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Psychoanalysis like a narative tool
Dvořák, Michal ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (advisor) ; BROTHÁNEK, Adam (referee)
We see the film like a reality because our perception of the film is like a reality around us. Movie as a dream and like a dream has unique tools how describe our soul and unconscious processes. This advantage is a crucial for my research, how can be useful for understanding how our unconscious works. C. G. Jung and Joseph Campbell and his work helps me with looking for the answer. How can film speak to us through the psychological layer instead of the narrative layer.
Acquisition and Recognition of 3D Signature
Molitoris, Miloš ; Dvořák, Michal (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
This work deals with methods of signing in 3D space, selecting a suitable scan model, obtaining a sufficient number of samples to create a database, and finally verifying signatures. The first part deals with the issue of existing solutions and methods of signature verification, further image processing required for marker shooting in 3D space. The following sections are dedicated to design a unique signature solution in free space using a pen without any contact. Two shooting models have been designed using cameras or Leap Motion sensor. The application was implemented based on DTW algorithm using this sensor resulting in a dynamic signature verification system. Furthermore, the work includes a description using of database creation and experimental signature verification. At the end, we find an assessment of the security and error rate of the system that is compared to other methods. The result of this thesis is an application for 3D signature capture and recognition with the potential of a new technique for secure signature.
Detection, Localization and Determination of Chronic Wounds
Gulán, Filip ; Dvořák, Michal (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to design and implement a multiplatform application for detection, localization and determination of the extent of chronic wounds. The application is intended to assist nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants to monitor and evaluate chronic wounds in the course of treatment. The application is based on the Typescript programming language, on the Ionic hybrid application framework and on the Electron desktop application framework. Chronic wound assessment runs on the server-side where the Python programming language is used. The Flask application framework is used for the RESTful application interface and the OpenCV library is used for image processing.
Study of the v-Myb oncoprotein variable region
Starostová, Michaela ; Dvořák, Michal (advisor) ; Zadražil, Stanislav (referee)
- 4 - Study of the v-Myb oncoprotein variable region The aim of this thesis was to analyze the significance of the variable region of oncoprotein v-Myb. The v-myb oncogene originated in the chick through a natural recombination of the MAV1 retroviral genome with the c-myb gene, which is an important transcriptional regulator involved in hematopoiesis and other important processes in different types of vertebrate cells. In comparison with the c-myb coding sequence, the retroviral v-myb is truncated on N- and C-terminals and includes 11 point mutations. Due to both these changes and the retroviral promoter which drives its expresion, the v-Myb oncoprotein became the inducer of acute myeloid leukemia in chicks. The variable region of v-Myb lies in between the N-terminal DNA binding and the central transactivating domains. This region is the least evolutionarily conserved part of the protein. No published data are available about its potential function. In this work the biological significance of the variable region was studied by means of specific deletions and sequence swaps. Two deletions (∆PstI and ∆NaeI) and two swaps (chicken v-myb to mouse and Xenopus c-myb) were prepared. Recombinant DNAs were cloned into MAV1-based retroviral vector and transfected into chick embryo fibroblasts (CEFs) in tissue...
CSL proteins of Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Převorovský, Martin ; Půta, František (advisor) ; Dvořák, Michal (referee) ; Kořínek, Vladimír (referee)
The CSL family of transcription factors is essential for metazoan development,mostly due to their involvement in the Notch signaling pathway. We identified two novel classes of CSL genes in several fungal species, organisms lacking the Notch pathway. We characterized experimentally cbfl I- and cbfl2*, the two CSL genesof Schizosaccharomyces pombe, in order to elucidate the CSL function in fungi. We provide evidence supportingtheir identiý as genuine CSL genes.Both cbfll- and cbfl2- are non-essential; they have distinct expression profiles and code for nuclear proteins with transcription activation potential. Significantly, we demonstratedthat Cbfl1 recognizesspecifically the canonical CSL response element GTGA/6GAA in vitro. The deletion of cbfLt_ is associated with growth phenoýpes and altered colony morphology. Furthermore, we found that Cbfl I and CbfIZ play opposite roles in cell adhesion, nuclear and cell division and their coordination. Disturbed balance of the two CSL proteins leads to cell separationdefects,cut phenotype, and high-frequency diploidization. Our data show that CSL proteins operate in an organism predating the Notch pathway, which should be of relevance to the understandingof (Notch- independent)CSL functions in metazoans.
The concept of due managerial care in Czech legal order
Dvořák, Michal ; Josková, Lucie (advisor) ; Eichlerová, Kateřina (referee)
1 Abstract This thesis deals with the issue of due managerial care in the Czech legal order. While using descriptive, analytical and comparative methods, it offers a complex discussion of this duty of members of statutory bodies of juridical persons which functions as cogent regulation of a certain level of loyalty and due care applied while acting on behalf of a juridical person. This work describes and analyses the mentioned issue. Sources of this thesis originate both from Czech and foreign legal backgrounds, some of the foreign ones include the Munich Commentary on the Act on Stock Companies or case law made under the law of the US state Delaware. In the beginning of this thesis, the nature of the relationship between members of statutory bodies and juridical person, which is determining for compensation of damage caused by the breach of duty to act with due managerial care, is inquired. Further, both components of the duty to act with due managerial care are individually explored, both the duty of care and duty of loyalty, along with commentary on the positives and negatives of their implementation in the Czech legal order. The thesis also deals with difficulties related to inverted onus of proof in proving compliance with the duty of managerial care or with the specific compensation for damage caused...
Lego Mindstorm EV3 in Education of Programming and Robotics
Páral, Jaroslav ; Dvořák, Michal (referee) ; Orság, Filip (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis, we tackle the problem of software development for the Lego EV3 brick. We want to allow the beginner programmers to create complex programs that cannot be easily created using the original graphical programming interface.We provide comparison of several alternatives of the original system from performance and user point of view. Based on this comparison, we choose EV3RT as base for our work.We also present our object-oriented API built on top of the EV3RT system to ease the transfer from graphical to text programming. Therefore, we provide a suitable platform for the beginners, who already reached the limits of standard system and want to develop more complex programs demanding more computing power.
Virtual Gate for Counting the Passing of Persons
Chudý, Andrej Oliver ; Dvořák, Michal (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to propose a viable technique of detecting people passing through a virtual line (any opening without a turnstile or other form of the physical obstacle). Two software solutions were implemented to achieve high accuracy. First one processes 2D data output from webcam and the other one processes depth data from the 3D imaging sensor. Both software solutions were deployed and tested in a pharmaceutical storage room, where they achieved the accuracy of 98%. The software proposed in this thesis is thus reliable enough to become the basis of access control and security systems or for real-time evaluation of visitor rate statistics of commercial properties and events. The thesis also contains a comparative analysis of 3 widely used depth sensors.

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