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Characters of Indian Muslims in the short stories by Hindi writer Nasira Sharma
Čvančarová, Lenka ; Marková, Dagmar (advisor) ; Melnikova, Nora (referee)
The thesis aims to describe and evaluate the depiction of Indian Muslims in the series of short stories by Nasira Sharma. The writer is one of the Muslim authors who chose to write in Hindi. In her works, Sharma shares in detail but also in discretion her unique insight into the private matters of Muslim families and their coexistence with the Hindu majority on various levels. Rather than focusing on politics, she inspects the human nature and the difficulties the Muslim communities face. As a minority, they live in more challenging conditions compared to the population of purely Muslim countries. Sharma repeatedly draws attention to the root of many of these difficulties, i.e. the voluntary isolation of Islamic communities and their strict observance of traditions. Key words: Muslims, India, Islam, Nasira Sharma, Hindu literature, short story
Arabic and Persian influence on Hindi and Urdu
Stahl, Matěj ; Strnad, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to characterize and divide the Arab-Persian components of Hindi and Urdu languages, as well as to describe the linguistic relationship between Hindi and Urdu and how Hindi translations of the same Urdu text differ. The first part of the thesis deals with the characteristics of the context of the language exchange on the Indian subcontinent, especially the Arab-Persian influence and the linguistic spheres, which were affected the most. The second part is an analysis of the Urdu text, tangibly Manto's short story Ṭoba Ṭek Sing and parallel Hindi translations, to help delineate and define the boundaries of Arab-Persian influence between Urdu and Hindi and within Hindi itself. It was discovered that the boundaries among Hindi translations can not be defined and the degree of borrowing acceptance varies depending on the translator.
Characters of women -mothers in tales of chosen hindu authors
Lomičková Sučanová, Barbora ; Marková, Dagmar (advisor) ; Melnikova, Nora (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with reflection of a picture of women- mothers in chosen hindu tales. Deals about motherhood in India on the base of literal characters of woman- mothers, analyses significant aspects of motherhood in India. Pays attention to influences of surrounding society and how they struggle with it. The thesis sources from original literature in hindi language and from other translations with taking account of original verses.
Medieval Hindi Literature and Sikhism
Čvančarová, Lenka ; Kostič, Svetislav (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
This paper deals with the Sikh society. History, the creation of this company. Its traditions, rituals and teachings. The main part is devoted to the sacred book of the Sikhs Guru Granth and the ten gurus, each contributed their thoughts and actions to the formation of the Sikh community, as we know it today. Part of the Guru Granth The contributions are Muslimand Hindu holy men, who are heavily involved in shaping this book. And their benefits will not be neglected in this work.
Language features of the modern Hindi short story in diaspora
Khadimetova, Nilufar ; Kostič, Svetislav (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
Charles University, the Faculty of Philosophy Department of South and Central Asia Diploma Thesis Student: Nilufar Khadimetová Language features of the modern Hindi short-story in diaspora Annotation The objective of the thesis is a description of the language of modern Hindī short- stories by Indian authors who live and write in diaspora. Analysis and description are made on a limited sample of short-stories that have been written since the beginning of the 21st century. Philological analysis includes both the lexical borrowings and the way of word formation and phraseology. It focuses on onomasiological phenomena such as "loan translation" or calc and creation of hybrid words as well as syntagmas. No less attention is devoted to syntax which we can assume that may be affected by English or another language in which the authors write. In conclusion we set out the main features of the English language influences on literary Hindī as reflected in selected stories, and indicate further possibilities for research in this area. Key words: Hindī, diaspora, modern hindī short story, language contact, code switching or mixing, language impacts, lexical borrowings, onomasiology, phraseology, verbo-nominal expressions, verb syntagmas etc.
The portrait of mystic poet Mahadevi Varma
Zmeková, Barbora ; Kostič, Svetislav (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis presents the mystic poetess Mahadevi Varma, whose poetic work is of the Chhayavad period of Hindi poetry. The thesis introduces the reader to the dynamics of modern Hindi poetry. The main focus is on Varma's life and includes an analysis of her poetic work. The paper addresses Varma's use of traditional Indian literary elements in a modern context, which represents characteristic features of Chhayavad in general. A distinguishing factor of this thesis are translations of Mahadevi Varma's poems from Hindi into Czech. The translations are not direct translations but take poetic license to retain the spirit of the poetry in Czech.
Hunger strike as a political weapon in the contemporary India
Biľová, Oľga ; Štipl, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
The thesis will be discussing the concept of hunger strikes, that in the world, especially in Indian subcontinent serve as the way of political weapon. The work is divided into four parts linked with each other. The first chapter presents the basic division of hunger strikes' causes. From fasts, that can play the role of healthy or religious act to a hunger strike as the social protest against repression from higher posts of hierarchy. The second and also the key chapter presents the most important Indian thinker throughout the 20th century, M. K. Gandhi, who is known by his unprecedented number of fasts and hunger strikes, mainly with political background. He had created and moreover incorporated his own philosophy, which is also included into his hunger strike as a non-violent weapon. The third and at the same time the vastest chapter of my work contains the most interesting Indian hunger strike examples after Gandhi's death. The last chapter briefly informs about the complete hunger strike transformation and depicts the most outstanding hunger strikes' mistakes and reasons of failure consequences.
Emotional Intelligence and its Measuring
Štěpánková, Monika ; Gruber, Jan (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
This bachelor thesis includes a summary of famous concepts of emotional intelligence and the use of them. The thesis briefly introduces with their basic features and measure methods connected to the concepts. By this, it shows the stage of development of emotional intelligence today. One measure method will be used in the applicative part of the thesis. The aim of the thesis is to outline alternative ways of understanding the topic of emotional intelligence and different ways of using emotional intelligence in practise. The models are supposed to be compared and contrasted and two people with different emotional intelligence level should be tested. Ten people who know the two, will answer questions about them. The two people will be also tested in one measure method. The results should show, whether there is a difference between a prediction and the test results or not.
Modern Israeli Short Story
Maizels, Tereza ; Šedinová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
The dissertation "Modern Israeli short story" focuses on the form of the current short prose studied on the work of four of the renowned Israeli contemporary authors. Employing the method of text comparison we try to illustrate the specifics of the modern Israeli short story. The dissertation contains both the theoretical overview as well as analytical material. The authors were selected according to several criteria: two male and two female writers which enables us to determine whether "gender" plays a role - meaning if each author favors heroes of a specific gender or if they focus only on "female" or "male" contents. We also chose two native Israeli writers and two authors of foreign descent that immigrated to Israel which enabled us to study the linguistic angle and to realize whether the writer's background is reflected in his/her work. The analytical parts as well as the amendments contain a number of samples which prove our conclusions.
Mobbing as a current problem, its solutions and the possibillities of prevention
Svatoňová, Lenka ; Gruber, Jan (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
The presented bachelor thesis covers the topic of mobbing. This phenomenon can also be labelled as psychological terror or bullying in the workplace. The first part of the bachelor thesis is theoretical and describes how the term mobbing arises and the history of the term mobbing. Then it describes what the term mobbing means and what similar terms include (bossing, staffing). The thesis further focuses on the causes of mobbing formation, the phases of mobbing and their progress. The thesis also deals with the consequences of mobbing and with the possibilities of mobbing prevention and solutions. The empirical part includes a quantitative analysis of mobbing occurrence and mobbing awareness among employees. Then it compares if there are any differences between the state administration and the commercial sphere. The sample involved 100 respondents from the state administration and 100 respondents from the commercial sphere. The analysis discovered low mobbing awareness and differences in mobbing occurrence between the state administration and the commercial sphere.

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