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Identification and Development of Key Competencies of High Potential Employees as the Tool of Talent Management
Eliášová, Barbora ; Běhounková, Olga (advisor) ; Gruber, Jan (referee)
The identification and development of high potential employees is part of talent management, which is currently one of the priorities of strategic human resources management. According to relevant surveys, high potential employees account for less than five percent of the total number of employees. First, the thesis deals with talent management, its theoretical background and historical development. Subsequently, from the point of view of HR managers, it focuses on the issue of highly potential employees in order to find out which competencies are key to this group of employees. The partial objective is to clarify the extent to which selected companies in the Czech Republic agree or differ in terms of high potential employees. A qualitative survey is used to examine both objectives, consisting of a semi-structured interview with company managers and point scale. The aim of the thesis is to describe the set of key competencies of high potential employees and to distinguish them from the set of competencies of other employees.
Needs of people addicted to drugs to keep succesfull abstinence in aftercare
Eliášová, Barbora ; Havránková, Olga (advisor) ; Večerka, Kazimír (referee)
The topic Needs of people addicted to drugs and alcohol to maintain succesful abstinence in aftercare was chosen. Aftercare is an important part of addiction treatment, but often overlooked and unused. The aim is to clarify the needs of abstinent persons addicted to alcohol and other non-alcohol drugs and their subsequent comparison. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals with the development of addiction, its diagnosis, description of drugs and treatments options. Chapters dealing with treatment are thoroughly discussed because of the individual usage during the treatment of addiction. Aftecare of addicted people and problems with relapse take place in this part of work. The second part deals with research focused on identifying the needs of addicted people to drugs and alcohol to maintain successful abstinence and their subsequent comparison. Clarifying of these needs can serve as a recommendation to other abstaining people or as a support to services in the system of aftercare to successful abstinence nowadays. KEYWORDS Addiction, addictive substances, drug addiction treatment, abstinence, relapse, aftercare for drug and alcohol rehab
Financial Analysis of Selected Nonprofit Organization
Eliášová, Barbora ; Sieber, Martina (advisor) ; Vlček, Josef (referee)
The aim of bachelor thesis is a financial analysis of the biggest non-profit organization in the Czech Republic People in Need and to evaluate its current situation of financial activities on the basis of data from balance sheet and profit and loss statements in years 2008 - 2012. In the first chapter there non-profit sector in the society is described, firstly from the historical context and secondly from the perspective of goals and purposes. Indicators, which are necessary for implementation of financial analysis in the practical part are defined in the second chapter. In the practical third chapter the concrete non-profit organization People in need is described and there the outcomes from horizontal and vertical analysis are evaluated. In the last fourth chapter the financial health of organization is evaluated by means of proportional indicators autarky, profitability, liquidity, activity and indicators of financial independence.
Astrocyte volume regulation during aging
Eliášová, Barbora ; Anděrová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Vargová, Lýdia (referee)
Astrocytes, as one of the glial cell types, have many important functions in healthy functioning of the central nervous system (CNS) but also in its pathology. Since they play a key role in maintenance of ionic, neurotransmitter and water homeostasis in CNS, they possess the ability to regulate their volume. Hypo- or hyperosmotic stress can trigger regulatory volume decrease or increase in astrocytes in order to stabilize their volume. During aging, astrocytes undergo many changes together with the rest of the brain. In order to determine whether these alterations involve also regulatory volume mechanisms, we employed three dimensional morphometry, which comprises confocal microscope scanning of fluorescently labelled astrocytes in brain slices of EGFP/GFAP mice and quantification of astrocyte volume during different pathological stimuli. Time-dependent volume changes of hippocampal astrocytes were recorded while applying either hypoosmotic solution or solution with high extracellular potassium concentration. In the four different age groups studied in the experiment, several differences in volume changes were discovered together with some sex-dependent alterations in astrocyte volume. Additionally, in accordance with previous studies, two subpopulation of astrocytes were identified using...
Cooperation of Croatia and Serbia with ICTY since 2000: comparison of political, societal and legal contexts
Eliášová, Barbora ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Šístek, František (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the cooperation of Croatia and Serbia with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Using the comparison of cooperation of these two countries reveals the reasons why Croatia reached a satisfactory cooperation six years earlier than Serbia. Since the thesis is based on the assumption that the causes may be found in domestic political affairs, it analyzes the political, social and legal developments linked to cooperation with the Tribunal in both countries. However, since cooperation is also largely dependent on external actors, in particular the EU, its role is often analyzed. The thesis is divided into two main chapters, each of which contains three subsections - political, social and legal. The analysis focuses on the period after 2000, when the major democratic political changes in both countries occurred. In the case of Croatia the analysis ends in 2005, when the last Croatian accused have been transferred, which in the case of Serbia happened in 2011, so the analysis of Serbia dates to that year. The thesis concludes that an important turning point on the political level happened in 2003, when the situation in Croatia has been consolidated and political parties joined in the promotion of cooperation with the ICTY. Nothing like this...
Glial cells and their role in Alzheimer disease
Eliášová, Barbora ; Anděrová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Manakov, Dmitry (referee)
Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder, affecting mostly elderly people. It causes memory impairment and modifies the ability to talk, learn and make decisions. These are gradually getting worse until the patient loses them completely. Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia worldwide, however until these days there is no cure. The main reason for this is that mechanisms and causes of this disease are still not utterly understood. Besides the neurodegeneration caused by aggregation of βamyloid protein and hyperphosphorylated tau protein, glial cells of central nervous system play also important role in the Alzheimer's disease. Astrocytes, microglia, oligodendrocytes and recently discovered synantocytes ensure various functions necessary for correct functioning of the brain and damage of these cells can be fatal. During a neurodegenerative disorder such as Alzheimer's, they are able to improve the course of the disease but also do the contrary and aggravate it by malfunctioning or losing one or even more of their functions. Key words: Alzheimer's disease, β amyloid, tau protein, astrocytes, microglia, oligodendrocytes, synantocytes
Agonistic and antipredatory behaviour of Cypriot mouse (Mus cypriacus)
Eliášová, Barbora ; Frynta, Daniel (advisor) ; Sedláček, František (referee)
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Pressure of the saddle on the horse's back
Eliášová, Barbora ; Neumann, Cyril (advisor) ; Doležalová, Jana (referee)
This work is separated in three parts. First part states general anatomy of horse back - about back structure, where are described individual segments of spine, spatula and ribs. Further about back muscles, muscle composition and its effect and about spine ligaments. Second part is theoretical, about saddles and their accessories. Work describes individual parts of saddle and saddle tree. Third part describes saddle pressure on horse back. It further focuses on pressure measuring options under the saddle and individual factors, which affects back of horses, like rider, saddle and hors itself is a factor. In the end of third chapter are mentioned common defects of saddles and their consequences, which can occur with not knowing those aspects. This work is focused on topics connected to horse back, saddle pressure on horse back, effect of saddles on horse back and issues emerging from it.
Marketing Tools of Selling and Buying a Real Property
Eliášová, Barbora ; Kristenová, Lenka (referee) ; Chalupský, Vladimír (advisor)
The thesis deals with analysis of marketing tools utilization in specific conditions of real estate agencies. The proposal for application of up-to-date marketing methods in selling of property will be a part of the thesis, too.

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