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Family Care for the Elderly Focusing on Possible Sources of Support for Informal Carers
Mikanová, Anna ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Jarolímová, Eva (referee)
Senior care is nowadays in majority a family care. This rigorous work focuses on the sources of support for informal carers of the non-self-sufficient senior. In order to evaluate the possibilities of supporting family carers, we need to know how they look at their care situation. The work is therefore based on exploring the experience of informal carers with care and discovering their needs. For setting up appropriate intervention strategies it is necessary to listen to those on whom the bulk of the responsibility for the caretaker lies. The first part of the thesis consists of a theoretical grounding of the issues of family care and support, which is provided to the carers. It also covers topics related to the altered role of carer (eg motivation for care, needs and difficulties of carers). The theoretical part of the thesis is supplemented by a chapter dealing with the gender issues of carers and the whole section summarizes possible sources of support for carers focusing on self-help groups. A qualitative research strategy was selected for research, and data collection was conducted through semi- structured interviews and the focus group method in two follow-up studies. At first, 20 semi- structured interviews with carers - 10 men and 10 women were carried out. In a special part, the use of...
Support of Personal Identity Development as One of the Pillars of Recovery from Mental Illness: Possibilities of Narrative Practice
Strouhalová, Lenka ; Probstová, Václava (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis topic is personal identity development in recovery process from mental illness focusing on the possibilities of narrative practice. This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part deals with narrative approach from the point of view of its origins and practice, the postmodern concept of identity and, last but not least, the concept of recovery from mental illness and the stimulus to the relation between identity and mental illness. The practical part consists of two main subchapters, the first of which is based on interviews with people recovering from mental illness. The goal is to provide an insight into the perception of relation between mental illness, recovery and personal identity. This pilot study has identified as essential issues for the relation between personal identity and mental illness: the importance of personal recovery; working on themselves as an active attitude to change; the importance of disease reconception; the importance of roles and relationships. The second subchapter presents a practical demonstration of using one of the techniques of narrative approach - a map of preferred identity - and reflection on its potential benefits and possible pitfalls. Both the introduction and the conclusion of the thesis...
Suicidality of Seniors
Havránková, Olga ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee) ; Kocourková, Jana (referee)
The aim of this work is to study the phenomenon of suicide of seniors in the context of PBSP needs. The suicidality of seniors is a serious problem and it can be assumed that its importance will increase as a result of aging of population. I tried to find out which PBSP needs are in the largest deficit in sucidal threatened seniors and how to describe the phenomenon of suicidality of elderly people. This dissertation project was realized in the form of a qualitative research study, namely the method of interpretative phenomenological analysis, the principle of which is the study of living human experience and its individualized meaning, supplemented by other relevant research methods. The primary source of data was semi-structured interviews with seniors who had suicidal thoughts, tendencies, or attempts. This research confirmed that every need of a suicidal senior can be detected by the PBSP system and then use it to better understand how to work with this individual. The need, which respondents had in the biggest deficit, was the need of place (doubt about one's own place in the world, loneliness, and the loss of meaning). It also turned out that suicidal ideas of seniors, no matter how many actually acts suicidal, unexpectedly high. The risk and safety factors, that this research has shown,...
Phenomenon of dignity as part of existential stability of senior
Stromský, Martin ; Hartošová, Tereza (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
The bachelor thesis on the Phenomenon of dignity as part of existencial stability of the senior citizen deals with the phenomenon of dignity and its relation to the existential stability of man. The concept of dignity is perceived as a relation to fundamental values and principles in human society. Existential stability is an expression of the meaningfulness of human life. The bachelor thesis offers an overview of legislative and professional backgrounds related to the dignity and meaning of life in the context of logotherapy. The introductory theoretical part contains the definition of the basic concepts that are related to the solved problems and their relation to the main studied concepts. The practical part consists of the definition of qualitative research, methods that have been used and significant findings. The practical part is based on a phenomenon probe using qualitative research. Through semi-structured interviews and their subsequent analysis, the content of the definition of dignity and its relation to the existence stability of the senior was determined. These findings were subsequently used to design a concept of social work for a specific facility. The target group was seniors who live in nursing home facilities.
Evaluation of selected low-threshold children and youth facilities
Marková, Anna ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Petr (referee)
(in English): This diploma thesis deals with the theme of low-threshold facilities for children and youth. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and empirical part. At the beginning of the theoretical work, work with risky youth, the theory of risky behavior and its individual types is approached. In detail, a low-threshold facility for children and young people is introduced, including legislative anchoring, principles, target group and individual working methods. At the end of the theoretical part is described system of social services assessment and current events in this area. The empirical part contains research methodology, research results and evaluation. The aim of the thesis is to compare the facilities of the capital city of Prague and the Central Bohemian region and to compare the ideas about the goals of work between the managers and their subordinates. A qualitative method was chosen for the research, when data collection was carried out using semi-structured interviews.
