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Impact of total transaction fees on the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum
Černý, David ; Krištoufek, Ladislav (advisor) ; Hronec, Martin (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to explore the price dynamics of Bitcoin and Ethereum with special emphasis on the role of transaction fees, which can provide insight into network congestion and user behaviour, and may also reflect the future economic viability of these networks. Previous research has shown intertwin- ing relationships between variables and suggested possible endogeneity in a cryptoasset environment. For these purposes, a system of two simultaneous equations for transaction fees and price was developed and subsequently esti- mated using the 2SLS method. The analysis covers relationships from both long-term and short-term perspectives. It turns out that the price dynamics of both assets is determined by a diverse mix of fundamental, economic and spec- ulative factors, despite the narrative that the price of cryptoassets is primarily driven by speculative factors. Furthermore, in the context of the fee-price re- lationship, it turned out that the relationship is a priori that the price impacts the fees, however, at some intervals, the opposite relationship is also shown, which is rather an exception. An important contribution could be the finding of a stable positive effect of the total number of active addresses in Bitcoin on transaction fees, which might bring new insights to the...
Sentience as criterion of moral status
Milko, Michal ; Černý, David (advisor) ; Jirsa, Jakub (referee) ; Gluchman, Vasil (referee)
Abstract. This dissertation suggests that sentience represents a plausible criterion of moral status. Sentient beings capable of having pleasant or unpleasant experiences have an inherent interest in not suffering by virtue of this capacity, and humans as moral actors commonly assume that it is wrong to inflict pain without a good reason. The first part of the dissertation aims to uphold the following three theses: 1) Biological life represents a too broad criterion of moral status; 2) Rationality (reason, language, moral autonomy, ability to reciprocate) represents a too narrow criterion of moral status; 3) Sentience constitutes a plausible criterion of moral status. The text presents the ethical theories of Albert Schweitzer, René Descartes, Immanuel Kant and Peter Carruthers. It unfolds the argument from marginal cases and the critique of speciesism. It focuses on basic concepts of consciousness, the issue of subjective character of consciousness, and the problem of other minds. It also reviews the existing scientific evidence of sentience in mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, cephalopods, and arthropods. The second part of the dissertation aims to present and evaluate normative theories that address the criterion of sentience. At the same time, it aims to defend the thesis that contractualism,...
Ultrasound Simulation in Python
Černý, David ; Olšák, Ondřej (referee) ; Jaroš, Jiří (advisor)
k-Wave je MATLAB nástroj pro simulaci šíření zvukových vln. Cílem této práce je reimplementovat část nástroje k-Wave v jazyce Python se zaměřením na výpočetní výkon. Druhým cílem je formulace sady doporučení pro transformaci zdrojových kódu z jazyka MATLAB do jazyka Python, které by mohly přispět při dalším vývoji. Tato práce nejprve shrnuje klíčové funkce nástroje k-Wave, zkoumá technologie pro vysoce výkonné výpočty dostupné v jazyce Python a zdůrazňuje nejzásadnější aspekty transformace zdrojových kódů z jazyka MATLAB do jazyka Python. Druhá část práce se zabývá architekturou, testováním a měřením výkonu výsledné Python implementace. Výsledkem této práce je implementace trojrozměrné simulace šíření zvuku, která je kompatibilní s k-Wave. Nová implementace vylepšuje strukturu původního nástroje a poskytuje výkon srovnatelný s původním nástrojem, v určitých případech výkon původního balíku převyšuje.
