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The role of social worker in palliative team in hospital setting
Vlčková, Karolína ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
(in English): The bachelor thesis is focused on the role of social worker in palliative care team in hospital setting. In the theoretical part, there is an explanation of the term palliative care and the place of this care and the role of social work within it. The practical part of this bachelor thesis deals with the results from semi-structured interviews with eight social workers from palliative care teams in hospitals. Using thematic analysis we identified six topics which cover job description of these social workers. It consists of: empathetic attitude, assessment of situation, providing support, counselling, sharing information, covering psychosocial needs. This description was compared with model of competencies for palliative care social worker created by EAPC. It was found that activities done by Czech social workers are mostly the same as model of competencies from EAPC, however, Czech social workers do not evaluate provided care and do not participate in research and education. Against their foreign colleagues they provide more practical help like arranging the application to hospice or home care assistance.
Shared Care for Elderly
Havlicová, Lucie ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Vodáčková, Daniela (referee)
This dissertation focuses on shared care of elderly in their homes in the municipal district of Prague 7. The goal was an understanding of the context and organization of the care, as well as how the informal care providers perceive their current situation and what is their idea of the optimal form of the care. Data for the analysis were gathered through means of semi-structured surveys with answers from twenty respondents who are informal care providers. Results are indicating that at the moment, the state of home shared care for the elderly is not fully satisfactory. Therefore, the conclusion includes recommendations which could contribute to the improvement of the current situation.
The education of employees of social services who work with clients with Alzheimer's disease
Jechová, Helena ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
This thesis is focused on evaluation of the education of social workers in social services who work with patients who suffer the Alzheimer's disease. It is concretely about workers who do the direct service care within the special regime homes in Plzeň Region. The thesis consists of the theoretical and empiric parts. The theoretical part includes the description, symptoms and phases of the disease. It talks about forms and availability of those services for specific needs of people with dementia in Plzeň Region. The important chapter is concentrated on education of social workers with relation to the legislative area of education, its planning and realization, the training courses for the social workers with the direct care. The empiric part evaluates the training courses for the social workers and the way which are selected. For finding of the answers was used questionnaire rating, the aim was to evaluate the training courses from the point of view of social workers. How are these courses chosen was discussed with executives in the form of a semi-structured interview. These executives coordinate the education of social workers in these special regime homes. The research took place in 10 deliberately selected special regime homes. The conclusion of this research indicates that social workers...
Social work through the eyes of helping professions
Veselá, Michaela ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Matoušek, Oldřich (referee)
(in English): My thesis refers to social work in hospitals through the eyes of helping professions in the territory of the Prague capital. The thesis is more specifically related to the health-social work which is considered a subdiscipline of social work. The aim of the thesis is to obtain the view of the employees of the assisting professions who work in hospitals on social work and, as such, work of health-social employees. The entire thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part introduces readers to the profession of social work, its ethics and values. This part presents the social worker, his qualifications and job description. Next, it deals with the quality of social work and shortly presents Quality Standards of social services and provides the insight into the historical background of social work. The second chapter deals with social work in the health sector, its legislative framework, health-social worker - his qualifications, job description and competences. The end part of the second chapter provides an inspiration from abroad respectively from the United States of America and Finland. Chapter three covers assisting professions, their definitions, divisions, characteristics and job descriptions of different professions. In the next chapter we can...
Care of aging or dying individuals with mental disabilities living in residential facilities
Pokorný, Marek ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Holasová, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor thesis investigates possibilities of care provision for ageing or dying people with intellectual disabilities within different types of residential facilities as are for instance homes for people with disabilities, sheltered housing, nursing homes or week-care centers. For purposes of this research, residential facilities in Prague were chosen to examine what their approach is when it comes to the issues related to ageing or dying of their clients, how they consider their special needs and what are the barriers keeping them from living the rest of their lives in the environment of residential services which they often perceive as their home. Keywords Individuals with mental disabilities, elderly, living facilities, aging, dying.
