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Legal facts limiting work performance
Vitáčková, Nikola ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
6 Legal facts limiting work performance Abstract The aim of the final thesis is to analyse legislation of legal facts limiting work performance in Czech republic with analysis of particular legal facts limiting work performance on the side of employees and as well on the side of employers and consequences that legal facts have on another important institutes of the Labour Law. The final thesis contains six main chapters whereas the first chapter is dedicated to definition of the employment relations and individuals terms that are fundamental not only for this thesis but also for the whole Labour Law's sector. The second chapter contains analysis of the individual kinds of the legal facts limiting performance. The third chapter is focused on the legal facts limiting work performance on the side of the employee, whereas these facts are divided into three groups. The first group contains important personal obstacles to work which are named in the Labour Code, particularly in the paragraph 191, the second group contains another important obstacles to work which are exhaustively listed by the Government Ordinance No. 590/2006 and the third group is formed by the obstacles to work reasoned by the public interest. Legal facts limiting work performance on the side of the employer are presented in the fourth...
Atypical forms of employment
Marek, Jan ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
The modern globalized world is developing rapidly thanks to communication technologies. This trend brought about the need for new and atypical jobs and flexible forms of work. National legislations are responsible for allowing such flexibility. These new forms of work as well as atypical jobs make it possible to better reconcile personal and working life and lead to increased labour productivity, which is in the interest of both employees and employers. This is closely related to the concept of flexicurity, which represents the effort to strike balance between the flexibility of labour law relations and the protective function of labour law. This balance is the legislator's goal. However, said goal is challenging to achieve, given the opposite interests of employees and employers. This thesis is divided into four main chapters and subsequent subchapters. The introduction is focused on a general introduction to the topic and objectives of this proposal. The first chapter summarizes the concept of flexicurity and European and Czech efforts to achieve it. Then it proceeds to the description of its implementation in Denmark with advantages and disadvantages of the possible use of this model in the Czech Republic. The second chapter focuses on the definition of the key terms: atypical form of...
Flexible forms of employment
Diessl, Jan ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
- 1 - Flexible forms of employment Abstract This diploma thesis deals with flexible forms of employment, as already mentioned in its title. The diploma thesis focuses mainly on the Czech legislation of these forms. However, the text also contains chapters dealing with flexible forms of employment that are used at the level of the European Union and the United States of America. The aim of this thesis is to map the current situation in the field of atypical forms of employment applied in the legislative framework of the Czech labor market, finding out whether and how these forms are used in practice, description limiting factors preventing their further development and proposing possible changes to the legislation for more effective application. The thesis itself consists of the following five basic sections: General issues of flexible forms of employment Definition of flexible forms of employment Types of flexible forms of employment Development and future of flexible forms of employment Flexible forms of employment in practice Of course, these sections are further developed. The main parts of the thesis are sections number 3 and 5. Section Three includes defining and describing individual flexible forms of employment. The forms that the Czech legal system knows are discussed in more detail. The...
Employment of persons with disabilities
Králová, Eliška ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Hůrka, Petr (referee)
Title of thesis: Employment of persons with disabilities Abstrakt v anglickém jazyce Persons with disabilities are a vulnerable group of citizens, and not only in terms of employment. Finding their spot in the labor market is made difficult by their handicap and often by low or incomplete education. That is why legislation is in place to help them compensate for their initial disadvantage by raising them to the same level as the rest of job seekers. The goals of this thesis are to analyze and evaluate the current regulation of the employment of people with disabilities, and to research the practical side of this issue in the current labor market. The thesis tries to find out the forms of assistance offered to persons with disabilities and the actual employment options open to these persons. The thesis consists of four chapters. The first chapter defines the basic terms. Particular attention is paid to the definition of a person with disabilities, both in the context of international and European law and within the Czech legal system. The second chapter deals in detail with the principle of equal treatment and non- discrimination in the context of labor law in general, as well as specifically related to persons with disabilities. The centerpiece of the chapter is the Anti-Discrimination Act. The third...
Ways of Termination of Employment in Czech Republic and in Peru
Neumahr, Michaela ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
134 Abstract The aim of this rigorosum thesis was to systematically describe the ways of termination of employment from the point of view of Czech law, Peruvian law and selected institutes and to compare each other. The presented work can be divided into three parts - the first part describing the Czech legislation on termination of employment, the second part examining Peruvian law and the last part containing their mutual comparison, highlighting areas of possible inspiration. The first chapter is devoted to general labour law in the Czech Republic, it describes its concept, principles and functions, the specifics of labour law and its placement in the system of Czech legal order. The second chapter describes the employment relationship, its elements and its origin. The third chapter describes all forms of termination of employment, both by legal action and by legal event. The emphasis is put on termination of employment by the employer, as this is the most problematic way of terminating the employment with the most comprehensive legal regulation. The fourth chapter deals with employment-related institutes. The fifth and the sixth chapters are dedicated to Peruvian legal regulation. As in the Czech section, the first chapter is devoted to general labour law. In this case, the general chapter is grasped in...