Role of body odour in partner relationship
Černý, David ; Kuncová, Lucie (advisor) ; Martinec Nováková, Lenka (referee)
Body odor is a good guide in mate choice, because it contains information such as the kinship, emotional state, or health condition of an individual, a person is able to perceive this information to a certain extent. The individual factors that affect the body odor will subsequently influence the preferences for the body odor as well. Those preferences are applied especially when seeking for a partner and at the beginning of the relationship. At the same time, however, it turns out that body odor affects even the process of partnership and the end of it. In the context of relationships and olfactory communication in humans, especially in the context of sexual life, the effect of pheromones is often discussed, which is the subject of the last chapter. The aim of the work is to gather and critically evaluate existing studies dealing with the role of body odor in the partnership and to suggest possible directions for further research. Keywords: smell, pheromones, partner preferences, mate choice
The Principle of Double Effect
Černý, David ; Payne, Jan (advisor) ; Machula, Tomáš (referee) ; Vohánka, Vlastimil (referee)
The principle of double effect has a very long history and continues to play an important role in ethical and bioethical discussions. However, the principle has been subject of incessant debates in the last few decades and many ethicists and bioethicists have explicitly denied its validity and applicability to solving important moral dilemmas. Many authors endorsing consequentialism have claimed that the principle of double effect, based on an intention-sensitive ethics, is not valid as a moral principle. Their rejection of the validity of this principle follows a well- established ethical tradition according to which intentions have no role in the moral evaluation of human actions. This dissertation has three overall aims: i) It aims at showing, in the course of textual analysis and interpretation of Aquinas's œuvre complete, that Thomas Aquinas was indeed the first author who explicitly discusses actions with one good and one bad effect and can be therefore considered the founding father of all subsequent moral tradition endorsing the principle of double effect. ii) Secondly, it demonstrates that from a historical point of view it is inadequate to continue to talk about "the principle of double effect". In the moral tradition from 13th century to present days more than one principle of double effect...
Proposal of measures on Svratka river in the cadastral area of Svratka
Černý, David ; Vysloužilová, Lucie (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the assessment of the current state of the Svratka watercourse and of the capacity of the existing objects on the course, which is partially modified in the solved locality and includes both – intravarian and extravarian areas of the town. Within hydrotechnical calculations, the 1D mathematical model HEC-RAS version 5.0.6 was used to determine the course of levels. The thesis focuses also on suitable design of flood protection measures on the river Svratka with protection for design flow Qn = Q20 = 28,6 m3 / s.
Assessment of the water flow in the Vltava river basin
Černý, David ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis includes the assessment of the current state of the channel Drnový potok as well as the objects in the solved section from river km 5,972 to river km 7,021. The 1D mathematical model HEC-RAS version 4.1.0 is used for the calculation of the course of level and for the assessment of the channel capacity, including the objects connected to it. The work also deals with the ideological proposal of near natural flood protection measures in the municipality of the village Luby on the design discharge Qn = Q20 = 51,80 m3/s.
Hotel "U Prehrady"
Černý, Dávid ; Nováková, Eva (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis was to process the study and the design documentation for a newly built hotel in Brno, in city district “Kníničky” near the artificial dam “Přehrada” in a rest area. The hotel will serve as temporary accommodation for up to 64 hotel guests in single, double and four bed rooms. The object also contains training rooms, offices, a meeting room, a café, a small grocery store and a restaurant with kitchen. Parking is possible in one of the two mass garages and there is an outdoor parking possibility in front of the hotel too. The building has a cast-in-place concrete frame with longitudinal beams and sway bracings. The external wall consists of aerated concrete bricks with contact thermal insulation system ETICS (insulation material mineral wool), the ceilings will be cast-in-place reinforced concrete ceilings and the roof flat green roof or flat roof with gravel on it above the 5th floor. The foundation construction consists of reinforced concrete foundation strips, which expand to foundation pads under the load-bearing columns and will be supported by piled foundations under the most exposed elements. As long as the hotel is situated into a fairly steep slope, the vertical alignment of some building parts is various so part of the project is the design of landscaping works. Design documentation was processed using the program AutoCAD 2017, the study and the visualization using both SketchUp 2015, LayOut 2015 and Lumion 5.
Abortion laws in Czechoslovakia in 1950-1986
Černý, David ; Marková, Alena (advisor) ; Vávra, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis analyses the legislation governing interruptions in Czechoslovakia in the time frame between 1950 and 1986 when this legislation went through many changes. The thesis studies consequences of these changes, their influence on the population in Czechoslovakia and even opinions of its inhabitants living in above mentioned time period. The thesis focuses also on so called "interruption commission"; institutions of former Czechoslovakia, which used to decide about the future of unwanted pregnancies. One part of this diploma thesis is also dedicated to the development and accessibility of contraceptives, which were directly influenced by the legislation.

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