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Linguistics terms in mass media (Study of determinologization)
Pavlová, Hana ; Bozděchová, Ivana (advisor) ; Mareš, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on linguistic terminology in current mass media discourse. The main objective of this thesis is to analyze the occurrences of linguistic terms in the corpus SYN2013PUB and to describe their function, meaning and context and the process of their determinologization. The first part concerns the existing approaches to terms and terminology, the specifics of the linguistics terminology, the function of the terms in the professional style and their use in the journalistic style. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the relations between general lexicon and terminology, terminologization and determinologization. The analysis of the examples indicates, how to follow the determinologization in the texts. The examples are classified according to the indicators of determinologization. These indicators are typical means of journalistic style (which contains terms), journalistic innovation of the collocability, specific ways of explaining the terms and the semantics or formal modifications of the terms. The determinologization is considered an unfinished process, accomplished for diverse corpus occurrences of linguistic terms in various extent.
Using Film Material in Teaching Czech as a Foreign language to Present Czech culture
Kolářová, Kristýna ; Škodová, Svatava (advisor) ; Mareš, Petr (referee)
Using Film Material in Teaching Czech as a Foreign Language to Present Czech Culture Abstract The aim of this thesis is to offer teachers of Czech as a second language information about the use of films to present Czech culture in B2 level. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of Czech culture by different authors, and the explanation of sociocultural and intercultural competence. Also, the approach of Weimann and Hosch towards teaching culture is defined, and the main components of communicative approach are introduced. Further, the use of films in language teaching is explored together with the specification of the reasons why films should be used in language teaching, advantages and disadvantages connected to it, and the methods of the film presentation are introduced. The practical part consists of two main parts. In the first part the available materials containing the use of films in teaching Czech as a second language are analysed, and the second part introduces an educational material based on the information found in the theoretical part of this thesis.
Language cliché in contemporary TV news
Jeřichová, Tereza ; Bozděchová, Ivana (advisor) ; Mareš, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on language cliché in contemporary TV news. The aim of the theoretical part is to define the term cliché, specify its key features and describe language of the TV news. The analytical part focuses on finding and describing language clichés in the analysed material, which consists of TV news texts from three different Czech TV stations. The analysed material is restricted on preselected period of time. The chosen material is acquired from Newton Media archive, and the descriptions of particular clichés are accompanied by frequency and collocation data from language corpus SYN2015. The core of this diploma thesis is systematic definition of the term cliché and the linguistic analysis of particular clichés that can be found in contemporary TV news.
Dynamics of Language Expression in Contemporary Mass Media
Hunalová, Michaela ; Bozděchová, Ivana (advisor) ; Mareš, Petr (referee)
The main objective of this thesis called "Language Innovations in Mass Media" is to identify and compare language innovations in articles produced by major printed mass medium with language innovations in news programme broadcasted by public TV channel. Thesis aims to describe actual trends of language innovations, specifically lexical and word-building process. Overall, author analysed language of 17,723 reports and 1,174 articles from TV programme Události (produced by Česká televize and broadcasted daily at 7pm) and front pages of daily newspaper (MF DNES) from one-year period. Author detects similar patterns in terms of language innovations in both sources, however, the realization of the innovations is different.
Medical Doctors' Language Humour
Položijová, Jana ; Bozděchová, Ivana (advisor) ; Mareš, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the language humour in medical practice. In its first part, a general characterization of humour and comicality is analysed, based mainly on models by Henri Bergson, Bohuslav Brouk and Ladislav Dvorský. The work then focuses on the medical humour, particularly on humorous stories and jokes with medical setting. A basic typology of medical humour was created based on selected examples by comparing similar signs and elements occurring in the analysed material. The main established typological categories were: homonymy and polysemy, metaphor, metonymy, puns or slang. The diploma thesis also contains a short survey, summarizing the experience of doctors with medical humour directly in medical practice.
Language in Contemporary Discourse on Computer Games
Kapounová, Jana ; Mareš, Petr (advisor) ; Synková, Pavlína (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with selected language aspects of contemporary discourse on computer games. The analyzed material comes from game magazines Level and Score. The first part of the thesis deals with the delineation of the topic and the summary of the knowledge from the professional literature concerning the language of computers, computer games and internet communication. This includes a characteristic of the collected material. The second part is an analysis of game texts focusing on vocabulary of computer game players, expression in game texts, intertextuality, elements of humor, phraseology, comparison, rhymes, irony and self- irony. In addition, the work focuses on the communication situation in game reviews. The last part summarizes the knowledge gained from the analysis of game magazines and formulates conclusions about the language used in the discourse on computer games.
Film Titles and Their Translations
Valčíková, Tereza ; Mareš, Petr (advisor) ; Bozděchová, Ivana (referee)
The presented diploma thesis deals with titles of films and TV serials made in anglophone countries or in their co-production, in which their titles were either translated from English to Czech, or possibly the original titles were presented to Czech viewers in original form. The thesis analyzes and classifies the structure of the original and translated titles, characterizes the linguistic means used in them and compares the two titles on the basis of the acquired knowledge. For the purpose of analyzing and comparing the titles, a corpus of titles obtained by an excerpt from the Czech-Slovak Film Database (Č, was created. Titles from the years 1990 to 2015 were placed into the corpus, and each year contains the same number of titles. In total, 625 titles of foreign films and TV serials which form the main corpus, and 200 titles of domestic films and TV serials which form the control corpus, were gathered. A short questionnaire illustrating title influence on viewers when choosing a film, is also part of this diploma thesis. Key words title, film, film title, film name, functions of title, translation, translation strategies, equivalency, recipient
Aspects of radio broadcasting for adolescent and early adult audience
Mareš, Petr ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
renowned shows like Mikrofórum, special radio station for youths called EM, ending with Český rozhlas Radio Wave

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