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Proposal of measures on Hodonínka river
Ondrišík, Ivan ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The content of this bachelor's thesis is focused on assessing the condition of the riverbed of a river Hodonínka, which flows through the built-up area of the village of Olešnice, Křtěnov and the vacant area of the village Crhov. The assessment includes an assessment of the current condition of the riverbed and the condition after adjustments with the proposed flood control measures. The proposed modifications are supposed to ensure the protection of parts of municipalities against twenty years of water Q20 = 16,74 m3/s. The section of interest of the stream is located on the river kilometre 13,018 - 14,638 and extends into three cadastral areas. The mathematical model HEC-RAS 5.0.7 is used for hydro-technical calculations, which works in a 1D environment.
Study of the flood protection measures
Fiurášek, Marek ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Dráb, Aleš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the assessment and evaluation of the current state of flood protection in the area of the Kotojedka watercourse in km 0,000 – 6,618 and Zacharka at km 0,000 – 3,779. For individual flood scenarios corresponding to culmination flows Q5 Q20 and Q100, hydraulic calculations were performed using a coupled 1D and 2D numerical model. The outputs were processed in the form of maps of depths, speed and spills. Based on outputs, a proposal for flood protection measures in critical areas was made.
River regulation with regard to the flood protection and revitalization
Bohatý, Martin ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of the current state and proposal of the river Bobrava, which can be found in the district of Brno-venkov. Among other things, it flows through the municipality of Želešice, our locality of interest. The work is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is devoted to water flow in an open channel and basic calculation methods. The practical part describes the site of interest, including hydraulic calculations in the HEC-RAS program and the proposed treatment itself. Hydraulic verification of the design and its evaluation is also an integral part of the work.
River regulation with regard to the flood protection and revitalization
Vojtasová, Simona ; Kotaška, Stanislav (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the assessment of the capacity of the existing river Svratka in the area of interest between Rajhrad and Židlochovice at km 28,927 to km 34,942. The assessment was performed based on a hydraulic 1D model in the HEC -RAS calculation program. According to the results, improvement of the capacity of the river channel and flood control measures were proposed to protect nearby urban areas from dangerous flood damage.
River regulation with regard to the flood protection and revitalization
Rychlý, Patrik ; Pospíšilík, Šimon (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the design of a suitable variant for the millrace revitalization of the Chrudimka river and the construction of a flood protection park in the urban area of the town of Chrudim. Within the thesis, first the current state of the solved locality is described, then three variants of a possible solution are proposed with regard to the limits of the given area. From the proposed variants the most suitable one is selected, which, with its processing, follows on from the already revitalized stream in the adjacent park. The selected variant for the given area is elaborated in more detail. As part of the processing, a 1D hydraulic model is created, which is compared with the hydraulic model of the current state. The thesis can serve as a basis for a possible realization of such project.
Hydraulic analysis of the Bečva river
Gřegoř, Adam ; Smelík, Lukáš (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is a comparison between two river hydraulics modeling approaches, the first one being combined 1D and 2D modeling, and the second one being solely 2D modeling. Both models are located at Bečva river, between its 17,282 and 28,419 river kilometer. The outputs of the simulations are water flow velocity maps, water depth maps, maps that show differences between flood areas calculated in both models, tables comparing channel water surface elevations and schematic long sections. In conclusion of the thesis, the outputs of the simulations are compared.
River management with regards to flood protection and revitalisation
Pastorková, Nikola ; Petrula, Lubomír (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is the hydraulic assessment of water flow capacity in the river kilometer 12,227 – 17,979, at flows Q5, Q20 and Q100 using 1D and 2D model in the program HEC-RAS 5.0.7. From the results of the overflows, flood protection measures have been proposed in two locations in the urban area and the revitalization of the stream has been also proposed. Furthermore, a hydraulic verification of the flood protection design took place.
Study of extension of Bata canal waterway in Rohatec
Gulec, Jakub ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Dráb, Aleš (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with navigating the last section of the Baťa canal in the section between the Rohatec weir and the Hodonín weir. The first part of the thesis describes the current state of the site of interest with its evaluation. The following sections describe the necessary building modifications. An integral parts of the thesis are drawings of the proposed solution of navigating this section of the waterway, hydrotechnical calculations and photo documentation from the site exploration.
Revitalization of the Bílina river at Ervěnický koridor
Bartoš, Antonín ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on revitalization of the tubular part of the Bílina river at Ervěnický koridor. The aim will be to remove the left pair of tubes and create a new riverbed, which will be naturally integrated into the landscape. Model and design is created in Autodesk Civil3D and AutoCAD. The capacity of the new riverbed was calculated using the HEC-RAS program.
Proposal of small earth dam
Stoklas, Jan ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Špano, Miroslav (advisor)
The subjekt of this bachelor thesis is the study of a small water reservoir in a particular locality. It consists of a text part and a drawing part. The text part contains brief summary of the issues of small water reservoirs, description of the locality, determination of design flow, needed hydrotecchnical calculations and design of expected technical solution. The drawings show the design of the dam, the combinated funtional object and the modified flooded area.

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