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River management with regards to flood protection and revitalisation
Pastorková, Nikola ; Petrula, Lubomír (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is the hydraulic assessment of water flow capacity in the river kilometer 12,227 – 17,979, at flows Q5, Q20 and Q100 using 1D and 2D model in the program HEC-RAS 5.0.7. From the results of the overflows, flood protection measures have been proposed in two locations in the urban area and the revitalization of the stream has been also proposed. Furthermore, a hydraulic verification of the flood protection design took place.
Study of extension of Bata canal waterway in Rohatec
Gulec, Jakub ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Dráb, Aleš (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with navigating the last section of the Baťa canal in the section between the Rohatec weir and the Hodonín weir. The first part of the thesis describes the current state of the site of interest with its evaluation. The following sections describe the necessary building modifications. An integral parts of the thesis are drawings of the proposed solution of navigating this section of the waterway, hydrotechnical calculations and photo documentation from the site exploration.
Revitalization of the Bílina river at Ervěnický koridor
Bartoš, Antonín ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on revitalization of the tubular part of the Bílina river at Ervěnický koridor. The aim will be to remove the left pair of tubes and create a new riverbed, which will be naturally integrated into the landscape. Model and design is created in Autodesk Civil3D and AutoCAD. The capacity of the new riverbed was calculated using the HEC-RAS program.
Proposal of small earth dam
Stoklas, Jan ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Špano, Miroslav (advisor)
The subjekt of this bachelor thesis is the study of a small water reservoir in a particular locality. It consists of a text part and a drawing part. The text part contains brief summary of the issues of small water reservoirs, description of the locality, determination of design flow, needed hydrotecchnical calculations and design of expected technical solution. The drawings show the design of the dam, the combinated funtional object and the modified flooded area.
River regulation and flood protection
Pechová, Kamila ; Petrula, Lubomír (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on a proposal for adjustment of a flow with a consideration of an anti-flood protection and a revitalization the Svitava river in Bílovice nad Svitavou. Based on a course of the height of the water level discovered from a computational model from the HEC-RAS program is designed an anti-flood protection of the flow and this way the spilling of the river from an intravilan is prevented.
Possibilities of banks stabilization of Desná watercourse
Lach, Radek ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The thesis includes the assessment of the current state of the Desná watercourse in the cadastral area of Velké Losiny and the subsequent suggestion of the remediation of two solves sites in the solved area.The river falls under the management of Povodí Morava, s.p. and for the most part it flows through built-up area of Maršíkov. To assess the current state of the river bed, a personal tour of the area of interest was conducted, during which everything was digitally documented. To determine the river bed capacity and calculate the progress of individual levels with the inclusion of all existing objects on the flow in the solved section, the 1D program HEC-RAS was used. Level flow calculation was made for one-year, five-year and capacity flow. Based on the literature search, measures were proposed to remediate bank erosion in locality 1 and locality 2. In these locations, an ideological nature-friendly measures in the river bed were proposed.
River regulation and design of flood protection
Gřegoř, Adam ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with designing flood protection on the watercourse Velička (tributary of the river Bečva), which is situated in the area of Hranice municipality. The flow modelling was done as 1D surface water HEC-RAS model. Two options of flood protection were designed based on the size of the flood areas that occured during flood flows Q5, Q20 and Q100. The first option did not consider the usage of Lhotka dry pond. The second option considered the usage of Lhotka dry pond, which was designed in the study made by AgPOL s.r.o. firm to the north of Hranice and which transforms flood flows. The result of the bachelor’s thesis are maps of flood areas that occured during the flood flows Q5, Q20 and Q100 after the implementation of flood protection options. In conclusion, the suitability of the flood protection options is evaluated.
Feasibility study of the pumped storage power station
Kratina, Jakub ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Dráb, Aleš (advisor)
Pumped storage power stations are an integral part of all power systems. At pre-sent, they represent perhaps the only option to accumulate more surplus electricity. It is also built as a proven regulatory element of the power system. The content of this bachelor thesis is a study of feasibility of the pumped storage power stationt (PVE Podlešín) in the Vaňov area. The introduction deals with the issue of pumped srorage power station. Then the design of a technical solution for the power plant construction follows. The main part of the study is the elaboration of drawing documentation and technical reports.
Conceptual design of upper reservoir of pump storage power plant
Kotaška, Stanislav ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Špano, Miroslav (advisor)
The main aim of the bachelor thesis is proposal of the upper water reservoir of the pump-storage plant which i located near the city Ústí nad Labem. The main purpose of this reservoir is the accumulation of energy produced and its redistribution over time. The reservoir is designed according to ČSN 752310 - Embankment dam. Bachelor thesis consists of text part, hydrotechnical calculations and drawings.
Design of reservoir of hydroelectric power plants
Kadrnoška, Jakub ; Dráb, Aleš (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
The thesis presents a design of an upper reservoir for a pumped-storage hydropower plant near the city of Ústí nad Labem. Topics concerned in the thesis include primarily the shape of the designed reservoir and its placement into the original landscape. The dam was designed as an embankment. Dam making as much use as possible of local soil. Based on the search of the available upper reservoirs, the design of a suitable sealing of the dam and the inlet of the penstock was made. After the design, an estimate of the volume of water in the tank and also of the cubes of excavations and embankments was made. The design was made in Civil 3D.

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