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Habitat selection game
Slavík, Jakub ; Pražák, Dalibor (advisor) ; John, Oldřich (referee)
In the presented work we study an application of evolutionary game theory in behavioral ecology, specifically the habitat selection game, which describes the distribution of population into a finite number of patches. We also show the existence, uniqueness and evolutionary stability of the ideal free distribution (IFD) observed in natural environments. To describe the process of the distri- bution we specify the dynamics of the habitat selection game using dispersion dynamics, and we show the stability of the IFD for different types of dispersion dynamics using the classical theory of ordinary differential equations and the theory of ordinary differential equations with discontinuous righthand sides. 1
Isoperimetric problem in economics
Volek, Mikoláš ; John, Oldřich (advisor) ; Bárta, Tomáš (referee)
The isoperimetric problem is one of the broad class of optimal control problems, which draw on the generalization of classical calculus developed in the mid-20th century. In the bachelor's thesis I lay down the mathematical framework that permits to rigorously prove both the necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a maximizer of the objective function. I analyze a simple problem from the field of project planning, which is a branch of applied economics. On the basis of a 1973 article by Cullingford and Prideaux I present an augmented cost function that involves the concept of the time value of money, which is key to proper economic reasoning. I give an explicit solution along with graphical depictions of the impact of a non-zero discount factor on project planing under the model in question. Finally, I introduce additional constraints and discuss the subproblem of multiple equality and non-equality constraints.
Bifurcation of ordinary differential equations from points of Fučík spektrum
Exnerová, Vendula ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; John, Oldřich (referee)
Title: Bifurcation of Ordinary Differential Equations from Points of Fučík Spectrum Author: Vendula Exnerová Department: Department of Mathematical Analysis Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Jana Stará, CSc., Department of Mathematical Analysis MFF UK, Prague Abstract: The main subject of the thesis is the Fučík spectrum of a system of two differential equations of the second order with mixed boundary conditions. In the first part of the thesis there are described Fučík spectra of problems of a differential equation with Dirichlet, mixed and Neumann boundary conditions. The other part deals with systems of two differential equations. It attends to basic properties of systems and their nontrivial solutions, to a possibility of a reduction of number of parameters and to a dependance of a problem with mixed boundary condition on one with Dirichlet boundary conditions. The thesis takes up the results of E. Massa and B. Ruff about the Dirichlet problem and improves some of their proofs. In the end the Fučík spectrum of a problem with mixed boundary conditions is described as the union of countably many continuously differentiable surfaces and there is proven that this spectrum is closed.
Banach Function Spaces
Marko, Ján ; John, Oldřich (referee) ; Pick, Luboš (advisor)
N'a/ev prace: Banarhovy prostory fuiikci Autor: Jan Marko Katcdr;i: KaTedra inaleniaticke analy/y Yedouci bakalarske prace: doc1. UN Dr. Lubus Pick. CSc.. DSc. t'-inail vedoudho: Lubos.Pick'i'inff.cuni.c/ Abst.ra.kt.: V t.ejto ])riici su popisane xakladne vlastnosti Baimchovho priostoru funkcii. jeho podpriestor funkfii s absolutnc spujitou iiorniou a asociovany Banai-liov priestor I'luikcii. Zaobcra sa lie/ problcinal.ikou Lcbcsgucovycli pricslorov ['unkcii. branycli ako Banadiovo priest ory funkcif. \ Icxte su vyprarovaiu'1 priklady lykajuce sa.vlastnosti niicr ineratel'nych priosl.orov a k-h vplyv na ist udovanc'1 podpricstory. Taklio/ su vypracovaiK'1 priklady Baiia- chovyi'li iiorioni. iin ])n'sliisiio limiacliovc priest ory funkfii a. ich /;ikladne. N'la Klfcova slova: Banacliuva noriiia. Banacliov prieslor I'uukcif, asociovany prieslor. spojita noriua Title: Banach funct ion spaces Author: Jan Marko Department: Department of Mathematical Analysis Supervisor: doc. HNDr. Lubus Pick, CSc.. DSc. 'rvisor's e-mail address: Lubos.Pick' Abstract: This thesis describes basic properties of Banach function spaces, its subspace of functions of absolutely continuous norm and its; space.. II.also deals with problems of Lebesgue spaces considered to be Banach function spaces. Several problems...

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