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Signaling Pathway for Butanol Production in Solventogenic Clostridium Bacteria
Musilová, Jana ; Škutková, Helena (referee) ; Sedlář, Karel (advisor)
Diplomová práce se zabývá studiem signální dráhy produkce butanolu bakterií rodu Clostridium. V první části pojednává o modelování signálních drah pomocí metod systémové biologie. Navazuje popisem zisku dat pro tvorbu a úpravu modelů signálních drah s hlavním zaměřením na techniky pro zjištění genové exprese, produkce a fenotypu. Třetí sekcí je získání základního modelu signální dráhy zapojené do produkce butanolu u solventogenních klostridií. Posledním bodem a zároveň hlavním cílem je vytvoření dynamického modelu signální dráhy produkce butanolu kmene Clostridium beijerinckii NRRL B-598, jeho vyhodnocení pomocí statické a dynamické analýzy a srovnání s biologickými daty.
Determination of the frost tolerance of rapeseed varieties in early stages of plant development
Prášil, Ilja Tom ; Klíma, Miroslav ; Musilová, Jana ; Kosová, Klára ; Vítámvás, Pavel
The methodology is focused on the determination of frost tolerance of varieties, breeding materials and gene sources of rapeseed in the early stages of plant development using a direct frost test. Rapeseed plants grow in pots located outdoors under natural conditions. The sowing of germinated rapeseed seeds is carried out during October so that until the end of November the plants reach the first leaf stage. The plants are exposed to a frost test in pots from December to February according to the described procedures.
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Portfolio diversification
This master thesis is focused on portfolio diversification. In the Czech Republic, the majority of the population still deposits their free funds to current accounts, but the yield is not sufficient to cover the devaluation caused by inflation. In addition, investments in securities enable these funds to be better valued (naturally with a higher risk). The aggregate of all investments is called the investment portfolio. Harry Markowitz is the founder of modern portfolio theory. The aim of the thesis is to compile an optimal portfolio from chosen financial assets. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the terms such as the financial market, its nature and function and the basic elements of the investment strategy - profitability, risk and liquidity. On top of that, this part describes problems of portfolio theory with a focus on the Markowitz model of optimization. In total 15 stocks-issuing companies are selected from various industries. These companies are traded both on the Czech and American stock markets. The practical part is focused on creating optimal portfolio of selected financial assets. For different attitudes of the investor to risk and its selected strategy the optimal portfolio according to Markowitz is compiled. The weights of individual securities are determined as well as the yield and risk of the portfolios created and an effective boundary is demarcated.
Network Analysis Of Proteins Associated With Schizophrenia
Musilová, Jana
The aim of this study is a network analysis of proteins ADRA1A, DRD1, DRD2 and HTR2A associated with a schizophrenia disease. By random graph analysis, all researched proteins were evaluated as significant. Using Cytoscape software, significant DPI (drug-protein interactions), PPI (protein-protein interactions) and pathways were revealed. By historeceptomics analysis, significant regions in amygdala, smooth muscle or spinal cord and prefrontal cortex were identified. The acquired knowledge can contribute to further research in the development of multitarget drugs against schizophrenia disease.
Gender view at the provision of paid sexual assistance for people with disabilities
Musilová, Jana ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The diploma thesis on "Gender perspective on the provision of paid sexual assistance to people with disabilities" deals with the topic of sexual assistance. How is sexual assistance perceived in our country and abroad. For our country, the project is quite new and not yet fully resolved. The questionnaire survey was focused on men and women with disabilities as they perceive their own intimacy, whether they are interested in sexual assistance and whether they would like to use it. Gender differences in the issue were clearly apparent. This survey has confirmed the needs of people with disabilities in the sexual area. The using of sexual assistance in our country has its merits and this service will find its supporters and users. KEYWORDS People with disabilities, sexual assistance, sexuality
Interactions of drugs used to treat schizophrenia and their accompanying symptoms
Musilová, Jana ; Janoušek, Oto (referee) ; Cicková, Pavlína (advisor)
The thesis studies interactions and side effects of antipsychotic drugs. It describes the drug discovery and related scientific fields - especially the field of biological network analysis. The thesis also describes schizophrenia and its treatment. The aim of the work is creating script in R language for automatic data download from open source databases and a search of the most significant drug interactions in data from the open source databases, based on the visualisation and analysis of networks with Cytoscape software and its plugins, and a specification of similar pharmacological features of the most important medicaments.
Leasing - alternative tool for acquisition of fixed assets
This bachelor´s thesis is focused on analysis of ways of acquisition of fixed assets especially through leasing. Leasing has some advantages and disadvantages. It may not be the most effective way of acquisition of fixed assets for each company. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the most appropriate way of acquisition of the particular property for the particular company. The theoretical part of the thesis describes fixed assets, leasing, other ways of acquisition of assets and their comparison. In a practical part of the thesis there is performed an analysis of ways of acquisition of fixed assets. Two methods are introduced: net advantage of leasing and discounted costs of leasing and credit. Evaluation of the most effective way of acquisition of assets is done in the view of cash flow, income tax and VAT (value added tax). After the finishing the analysis, leasing seems to be the most appropriate form of financing for the company.
Molecular cytogenetic analysis of cryptic chromosomal rearrangements
Kindlová, Markéta ; Kočárek, Eduard (advisor) ; Musilová, Jana (referee)
Microdeletion syndromes occur in high incidence in the population, the most common syndrome is DiGeorge syndrome. Its incidence is 1 : 4 000. Another relatively frequent syndromes are Williams-Beuren syndrome, Miller-Dieker syndrome, 1p36 deletion syndrome and others. Most of these syndromes cause the serious clinical disorder to their carriers. Early and reliable diagnosis can help in treatment of the affected patient (education, surgical correction, physiotherapy, pharmacotherapy) or in prenatal diagnostics. We use FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization) or PCR (polymerase chain reaction) based methods to analyse cryptic chromosomal rearrangements, which cause these syndromes.
International convention CMR - actual questions
Musilová, Jana ; Pauknerová, Monika (advisor) ; Brodec, Jan (referee)
The international carriage of goods takes up a significant position in time of developing business relations and in fact it is not even possible to imagine the interstate commerce without it. In the European continent it is the international carriage of goods by road which is preferred for its availability, flexibility and easy utility. With the view of standardizing the conditions governing the contract for the international carriage of goods by road the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) was adopted at Geneva 19 May 1956 (registered ex officio on 2 July 1961, United nations - Treaty Series 1961). This convention came into force on 2 July 1961 (for the former Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic on 3 December 1974). Fifty-five Contracting Parties have accessed it till this time. After more than 50 years from the time of its adoption the CMR Convention remains respectable internationally and it is still a broadly applicable and stable regulation. It was amended once only by The Protocol to The Convention on The Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) done at Geneva 5 July 1978. Within the application of the CMR Convention it is still possible to find a lot of questions at issue, the author of this work deals with the most up-to-date...

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