facade ThermoWood is air-filtered. A horizontally supporting construction consists of a ceiling Porotherm. The roof of the detached house is made of two-layer roof construction in wooden tie beams.
Car centre VW Group Brno
Thunová, Nicola Vanesa ; Suchánek,, Petr (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Bečkovská, Tereza (advisor)
ABSTRACT The subject of the bachelor’s thesis is an architectural study created within the AG033 subject. This study is the elaboration of the documentation for building permission and documentation for construction. The subject of this thesis is the design of a new building for the Volkswagen Group car center, which is to serve for sales, warranty and post-warranty repairs and servicing of ŠKODY, SEAT, VW and AUDI cars. This building is situated in Mikulov town, cadastral area Mikulov, in the industrial zone of the town. The specified set of plots is located near agricultural and industrial buildings at the end of Jiráskova street on flat terrain, there was no need to preserve the character of the existing sorrounding buildings. The building has a maximum of two floors in the part of the showroom, in the rest part of the building there is only one floor. The whole building is divided into thee basic parts: Showroom, warehouse, service. The remaining areas of the land are divided into the forecourt of a representative showroom, of communication and parking for customers, employees and parking lots. These areas are complemented by grassy areas with low greenery. The whole building is designed as several cubes stacked together. An exclusively flat roof at different height levels is designed here. The main entrance is located in the showroom facing south with the representative forecourt adjacent to Jiráskova street. The showroom has large wooden-aluminium windows and serves as a showcase for the car center. The structure is made of reinforced conncrete frame loadbearing structure filled with large windows and aerated concrete bloctks YTONG, the entire building is panelling by sandwich thermal insulation panel systém from Kingspan. The roof plane is solved using sandwich roof insulation panels also from the same company.
Energy efficient terraced house
Král, Jakub ; Bečkovská, Tereza (referee) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
The aim of my diploma thesis is a design of a new energy efficient terraced house in the gap site. Building has two dwelling unit of category 4+kitchenette and 6+ kitchenette. Building has a cellar, two floors and an attic. The cellar structures and horizontal structures are made of reinforced concrete. Sand-lime bricks are used for masonry. The building is covered with gabled roof with timber roof truss. In this building there are used rainwater and renewable energy in a form of electrical energy made by photovoltaic panels.
Apartment building in Lanškroun
Rousková, Radka ; Bečkovská, Tereza (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concerns the design documentation for the construction of an apartment building in Lanškroun. The aim of the thesis is work out a layout of the building and design a suitable construction system. Design documentation complies with valid standards and regulations. The program AutoCAD was used for processing. The proposed building has three storeys and a partial basement. The apartment building has 8 flats and one of them is designed for a barrier-free. The vertical refit works above ground are designed as clay masonry, masonry consists of permanent formwork in the basement. Horizontal ceiling structures are designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete slab. The apartment building is covered warm flat roof. The building is based on foundation strips.
Konečný, Patrik ; Bečkovský, David (referee) ; Bečkovská, Tereza (advisor)
The topic of the final diploma thesis is the design of project documentation for the permission to build a new kindergarten building, including ancillary buildings, in the passive standard. The project is divided into three parts, which also includes the design and optimization of other professions of the technical equipment in the building, so that the object meets the minimum requirements for fulfilling the title of passive environmentally advanced buildings. The building will be located in Brno-Vinohrady and is designed as a detached without a basement and with a flat green roof. The masonry in the entire building is designed from ceramics blocks, the envelope walls will be insulated using mineral wool. Roof structures are designed as cast-in-place reinforced concrete slabs. The foundations are designed as a cast-in-place concrete strip, on which there will be a cast-in-place concrete slab. Plastic-frame doors and windows with triple glazing are designed as well. The next part of the thesis is dealt with inner environment. Two ground-water heat pumps with boreholes are designed as a heating source for the building. The heat will be distributed via floor heating grids. The building will have mechanical ventilation, its efficiency against summer overheating will be increased by exterior blinds, which will be installed as a part of windows. In the last part of the thesis, where twas optional topic, is designed a drinking water supply and waste water disposal from the land, water distribution and sewerage inside the building and rainwater management system to maximize fresh water savings. Other materials of the diploma thesis that verify the condition of the building or additional information about the design, include calculations from building physics, a certificate of energy efficiency of the building or simulation outputs from various computer software.
Boarding house Pamferova Huť
Trojáková, Michaela ; Bečkovská, Tereza (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes the design and processing of project documentation pension. The proposed facility is located in the village of Železná Ruda- Pamferova Hut. The site is widely used by tourists in winter and summer. This is partly basement building, which has 2 storeys and an attic. The roof is designed as a gabled dormer with a flat roof. The building is based on the footings of plain concrete and under the reinforced concrete pillars are designed shoe. Supporting, peripheral and partition walls are designed from sand-lime bricks SENDWIX. An exception is peripheral walls of the basement, which is in contact with soil, which is designed as a lost formwork. In the dining area, which has an open reinforced concrete columns. Ceiling structure will consist of prestressed ceiling panels SPIROLL. Perimeter walls are insulated using external thermal insulation composite system using insulation from stone wool. The building is functionally divided into three main parts with a common main entrance. The first part is a restaurant with a kitchen, storage and kitchen facilities. This section is designed restaurants with a total capacity of 26 persons, the capacity will be in the summer to expand the possible capacity of the terrace, which belongs to the dining room. It is also proposed sanitary facilities for visitors to the restaurant, kitchen with storage and facilities for staff. The second part is the wellness center, which consists of a gym and rooms with infrared sauna and whirlpool. This section is designed sanitary facilities for visitors separated for men and women. The last part of the pension, which used to accommodate 30 people and the background of the pension. Backgrounds pension means any technical equipment room, storage room for bikes and skis, and not least the individual room house, which also includes a room for personal hygiene. This thesis was created with an emphasis on a correct layout and architectural design, static requirements an
Energy efficient mountain chalet
Němec, Ondřej ; Bečkovská, Tereza (referee) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
Master´s thesis is based on the design of energy efficient huts in the mountain resort Čenkovice . The specified property is currently located existing building mountain rescue . Land is the bigger size , medium steep , overgrown with trees higher . The existing building is of timber construction and is already inadequate to the needs of mountain rescue . The concept of the new HS object is to achieve the lowest power consumption of utility power to operate the building and to endeavor the least possible burden on the environment during construction. The new building is designed largely from natural materials , mostly of wood that form the supporting structure and it is well insulated. The house is rectangular in shape , with 2 floors and galleries. The first floor serves HS , second floor stay for ski school instructors . The rooms are oriented to the southwest side . The building uses solar energy to power and ventilation is forced.
Detached house, Včelná
Machová, Petra ; Bečkovská, Tereza (referee) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis topic is a project of a detached house. The house is designed as two storey basementless wooden building with a pitched roof. The 6 bedrooms layout fulfills the design for 4-6 family members. The entrance to the house is from the southwest side. Entering the vestibul gets us to the hall where WC and bathroom, stairs, guest room, living room and kitchen with dinning room are accesible. Going upstairs we come to the second floor hall. One children room, closet and parents bedroom, kitchen and separate WC is easily accesible from here. Object includes garage for one car with separate entrance which is connected to the technical room.It is a wooden building of large-size panels NOVATOP.

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