Active ageing seniors who are living at home and their willingness and possibilities of social activization
Bočková, Petra ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on mapping the possibilities of spending free time for seniors who live in the home environment. The thesis consists of theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the research of the terms old age, aging, quality of life, lifestyle of seniors, active aging, leisure or activities for seniors. The activities for seniors are divided into activities organized and unorganized. The research part of the thesis analyzes organizations and the associated leisure time activities that are offered to seniors using the quantitative research. Quantitative research was conducted using a questionnaire. The result shows how the individual activities are organized, who are the visitors of organizations, how busy organizations are, what activities are offered, what activities are popular or how organizations work together. Keywords Old age - Ageing - Senior - Active ageing - Needs of seniors - Leisure time - Leisure activities
Attitudes of selected helping professions to Epilepsy
Filipová, Hana ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Havránková, Olga (referee)
The Diploma thesis is focused on attitudes of helping profession to epilepsy. The aim of theoretical part is to introduce life with epilepsy and to increase public awareness of the illness. As a part of the thesis there is refuting myths and prejudices that are often cause of negative attitudes. Helping professions are a main part of life both of epileptics and their families as well their surroundings and their attitudes affect most of it so it is main sample of the research. Theoretical part is divided into few chapters. In the initial chapter there are defined basic concepts important for good orientation in the topic - stereotypes, prejudices and attitudes. Its theories, functions and changes are further described more in detail. Next chapters describe epilepsy from medical and social aspects such as Etiology of epilepsy, epileptic seizures classification, its diagnostics and treatment are mentioned there. First aid during epileptic seizures and role of social workers are not missing. Further diploma thesis covers problematics such as social stigmatization and myths connected with epilepsy. From wider perspective impact of epilepsy on social and personal life is revealed to readers. Research part of the diploma thesis was created by quantitative method using questionnaire survey. The aim of...
Family Care for the Elderly Focusing on Possible Sources of Support for Informal Carers
Mikanová, Anna ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Jarolímová, Eva (referee)
Senior care is nowadays in majority a family care. This rigorous work focuses on the sources of support for informal carers of the non-self-sufficient senior. In order to evaluate the possibilities of supporting family carers, we need to know how they look at their care situation. The work is therefore based on exploring the experience of informal carers with care and discovering their needs. For setting up appropriate intervention strategies it is necessary to listen to those on whom the bulk of the responsibility for the caretaker lies. The first part of the thesis consists of a theoretical grounding of the issues of family care and support, which is provided to the carers. It also covers topics related to the altered role of carer (eg motivation for care, needs and difficulties of carers). The theoretical part of the thesis is supplemented by a chapter dealing with the gender issues of carers and the whole section summarizes possible sources of support for carers focusing on self-help groups. A qualitative research strategy was selected for research, and data collection was conducted through semi- structured interviews and the focus group method in two follow-up studies. At first, 20 semi- structured interviews with carers - 10 men and 10 women were carried out. In a special part, the use of...
Support of Personal Identity Development as One of the Pillars of Recovery from Mental Illness: Possibilities of Narrative Practice
Strouhalová, Lenka ; Probstová, Václava (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis topic is personal identity development in recovery process from mental illness focusing on the possibilities of narrative practice. This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part deals with narrative approach from the point of view of its origins and practice, the postmodern concept of identity and, last but not least, the concept of recovery from mental illness and the stimulus to the relation between identity and mental illness. The practical part consists of two main subchapters, the first of which is based on interviews with people recovering from mental illness. The goal is to provide an insight into the perception of relation between mental illness, recovery and personal identity. This pilot study has identified as essential issues for the relation between personal identity and mental illness: the importance of personal recovery; working on themselves as an active attitude to change; the importance of disease reconception; the importance of roles and relationships. The second subchapter presents a practical demonstration of using one of the techniques of narrative approach - a map of preferred identity - and reflection on its potential benefits and possible pitfalls. Both the introduction and the conclusion of the thesis...
Suicidality of Seniors
Havránková, Olga ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee) ; Kocourková, Jana (referee)
The aim of this work is to study the phenomenon of suicide of seniors in the context of PBSP needs. The suicidality of seniors is a serious problem and it can be assumed that its importance will increase as a result of aging of population. I tried to find out which PBSP needs are in the largest deficit in sucidal threatened seniors and how to describe the phenomenon of suicidality of elderly people. This dissertation project was realized in the form of a qualitative research study, namely the method of interpretative phenomenological analysis, the principle of which is the study of living human experience and its individualized meaning, supplemented by other relevant research methods. The primary source of data was semi-structured interviews with seniors who had suicidal thoughts, tendencies, or attempts. This research confirmed that every need of a suicidal senior can be detected by the PBSP system and then use it to better understand how to work with this individual. The need, which respondents had in the biggest deficit, was the need of place (doubt about one's own place in the world, loneliness, and the loss of meaning). It also turned out that suicidal ideas of seniors, no matter how many actually acts suicidal, unexpectedly high. The risk and safety factors, that this research has shown,...

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