Termination the service relationship of members of security bodies of the Czech republic
Šabršulová, Alžběta ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Hůrka, Petr (referee)
Termination service reletionship of members of security bodies Czech republic Abstract This master thesis deals with the ways of terminating the service of the security corps in the Czech Republic. The work concentrates on the issue of the dismissal of a member of the service and the related decision of the service official at his own discretion. The work itself is divided into five chapters. The introductory chapter outlines the issue of employment in generally and the aim is to emphasize the inadequate regulation of the termination of service The following chapter deals with the basic components of the service relationship, such as the legal development of the service of the armed forces in the Czech Republic, the establishment of the employment relationship, conditions of relationship, its subsequent changes and the rights and obligations of the participants in this employment relationship. The main chapter describes all the ways of termination of service, which is allowed by the law on service. Most of all this chapter focuses on the way of termination of dismissal, because it is the most problematic from practice and it is most often reviewed and subsequently canceled by the judicial system of the Czech Republic. The chapter itself mentions two important cases of police practice that reflect the hasty...
Developmental trends in labor law in light of automation, digitization and robotization
Stolička, Jáchym ; Štangová, Věra (advisor) ; Hůrka, Petr (referee)
Developmental trends in labor law in light of automation, digitization and robotization Abstract This master thesis deals with developmental trends in labor law in the light of automation, digitization and robotization. It analyzes the individual trends and gives the evidence that the dynamic pace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has a significant impact on labor law sub-institutes and the overall labor-law paradigm. The work itself is divided into four parts. The first and second part set out the starting points and basic concepts and analyze the developmental trends that have influenced the world of work since the beginning of human history. There is an emphasis on the similarity of historical development trends with current trends. The third part of the thesis analyzes the current developmental trends in labor law by prism of the values established in the first part of the thesis. It focuses on the ability of the Czech Labor Code to regulate flexible forms of employment. At the same time, it emphasizes the factual changes in labor relations and the legal status of their participants in the digital era. It also analyzes in detail the trend of shared economy and its influence on the form of labor relations with reference to the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union. It also takes into...
Ravlyk, Šimon ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
Šimon Ravlyk, Homeworking, Dissertation thesis, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law, Department of Labor Law and Social Security Law, Prague, 2018. Number of pages 101. The topic of this dissertation thesis is a debated issue called "homeoffice and homeworking", which originates from "atypical and flexible forms of work/employment", which are not captured in our labour code as a relevant section that describes legal foundation for setting up standards for employees, nor the employer. The Selected topic comes out of current needs of labour market, ergo needs from the companies, employers and employees. These needs are rising from changes and implementations of new terms and conditions for working out of employers work place, it also originates from demands of young population for more flexible and "free" working time. It comes hand in hand with industry revolution called Industry 4.0. The thesis is brainstorming about changing the established terms of atypical forms of work, if they even still are "atypical" or did they become a new standard for employment relations. Dissertation thesis describes to date atypical forms of employment and mutually compares them together. It is also focusing on comparing labour law in our labour code and the labour code of Slovak republic. Next the thesis is...
A trade union as a legal entity
Tauc, Petr ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this thesis is mainly to describe a trade union as a legal entity and provide through an empirical approach a closer look at the social reality surrounding a trade union. This thesis also analyses the impact of the social reality on the trade union and, on the contrary, consequences of the trade union behaviour, which can directly influence the social mood. The thesis also examines the current position of the trade union from its rich historical context. That is the main reason, why this thesis contains a very detailed overview of the historical fight for good working conditions in the Czech territory. I personally consider this part as very important, as good working conditions are main indicator of willingness to unionize into a trade or a labour union. The thesis likewise focuses on the description of the current legal regulation of a trade union competence at an employer. It is important for better understanding functionary work, which is not only about collective bargaining. The trade union topic is very actual due to the recent recodification of private law and the emerged issue of new classification model of legal entities. The issue is very often subject to doctrine and judicial decisions (especially in case of a trade union). Generally speaking, we can say that not all subjects...
Principle of flexicurity in legal regulation of transfer of rightsand obligations from the employment-law relations
Jouzová, Lada ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Štangová, Věra (referee) ; Tröster, Petr (referee)
1 Principle of flexicurity in legal regulation of transfer of rights and obligations from the employment-law relations Abstract In her PhD thesis, the author deals with the legal regulation of transfer of rights and obligations arising from employment-law relations in the Czech Republic, in the context of the European union law, from the point of view of the concept of flexicurity in the employment-law relations. This concept includes, on the one hand, elements of flexibility in the realization of employment-law relations, and, on the other hand, security (protection) of employees in these relations which is manifested in particular by the transfer of rights and obligations from their employment-law relations to the new employer itself. At present, when changes in the employers' organizational structure, transfers of activities or tasks, mergers, the purchase of a business or a business lease, but also so called outsourcing, insourcing, and change of suppliers are becoming more and more common in companies, the issue of change of the employer, and consequently, safeguarding and protection of the rights of employees, in particular safeguarding of their employment-law relations, is becoming more up to date. Protection of employees' rights during the transfers of undertakings and businesses is one of the...

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