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Overview of the family Deinotheriidae C.L. Bonaparte, 1841 [Mammalia, Proboscidea] with direction to fossil discoveries in Czech Republic.
Šmejkal, Roman ; Mazuch, Martin (advisor) ; Wagner, Jan (referee)
This work presents the family Deinotheriidae including the subfamily Chilgatherinae. Morphological differences of teeth point to anatomical differences between the genders Chilgatherium, Prodeinotherium and Deinotherium. Further, the anatomical differences of skull and postcranial skeleton of the Deinotherinae subfamily are described. The Extension of the family Deinotherium is tied to the migration routes from Africa to Asia and Europe. The Occurrence in the Czech Republic is confirmed by 2 important discovery sites. The first one is located in Horní Ves near Franzensbad where the skeleton of the species Prodeinotherium bavaricum was discovered. The second one is located near Česká Třebová and represented by the fragments of the lower jaw of the species Prodeinotherium cuvieri. The discussion focuses on the use of the lower tusks and the method of food intake.
Changes in mid-European bat fauna along the Plio/Pleistocene boundary: denus Myotis
Trávníčková, Eva ; Horáček, Ivan (advisor) ; Wagner, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis summarizes results of the detailed morphometric analysis of extensive fossil materials of the genus Myotis from the upper Pliocene deposits of Javoříčské caves (Czech Republic) and Urwista cave (Poland). Patterns of phenotype variation of particular fossil populations were analyzed with aid of uni- and multivariation techniques, compared with type series of fossil taxa described from MN15 site Gundersheim and a comparative series of extant European species. Nine fossil and 10 extant species were identified and further reexamined in terms of their phenotype variation and possible phylogenetic relations. The phenotype structure of fossil assemblages were compared to that of Gundersheim and extant European fauna: samples from Urwista cave show clear resemblances to the former one, those from Javoříčské cave exhibit certain similarities to the extant European fauna despite clear differences in variation patterns of particular species. Technical preparation, documentation by photographic material, measurement and statistical analysis is included in this work. Key words: bats, Pliocene, phenotype dynamics, community structure
The Potential of Railway Stations in Trade and Tourism
The thesis dealt with the quality of railway stations in the Czech Republic. It was focused mainly on the evaluation of the services offerings. The main objective of the thesis was to explore the potential of railway station within the scope of the trade development and tourism. For this purpose, the railway station in the city of Tábor was chosen. The thesis contains a mapping of the given place, comparing with the foreign railway stations and a marketing research carried out among train passengers travelling with the Czech Railway company. Based on the above mentioned data, the proposals were made with the goal to improve the range of trade and tourism services offerings and so to help better perception of the Tábor railway station in the eyes of the passengers.
Concept of species in bears (Ursidae): practical, historical, and theoretical viewpoint
Wagner, Jan ; Fejfar, Oldřich (advisor) ; Sabol, Martin (referee) ; Musil, Rudolf (referee)
The present thesis surveys topic of taxonomic diversity and phylogeny of bears (Mammalia, Ursidae) and aspects of its contextual setting under effects of changing conceptual and methodological viewpoints. This problem is studied from several perspectives. The historical perspective is represented by a critical overview of the history of specific and infraspecific classification of bears with special respect to mutual influences of this classification and theoretical concepts of species accepted in particular periods. The perspective of material approach is exemplified by a material-based study of taxonomical and phyletic status of selected Pliocene to Middle Pleistocene ursine taxa. Along with deconstruction of some traditional hypotheses this produced a model explaining species diversification in ursine bears and its discussion in terms of factual relevance of included background concepts. In the pre-evolutionary period the bear species were usually understood broadly, as incipient immanent entities, yet exhibiting obvious certain infraspecific variability. This was established using definitions of varieties (mostly not identifiable with present subspecies or infraspecific taxa) considered as unstable modes of particular species. Although, in the post-Darwinian period, the concept and taxonomic...