Intergenerational projects
Jakubová, Kateřina ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with intergenerational projects. Firstly, seniors, the youth and their intergenerational relationships are described in the theoretical part. Secondly, ageism and intergenerational learning are covered in the thesis. Then theoretical part defines intergenerational projects in a general way. Lastly, it introduces chosen intergenerational programmes and explains the benefits that follow from them to involved generational groups and entire society. The empirical part is exclusively focused on evaluation of one special intergenerational project. In this project the third grade of the elementary school pupils participated. Pupils created portfolios based on their grandparents' memories, that they had collected due to time spent together. Questionnaire for the pupils and interviews with their teacher and the project implementer were used as a method for the evaluation.
Applying restrictive measures in critical situations with clients in low-threshold facilities for children and youth
Mudrová, Lucie ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Vodáčková, Daniela (referee)
1 Abstract The diploma thesis is focused on applying restrictive measures in critical situations with client in low-threshold facilities for children and youth. It is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part has six chapters. The first chapter defines term of a low-threshold facilities for children and youth (hereafter "NZDM" - abbrev coming from the Czech term) and aims at history of street social work and roots of beginning of NZDM in the Czech Republic. It also explains low-threshold principle, aims of NZDM, and content of the service. The second chapter defines a worker of NZDM as per law, his/her abilities and competencies. In the third chapter there is description of a focus group; the fourth chapter directs methods of working with the focus group. The fifth chapter defines term of a conflict; the sixth term of a sanction (restrictive measures). The practical part brings information about research strategy; it defines main aim and research questionnaire. Questions are focused on sanctions which are used by workers of NZDM in conflict situations, how they see usage of such sanctions when looking back, and what would be their recommendation to colleagues who are in difficult conflict situation. Further there is description of a research group - contact workers of NZDMs,...
Experience of social workers supporting foster families with self-reflection
Křížová, Hana ; Havránková, Olga (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The diploma thesis is focused on experience with self-reflection of social workers who supporting foster families. It is divided into two parts - theoretical and empiric. Aim of the thesis was to find out what kind of experience with self-reflection has social workers of organizations supporting foster families. The theoretical part has five chapters. The first chapter shows to readers what profession of a social worker is about - at first it looks at social work in context of helping professions, then it defines expert studies, abilities, and personality of social worker, and it also mentions possible motivation for working in this field. The second chapter brings topic of foster care and a definition of supporting; it describes supporting organizations for foster families and role of social worker in it. In the third chapter there can be found definition of self-reflection (in narrow meaning it brings nearer parts of self-reflection such as self-approach, self-knowledge, or self-regulation); further there can be found consideration of what importance self-reflection has for social workers and which tools to reach it they can use. The fourth chapter is aimed at view of influence which can affect self-reflection, such as emotion of worker, projection, topic of power and powerlessness, work with...
Specifications in communication with children with autistic syndrome defect
Milsimerová, Andrea ; Havránková, Olga (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on children with autistic spectre disorder. In particular, it deals with communication and its specific problems of the children. The theoretical part concentrates on different types of disorders, verbal and nonverbal communication of autistic children and problems occurring during the communication process. At the end, it introduces the Son-Rise program which is a home-education program for children with autistic spectre disorder. Its main goal is to establish and develop a relationship with the child. The program has been used for more than 30 years. The practical part includes a research and six case studies related to children with autistic spectre disorder. The aim of the thesis is to map and characterize the manner and development of communication of adults with children who have been diagnosed with autistic spectre disorder. It detects the main problems in communication process and recommends techniques how to strengthen the relationship between an adult and a child, no matter whether it concerns a parent, a social worker or a teaching assistant. The case studies contain reports of parents documenting how the communication of their child has developed. The case studies are based on interviews with parents, some of them on email communication as well. The...
The Elderly Person as a Volunteer in Social Work
Šedivý, Jiří ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
Rigorózní práce "Senior-dobrovolník v sociální práci" pojednává o dobrovolné činnosti seniorů, v oblasti sociální práce a objasňuje, jak jejich činnost ovlivňuje jejich život v období seniorského věku. Teoretická část práce podává ucelený pohled na problematiku seniorského věku a jeho hlavní představitele, seniora/seniorky a kvalitu jejich života v naší společnosti. Dále se zabývá pohledem na seniora-dobrovolníka v současné seniorské populaci, specifičností, možnostmi a úskalími v práci se seniory-dobrovolníky, začleňováním seniorů- dobrovolníků do sociální práce a konkrétními příklady dobrovolnické činnosti seniorů v sociální práci v různých organizacích v České republice. Podrobně jsou podle zahraničních zdrojů zpracovány příklady dobrovolnictví seniorů ve vybraných evropských i mimoevropských zemích. Druhá část rigorózní práce je zpracována v podobě výzkumného šetření, jehož cílem bylo zmapovat problematiku dobrovolnictví seniorů v sociální práci na základě dvoufázového výzkumného šetření a zjistit, jaké hodnoty přináší seniorům dobrovolnictví v sociální práci v oblasti prohloubení sociálních kontaktů, fyziologických změn, psychologického rozvoje a duchovního rozvoje, ale také jaké dopady má na seniory jejich činnost v dobrovolné práci. Z dosažených výsledků obou fází výzkumného šetření...

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