Production single parts "HOLDER"
Wagner, Jan ; Špaček, Jindřich (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis is elaborated within frame of masters study programme 2303T010. The work is submitting design of technology production of the drawn part – the holder. The work is based on the study of problems of the deep drawing process and related calculation was designed drawing in instrument with holder according to drawing documentation 2-5M68-12/00. The lower ejector is using for extrusion component. The drawing instrument make use of standardised components and it is solving forms of customary stool close-set on the crank drawing inclinable press LESP 63 A (producer ŠMERAL Brno, plant Trnava), with nominal tensile force 1000 kN. Drawing punch and drawing die are produced from alloyed instrumental steel 19 573, heat-worked according to drawing documentation.
Metodika pro práci s přírodovědeckým typovým materiálem
Jan Holec ; Petr Kment ; Jan Wagner ; Jiří Šmíd ; Otakar Šída ; Jiří Kvaček ; Jiří Sejkora ; Vítězslav Kuželka
The book deals with basic, really existing elements of nomenclature in natural sciences - types, which represent pillars for scientific names of organisms and minerals. It describes especially the managing of types governed by zoological and botanical codes (ICZN, ICN), both for their living and extinct representatives. The text covers the following aspects of managing types: their distinguishing, terminology, preparation, preventive conservation, packaging, labelling, documentation, publishing, studying, and loaning.
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Tourism and recreational use at Tabor area
This bachelor thesis is dedicated to evaluation of current state of recreational tourist industry in Tábor region. The aim is to upon field research design a suitable product, which could improve the current situation. This thesis is focused mainly on cycle tracks in Tábor. The first step of thesis was studying literary sources and creating literary research. The part with literary sources was followed by making the situation analysis and field investigation. Based on the data gathered from the field research, suggestions for further improvement have been stated. The improvements are focus on improving cycle infrastructure in Tábor.
Miocene-Pliocene age of cave Snežna Jama na Raduhi, Southern Alps, Slovenia
Mihevc, A. ; Horáček, I. ; Pruner, Petr ; Zupan Hajna, N. ; Čermák, Stanislav ; Wagner, Jan ; Bosák, Pavel
Snežna jama cave is 1,600 m long horizontal cave at about 1,500 m a.s.l. in Raduha Massif (Kamnik-Savinja Alps) rich in cave deposits (both allogenic sediments and massive flowstones). The cave size, shape and deposits show (1) formation of the cave in different conditions, and (2) its substantial age. A 4.8 m deep pit was excavated in allogenic sediments. Samples were taken both for palaeomagnetic analysis and palaeontological screening. Sediments consist of rhythmically arranged layers deposited in phreatic conditions. Fragments of rodent teeth and a well-preserved molar of genus Baranomys were identified. Fossil remains indicate mammalian zone MN 16 and MN 14. A high-resolution palaeomagnetic analysis revealed total of 3 principal normal polarized and 2 principal reverse polarized magnetozones. If we accept the palaeontologic calibration, the deposition took place within Gauss and Gilbert chrons, from about 2.6 to more than 5 Ma. Long sedimentation period is in concordance with the cave rocky relief that shows phreatic and epiphreatic morphology and predates the main uplift of the area for about 900 m.
Analýza výuky informatiky na základních a středních školách v ČR a srovnání se zahraničím
Kvasňa, Roman ; Buchalcevová, Alena (advisor) ; Wagner, Jan (referee)
Zaměřuje se na stávající i budoucí stav výuky informatiky na českých základních a středních školách. Zabývá se i problematikou školské reformy a rámcových vzdělávacích programů. Součástí jsou i srovnávací údaje se zahraničím z hlediska využívání ICT ve výuce, používání různých typů aplikací žáky a porovnání eSkills žáků (základních počítačových úkonů). Závěrem práce jsou doporučení určená pro jednotlivé dotčené zájmové skupiny ? VŠE, střední a základní školy, státní instituce (především MŠMT ČR) a rodiče dětí.

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